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12 Best Bamboo Cooking Utensils & Cutlery Sets

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen utensils? Bamboo kitchen tools are some of the safest and most sustainable options available today. Bamboo cutlery sets are biodegradable, reusable, and suitable for adults and young kids. 

To help make it easy to style your next outdoor picnic with bamboo cutlery and utensils, or for everyday use at home, you're in the right place. With bamboo growing fast and offering many sustainable qualities, you’ll find loads of options on the market. Read on for the 12 best bamboo utensils brands to buy from. Our list contains both organic bamboo kitchen utensils and cutleries.

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Best Bamboo Utensils

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1. Bambaw Cutlery Set

For: Eating
Store location and shipping: Ships internationally from Belgium.

With this bamboo cutlery set, you never have to use less eco-friendly options ever again. The set contains five items: a bamboo fork, a serrated bamboo knife, a bamboo straw, and a brush for cleaning the straw. The cutleries are about 7.8 inches, which may be too big for kids. So we recommend that this set be used by adults alone.

Bambaw cutleries are lightweight and dishwasher-safe. You can wash the pouch that it comes in, just like the cutleries.  Both the pouch and cutlery dry quickly. One more thing to love about these products is that they are durable and do not splinter. It comes with a limited manufacturer's warranty. The finishing used is vegetable oil, so, no toxins. It comes with a limited manufacturer's warranty.

On-the-go eco cutlery set

This Bambaw set has a sweet personal touch to it and is optimized for travel, road trips, or everyday use. That is because the set comes in a small cotton pouch, making it easy to carry the cutleries around. The pouch is available in four different colors and has additional space for you to add chopsticks or any other utensils you wish to.

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2. Pampered Chef Bamboo Spoon Set

Pampered Chef Bamboo Spoon Set
Photo Credit: Pampered Chef.

For: Cooking utensils
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from China and ships worldwide.

The Pampered Chef bamboo spoon set is ideal for everyday cooking with nonstick cookware. The wooden spoon set contains three spoons of different shapes and sizes. There is a 12-inch oval spoon, a 10-inch round spoon, and a 12-inch round spoon. The varying shapes let you meet different cooking needs.

The manufacturers promise that the spoons are heat resistant and won't absorb moisture. They are dishwasher safe but should never be put in the microwave. You are advised to wash the spoon before using them for the first time. Pampered Chef coats the bamboo spoons with a BPA-free finish, so you don't have to worry about chemicals leaching into your food.

Durable bamboo wooden utensils

Pampered Chef is one of the most durable bamboo cooking spoons. These reusable bamboo cooking utensils are stronger than cheap wooden spoons found in many stores today. These high-quality spoon sets come with a 3-year guarantee that covers domestic kitchen use. 

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3. Riveira Wooden Spoons

Riveira Wooden Spoons
Photo Credit: Riveira.

For: Cooking utensils
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the US.

If you want more range for your bamboo cooking utensil set, Riveira Wooden Spoons offers you a 6-piece set. The set contains a solid turner, a slotted turner, a flee, a cooking spork, a solid spoon, and a slotted spoon. You can use the bamboo kitchen utensils set for many cooking tasks, including flipping, mixing, serving, and so on.

Every item in Riveira Wooden Spoons set is 12 inches long, is lightweight, and has contoured heads for better functionality. The handles are smooth and round for maximum comfort while you cook. You can just rub off food debris or wash with warm, soapy water to clean. This bamboo utensil set won't scratch cooking surfaces. It resists moisture, stains, and odors. Its manufacturers assure that the utensil set is long-lasting and we'll never grow mold.

Utensils with a natural finish

If you worry about chemicals leaching into your food while you cook with wooden utensils, you can worry less with Riveira Wooden Spoons. The set is finished with natural oil and contains no toxins. It has a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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4. Raslate Bamboo Cutlery Set


For: Eating
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the US.

Your family picnics, weddings, office get-together, and other parties don't have to be such a big addition to your carbon footprint. Because rather than use paper or plastic disposable cutleries, you can use bamboo. This bamboo utensil set is the ultimate party size, with 50 forks, 25 spoons, and 25 knives. 

Raslate cutlery doesn't present much difficulty for first-time bamboo cutlery users. The edges are sanded, smooth, and well-shaped. The items are all 5.3 inches long, so older children and adults will find them easy to handle. Right out of the pack, the product is odorless and has no debris on its surface. It goes through non-toxic minimal processing to achieve a finished look. 

Sturdy and reusable utensils

Raslate cutlery is made to replace disposable cutlery, but it is not a single-use product. It is lightweight and thinner than most bamboo utensil sets but can endure repeated use. And when all the usefulness is gone, you can toss the cutlery in your backyard compost bin. 

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5. EcoCheph Bamboo Kitchen Set


For: Cooking utensils
Store location and shipping: Ships internationally from the US.

EcoCheph Bamboo cooking utensils get the job done. Unlike most bamboo kitchen utensils, these utensils are pretty thick. If you need heavyweight organic bamboo cooking utensils, this comes highly recommended. And don't worry, the handles are not too wide; average-sized adult hands would get a solid grip.

In this utensil set, you'll find a slotted spoon, a slotted spatula, a solid spoon, and a solid spatula. They will not crack or splinter easily or cause any scratches on cooking surfaces. The manufacturers use a non-toxic plant-based oil for pre-treatment. EcoCheph bamboo kitchen utensils are FSC Certified. They come with a lifetime warranty, but that only counts if you do not put them in a dishwasher.

Cost-effective bamboo kitchen utensils

EcoCheph offers you quite a few freebies which kind of makes the product even better value. You'll get a free corner spoon and a utensil holder. Also, you'll receive a free healthy cooking meal plan book.

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6. Warmery Bamboo Utensils Cutlery Set

Warmery Bamboo Utensils Cutlery Set
Photo Credit: Warmery.

For: Eating
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the US.

If you require bamboo utensils for short-term use, then Warmery should be just right. They are lightweight, 7.6 inches tall, and have smooth rounded edges. The set contains 6 forks, 6 knives, and 6 spoons. In the paper bag package, you'll find a cotton drawstring pouch in the paper bag package for easy storage and portability.

They market this bamboo utensil set as disposable, but you can reuse it a few times. If you want to reuse them, simply wash them with warm water and soap, dry them off with a clean cloth, and store them in a cool, dry place. To keep them looking good as you reuse them, rub them down with food-grade minerals or olive oil.

Trendy eco-friendly commercial cutlery

Warmery bamboo cutlery is an excellent choice for food businesses that have to give out lots of disposable cutleries with orders. It has an appealing, stylishly simple appearance and retains zero aftertaste or odors. Also, it contains no finish or glue, so you are sure your customers won't ingest any kind of chemical.

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7. Sunfloware Bamboo Kitchen Utensils


For: Cooking utensils
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the US.

This bamboo utensil set has eight different styles of spoons, forks, and spatulas. The longest items in the set measure about 12 inches. That's a lot, but there's no need to worry because they are lightweight and easy to move around. They are also pretty slim and won't take up much space on your kitchen counter or bag if you cook outdoors.

Like all the other bamboo kitchen utensils on our list, Sunfloware is a non-scratch utensil. The product has no chemical finishes and gets to you in its most natural state. The utensil holder with this set has two holes at the bottom that allow water residue to drain. So the bamboo spoons and sporks remain dry and mold-free. You may oil the utensils yourself but do not put them in a dishwasher.

Utensil set for a complete cooking experience

This 8-piece organic bamboo utensil set has just about every cooking utensil you could ever need, including a utensil holder. It includes a flat-ended solid spatula, a slotted spatula, and a curved spatula mixing spoon. There is also a spoon, fork, and a slotted spoon. 

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8. EcosoGood Bamboo Cutlery Set

EcosoGood Bamboo Cutlery Set
Photo Credit: EcosoGood

For: Eating
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the UK.

Ecosogood is a small business that offers eco-friendly products ranging from bamboo toothbrushes, and reusable straws to loofahs and utensils. The bamboo cutlery set comes in a 3-piece or 4-piece package; the 4-piece contains a pair of chopsticks. Other items include a spoon, a fork, and a serrated knife.

The items measure about 21cm or 22cm long. They come in a linen pouch that allows you to go anywhere with your eco-friendly cutlery hygienically in your bag or pocket. Ecosogood bamboo utensils are pretty easy to clean, and the quality is also excellent. Ecosogood promises to deliver your order for free if you reside in the UK.

Elegant dining set

As far as bamboo wood utensils go, this is one of the most elegant designs you will find. The utensils are as beautiful as they are functional. They carve handmade utensils with beautiful curves that allow a better grip. The dark brown stain adds to its appeal.

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9. GEEKHOM Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set


For: Cooking utensils
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the US.

This GEEKHOM set has six utensils; a regular soup ladle, a slotted spatula, a single-hole mixing spoon, a spaghetti serving spoon, a turner spatula, and a forked spatula. The set has a free bamboo utensil holder and big hanging holes if you prefer a hanging display. 

The utensils are crack and mold resistant but require careful maintenance. You can't wash GEEKHOM with warm water; you would have to scrub it with salt water and rinse it under running water instead. You can’t use a dishwasher or steel wool to clean them as it could make the surface rough. 

Super functional kitchen tools

The tips of GEEKHOM bamboo kitchen utensils are crafted with a sharp bevel design. It makes it a lot easier to scoop, turn, flip, and scrape. The tips retain their sharp angles even after years of consistent use.

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10. Bamboo Essentials Travel Utensil Set


For: Eating
Store location and shipping: Ships internationally from the US.

Bamboo Essentials boasts high-quality, durable bamboo utensils. The serrated knife is strong enough to cut into a radish, and the wooden spoon scoops nicely. You'll get a stylish pouch with the set that makes it easy to carry the set around with you. 

Unlike most bamboo cutlery, this would work great for children. Each bamboo kitchen utensil is finished with food-safe sealant and food-grade wood oil. The utensils are easy to clean. 

Best travel set

This Bamboo Essentials cutlery set comes with a 9 by 2 inches pouch. You can fit all the utensils in it conveniently. The pouch has a carabiner attached so you can hang it on your backpack or belt. It allows you to keep your cutlery within reach without having to open your bags every time.

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11. Boao Bamboo Travel Utensils Set


For: Eating
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the US

Boao utensil sets are sold in groups of four. So when you make a purchase, you get four sets of bamboo utensils wrapped in separate cloth bags. The cloth bag has an adjustable rope that you can tighten to secure the cutlery. Inside each bag, you get a fork, a knife, a spoon, a pair of chopsticks, a reusable straw, and a brush.

The rope also serves as a handle, or you can simply stick the storage cloth bag in your backpack or handbag. It won't take up much space. The cutleries are stain-resistant and only require soft hand washing, so the polished surface isn't damaged.

The ideal family set

These utensils measure about 7.9 inches and are very lightweight. That makes it safer than a metal spoon for young children. Plus, it is non-toxic, and the cutlery has no peculiar taste. Getting four sets at once makes it easier to share your favorite wooden spoons with your loved ones. 

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12. Totally Bamboo Salad Server Set

Totally Bamboo Salad Server Set
Photo Credit: Totally Bamboo.

For: Cooking utensils
Store location and shipping: Ships worldwide from the US.

Totally Bamboo salad hands are super convenient for tossing and serving salad or pasta. The pair of salad hands are far easier to use than regular salad tongs; at 7 by 4 inches, they allow a solid neck grip and quick coverage. You can use them in place of a standard baking mixing spoon. They mix thoroughly, and no part of the salad is left untouched. The curved surface also prevents spills while you are mixing.

The salad server set is durable as long as the manufacturer's care instructions are followed. To keep it of top quality, wash it by hand with warm water and mild soap. Soaking the utensil in water or cleaning it with a dishwasher will ruin it.

Clever catch design

It's incredibly annoying when your salad fork keeps falling into your salad mix. Totally Bamboo salad hands have a special bamboo construction that prevents them from falling into your salad bowl. Each hand has a tiny knob on its back that hooks on the bowl's edge and prevents it from slipping into the salad.

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Bamboo vs. plastic utensils

green bamboo
Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

Plastic utensils do not decay, but bamboo utensils will decompose into organic matter and enrich the soil. The inability of plastic to biodegrade brings about microplastics and takes up valuable landfill space.

We get plastic from a non-renewable natural resource through a highly polluting process. Sustainable bamboo, on the other hand, is a plant that is astonishingly easy to renew and doesn't release any dangerous substances when harvested. With many eco-friendly uses, including bamboo fabric and as a replacement for plastic, bamboo has become a go-to material for sustainable products.

Bamboo vs. metal utensils

Unlike metal utensils, bamboo is heat resistant and won’t scratch pots and pans. So if you use cookware with non-stick cookware surfaces, you don't have to worry about scrapes and scratches. Metals, just like petroleum, are non-renewable resources. We have to excavate them from the soil, and the process releases pollutants. Bamboo does not present such challenges to result in high-quality tools for kitchen use.

Bamboo vs. other wooden kitchen utensils

Bamboo is the world's fastest-growing plant; some species grow as fast as 35 inches per day, and trees grow much slower. Also, unlike trees, bamboo does not need to be replanted after each harvest. Organic bamboo grows fine without chemical fertilizers, with zero pesticides and herbicides, and with moderate water.

In the kitchen, you will find bamboo utensils in the kitchen lighter than other wooden ones. You'll love the lightweight versatility of your new bamboo cutting board and utensils. Bamboo's naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties reduce the need for much chemical treatment. They are safer than wooden cooking spoons painted to enhance their quality.


Every cooking utensil set we have shared is made from 100% organic bamboo. So you no longer contribute to the existing plastic clogging problem of the world. You can make a big difference using bamboo kitchen and dining utensils. Bamboo kitchen tools won't interfere with the taste of your cooking, and you will get pure, tasty food while doing a tiny bit for the environment. 

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