Startups with Original Solutions to Sustainability

Welcome to #TRVSTLOVES. We curate news, ideas, and inspiration from across the world that demonstrate how real action can accomplish a positive social impact. This time we’re diving into some exciting sustainable initiatives, looking at adventurous startup businesses with some very original thinking!

Post-consumer recycled bottles

plastic bottle on the beach

Check out ZenWTR who has come up with a solution to reduce the plastic bottles littering our environment. They take discarded bottles from the sea and coastal environments and construct them into a new, post-consumer bottle. Each new ZenWTR bottle is made up of five old plastic bottles. The organization has big plans and aims to recycle 50 million pounds of plastic by 2025. Certainly an impressive goal, and it looks like ZenWTR has done their homework when it comes to sustainable supply chains and recycling criteria/ standards too.

The pallets made from coconut waste


Dutch start-up Cocopallet has developed a sustainable export pallet made entirely from coconut husk, which otherwise is usually wasted. They’re 100% bio-based, cost-effective, and “fully circular”. Traditionally these pallets are made with timber, and according to Cocopallet, 200 million trees per year are used by Asian exporters alone. Coconuts are known to be a very sustainable source, but this initiative uses waste and leftovers, which is even better. The more we can do to utilize and re-use our waste, the more we can start to support a truly circular economy.

API ecosystem addresses agricultural issues

We love a tech startup, and ListenField is no exception. This Japanese technology business provides an API (Application Programming Interface) ecosystem which looks to solve a number of agricultural issues by monitoring climate variances and seasonal forecasts. Algorithms are able to predict crop development and control fertiliser usage. Satellite technology makes it possible to monitor crop growth with better accuracy too. It’s clever stuff, and we love how many ideas this organisation has for paving the way towards sustainable farming.

Made of Air

air bubbles

A lovely name for a business, Made of Air has developed a new biochar-based material designed to be a completely sustainable option. The material is made from 90% atmospheric carbon and can be used for construction, interiors, and furniture amongst other things. Made of Air hopes their new material will contribute to the C40 Cities climate target which aims for net-zero carbon in all new buildings by 2030. Just recently the organization was selected as one of the nominees for the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2020, the final round will see five teams share €1m, so fingers crossed for them!

Local authorities in the UK offer investment opportunities

Ending with something a little different, this story caught our eye and we just had to include it. The Community Municipal Investment (CMI) is led by local authorities and aims to raise money to fund sustainable local developments. People can invest in as little as £5 via the crowdfunding platform Abundance to support projects which deliver green and social infrastructure projects. The concept opens up the opportunity to invest via a “loan” to the council which then accumulates interest. The pilot is being rolled out as we speak, so UK readers keep an eye out for updates in your local area.

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