Alex McCallion

Alex McCallion is founder of Greater Change, a mobile donation platform for the homeless, a social enterprise which helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Greater Change matches donations to an individual's specific savings goals. This allows people to move into secure accommodation and employment. Greater Change has been covered on TV, Newspaper and Radio and is incubated by University of Oxford and Aspire Oxford.

Alex McCallion's Project

Greater Change is a mobile donation system that enables members of the public to give directly to a homeless individual. It was founded by Alex McCallion in 2017. As a result of ground-level volunteering combined with research, Alex devised a solution that combines cashless technology, support for an individual, and the public’s generosity, to support homeless […]

Alex McCallion's Tweets

💙 Our friends at the White Rabbit in Oxford have raised over £1,500 to go directly to lifting individuals out of homelessness!

🗣️ To host a Greater Change donation terminal, email or drop us a DM today!

💙 Listen to some incredible live music whilst supporting a great cause!

✅ Ticket link:

🥅 We enable exit pathways for clients seeking to move on from homelessness for good.

🗣️ Help someone like Michael today and become a monthly donor👇

#GreaterChange #homelessness #pathways

📈 In 2021/22, 85% of our clients secured permanent housing or sustained stable housing 💙

#Homelessness #GreaterChange

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