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Greater Change: Mobile Donations To The Homeless

Greater Change is a mobile donation system that enables members of the public to give directly to a homeless individual. It was founded by Alex McCallion in 2017.

As a result of ground-level volunteering combined with research, Alex devised a solution that combines cashless technology, support for an individual, and the public’s generosity, to support homeless people who are ready to move off the streets.

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Greater Change allows an individual to donate to a homeless individual through the Greater Change app. Once the homeless individual wishes to access their fund, they meet with a support worker who ensures the money is spent effectively. Greater Change also allows you to give to organizations that help rough sleepers, the main unique feature here being absolute transparency: Greater Change will feedback to you exactly what your money was spent on.

Alex says " It is easy to become numb to the fact that people sleep on our streets. However, when you pause and take even just a quick moment to reflect on this fact: that in our modern, affluent society people are sleeping rough. People are sleeping rough in freezing temperatures. It is a deeply shocking and unacceptable situation.

We have had significant public support, as shown by the success of the crowdfunding campaign. However, at the moment many members of the public often do not feel able to help someone they see rough sleeping. Many people say they give a little money but wonder if it is really helping or say they fear giving money directly because it might be spent on addictions and not help someone move off the streets. Greater Change will enable people to give and be certain they are helping."

greater change helping the homeless
Greater Change helps get support to the homeless with innovative use of cashless donations and support. Photo credit: Greater Change
By Alex McCallion
Alex McCallion is founder of Greater Change, a mobile donation platform for the homeless, a social enterprise which helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Greater Change matches donations to an individual's specific savings goals. This allows people to move into secure accommodation and employment. Greater Change has been covered on TV, Newspaper […]
Photo by Jean-Luc Benazet on Unsplash
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