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The Power of Resilience

Welcome to #TRVSTLOVES. We curate news, ideas and inspiration from across the world which demonstrate how real action can accomplish positive social impact. This time we're looking at what it means to be resilient and the link between resilience and mental wellbeing.

What makes a person resilient?

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As we’re talking about resilience, we got to wondering, what makes a person resilient? We all have the ability to be resilient, but it turns out there are certain characteristics that are linked with high levels of resilience. These include having control over our own lives, being able to problem-solve and identifying as a survivor, not a victim. We found this last one particularly interesting because it's a natural reaction to focus on the suffering when something negative occurs. It can be easy to forget that a shift in perspective can really change how we view our personal situation.

Why RESILIENT PEOPLE is an inspiration

Look no further for amazing inspiration with RESILIENT PEOPLE. Set up by Canadian Janet Fanaki after her husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, the initiative shows that it is possible to bounce back from the challenges life continually throws at us. With stories of incredible resilience, we just love this, because at one time or another we’re all going to have to dig deep to get through challenging times, and finding inspiration from others can be incredibly reassuring.

"Resilience is a team sport"

Resilience is a team sport: what a lovely phrase! Resilience is relevant in all areas of our life, including business. During the 2020 pandemic there’s never been a more pressing need for organisations to develop adaptability and strength. Thought-provoking questions were asked to Taryn Marie Stejskal, Ph.D such as where do we get resilience? How do we identify it, and how do we enhance it? Productivity, connection and productive perseverance are all discussed, but we particularly liked the idea of “Grati-osity, a word coined by A Dr. Stejskal to describe both gratitude and generosity.

The Wraw resilience survey

Have you heard of The Wellbeing Project? It’s a global consultancy firm offering a psychometric assessment (Wraw) to measure resilience and its impact on wellbeing. Wellbeing in business has been a real focus recently, and being able to quantify it somehow is definitely intriguing. Wraw is made up of five pillars; energy, future focus, inner drive, flexible thinking and strong relationships, all important aspects when it comes to true resilience. The link between resilience and mental health/wellbeing is undeniable, and one that businesses should always consider when it comes to looking after their employees.

The three secrets of resilient people

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“Adversity doesn't discriminate”. In her reassuring Ted Talk, Lucy shares an incredibly painful and personal experience and three secrets of resilient people, which ultimately helped her to rebuild her world after it shattered apart. Rejecting the idea that she was a victim, she talks about accepting that suffering is a part of life, how to focus on what you can change, and the all-important question, do my actions help or harm me? Well worth a listen.

Sam produces our regular #TRVSTLOVES where she seeks out inspiration, news, and ideas from across the globe that both highlight and celebrate how actions can make for social and environmental change.

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