Rena Thomas

Rena Thomas is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at VeganNation. A former JP Morgan Chase professional, Rena quit the banking industry to work alongside her vegan brother, Isaac – also Co-Founder and CEO of VeganNation – to bring about a disruptive change to the financial and agriculture markets.

Rena studied mathematics and physics at Yeshiva University and computer science at Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva. Rena is taking her passion for science and technology to transform the way people think about the flow of value, consumerism, and collective consciousness. She’s applying it at VeganNation, the first decentralized nation for vegans uniting around a shared economy and powered by the VeganCoin.


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Rena Thomas's Project

VeganNation is bringing the one-of-a-kind infrastructure to unite the vegan community globally with an all-encompassing ecosystem.  A nation is as strong as its economy and the economy is as strong as the currency which is why VeganNation is powered by its own decentralized currency - the VeganCoin.

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It is time to rise up to the truth and create the reality we seek!

#covid19 #activism #health #truth

No other species goes to another species, milks their mama, torture them for the rest of their life just so it can have milk every day all day!!!


Energy goes where attention flows. Let’s focus on what we do want for a vegan world and leave what we don’t like or don’t want aaay from our thoughts 💫😇❤️

She is so desperately thirsty that she’s actually licking a wall of trucks in hopes of quenching her thirst.
The unbearable suffering of this gentle animal is very hard to watch. But it happens millions of times. Animals are not less than us.
Stop speciesism.

🌱 Go Vegan 🌱

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