VeganNation: Disrupting Human Consumptive Behaviour Globally

To disrupt human consumptive behaviour globally, technology is a necessity - and that is the void VeganNation is filling.

Rena Thomas and her brother, Isaac, became vegan on the same day. While their personal transformation was inspirational and magical, there were real challenges in choosing such a lifestyle.

Rena says "Thank god he gifted me with an entrepreneurial brother whom began thinking of solutions for the vegan community. We started from an idea to create a fast-food vegan chain on every campus in the USA and ended up with a global nation, defying primitive borders, and uniting the vegans world-wide around a shared economy. It took a few iterations but that's how VeganNation began, as a necessity, we, as vegans, felt we needed. Only when we became vegan did we start understanding the power of the vegan community and purchasing power locked up in us."

VeganNation is bringing the one-of-a-kind infrastructure to unite the vegan community globally with an all-encompassing ecosystem.  A nation is as strong as its economy and the economy is as strong as the currency which is why VeganNation is powered by its own decentralized currency - the VeganCoin.

The app is a one-stop-shop which includes three main services:

  • food-sharing
  • e-commerce
  • content-sharing

The food-sharing platform will allow people to find local vegan families hosting meals in their geographical location, while the VeganNation marketplace allows users to purchase ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free products with blockchain's transparency validating the productional steps.

Vegan Nation
Finally, their incredible community will be sharing recipes, lifestyle tips, and experiences on their social-media platform.

As the community unites around food, consumer goods, helpful content, a cruelty-free economy and currency Vegan Nation will be a force to reckon with.

Consequently, humanity’s urgent need to increase their vegan food and goods intake will become increasingly apparent.

The World Economic Forum gives this generation 20 more years of a "normal" planet before we see massive extinction and catastrophes. VeganNation is speeding the process of humanity's transformation to a vegan diet by providing the technology necessary to initially unite the existing vegan community, and then to grow, expand and enrich the vegan community.

And they're building a tribe.  They have signed up celebrities, influencers, activists, NGOs and government officials to accept VCN and join the VeganNation movement. With over 50 ambassadors that include people like Jenna Dewan, Jain Unchained, and Jerome Flynn, they have unleashed a grass-roots campaign which is growing day by day!

How You Can Get Involved with VeganNation?

Go to and create an account, sign up for the newsletter and wait a few weeks.

What VeganNation's Plans For The Future?

VeganNation will become a one-stop-shop platform for all things vegan and the VeganCoin will be the strongest cryptocurrency in the world due to the community behind it using it, transacting in it, and maintaining the blockchain technology.

And, if you want to be a Change Maker too, here's Rena's advice.

"Don't be scared to do something good, something impactful. Don't think money, think impact - money is the tool, not the goal."

Rena Thomas is the Chief Development Officer and the blockchain software engineer, as well as, smart-contract developer at VeganNation. A former JP Morgan Chase professional, Rena quit the banking industry to work alongside her vegan brother, Isaac – founder and CEO of VeganNation – to bring about a disruptive change […]
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