Jens Hannibal

Jens is the Co-Founder of The Bear Kitchen, founded on a simple philosophy: eat like a bear. Favouring local produce and well-balanced food choices, The  Bear Kitchen focuses on celebrating the joy of food.

Jens' (sometimes) crazy dreams are fuelled by love for food and the planet. His infectious enthusiasm is complemented by his

calm Danish demeanour. Jens’ purpose is to help people reconnect with Mother Nature, and each other, through the medium of food.

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Eat Like A Bear And Discover A Happier Way Of Healthy
Mind & BodyMind & Body
BY Jens Hannibal ·
Good food and good eating shouldn’t be about diets, deprivation or turning foods into enemies. Food is joy, and should never induce feelings of guilt and shame. We should respect each others’ choices whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, or an omnivore. That’s why we’re bringing the notion of ‘healthy’ back down-to-earth. Relax, and let’s unite around […]

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🇬🇧 hosts #COP26 next year & will urge countries to share their national climate plans

The way 🇬🇧 chooses to #BuildBackBetter #PostCovid19 must reflect our commitment as an environmental leader

Will our Govt seize the opportunity?

With COVID-19 crisis tragedy news from Brazil, it's time to for positive balance. Albeit not new, the MESSAGE IS TIMELESS AND EXTREMELY RELEVANT to not only Brazil, but everywhere, where traditional food and eating values are being forgotten..

Eating healthy is always a good idea. Though particularly in these days faced with COVID-19. Let's not get obsessive though. No need to jump on the latest diet fad or super food trend. It really isn't necessary, and can can cause serious harm...

Whilst it's so incredibly heart breaking to know that the rainforest is being cleared to make room for soy beans and cattle grazing, here's some really positive news from Brazil. They're from 2016, but well worth remembering!

Make 'em the star of the show at every meal. Omnivore? Use less but better quality meat for flavour and beans (and other pulses) for bulk. And more than anything: ENJOY!

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