David Smith

  • Founder, Little Ninja
  • London, UK

David Smith is a father on a mission to reduce the dangerously high air pollution children breathe everyday whilst they travel to school. He’s campaigning for a change in traffic light phasing during the toxic school run, to reduce emissions from vehicles start-stop-idling in congested traffic.

David says:

“I’ve lived in South London all my life and grew up in Putney/Wandsworth. I’m a happily married, father of four beautiful children, two teenagers, a three-year-old and a baby.
We don’t own a car. We walk, scoot, cycle and for longer journeys we travel by bus, tube, train and the occasional taxi.
We worry about the air our children breathe every day. I’ve told my children that they are little ninjas fighting for their future health against invisible #PollutantMonsters and that they must protect themselves by staying away from idling vehicles.
They do their best but they cannot win this battle for life on their own. “