Max Dubiel

Max is one of of the founders of Redemption Roasters, founded in 2016.

They support young offenders to successfully reintegrate into society through professional-level barista training and job opportunities. Redemption Roasters achieved a coffee world first: opening a roastery in a prison run by young offenders in HMYOI Aylesbury.

Ted and Max already had a wholesale coffee business, Black Sheep Coffee, and they were approached by HMYOI Aylesbury to start train inmates. This idea quickly grew to the roastery business now known as Redemption Roasters.

"We did not get into coffee to change the world, we just set up a business around a product we love.”

It was through their work with Ministry of Justice, some of the very passionate people working in the prison system and the incredible charities and volunteer organisations involved in social change around rehabilitation and reducing reoffending, that they discovered that they could make a difference with their business.

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