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Started with a team of 5 friends, Vrikshit Foundation is slowly becoming a household name for climate enthusiasts. Started in the year 2019, the foundation has now spread across 14 states and cleaned over a million kilograms of trash. Our major aim is to have a cleaner environment and work towards climate change. Through our most motivated volunteers, we organize clean up drives, campaigns, tree plantations, and wall paintings.

We believe in action and hence have an action centric approach. We don't wait for funds, equipment, or support to arrive. We work with whatever we have and are driven towards having a cleaner India very soon. We realise how urgent the need for climate change is, hence we act and we act fast.

We have yet been supported by many Bollywood celebrities, National media channels including CM Of Delhi, and were even invited by our CM, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for his oath taking ceremony. We also want to create more awareness around issues centered around the environment and hence actively engage in activism both physically and digitally through our campaigns.

We want every kid in India to know about the importance of climate action and to participate at least individually through daily practises of sustainability at their own homes. We promote and encourage sustainable lifestyles.

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Vrikshit is a foundation founded by and made up of young people who want to see change in India. We are willing to strive to make India not only clean, but also green. Our ongoing efforts help to raise awareness about the sanitation gap that impacts so many people’s lives […]

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Non Covid Case,2 units of blood A -ve group (not plasma) required, patient to undergo liver transplant at Venkateshwara Hospital,Dwarka,Delhi
Request to please help,
Contact No :8506006011

Jain institutions in Chennai have modified their school buses (not being used these days) & fitted them with Oxygen cylinders. They realised that these unutilized buses can provide comfort to patients who have to wait outside hospitals to get a bed. A very nobel idea. 2

Glad we could help you !
Wishing for a speedy recovery ❤🙌

COVID19 Telemedicine Free Helpline
Call – 8929408282 - Time - 7AM - 11 PM
150+ Doctors West Bengal Doctors Forum
Free Phone Consultation - COVID positive / (a)symptomatic persons
Plz share widely to reach needy patients @Parul_RajeevM @Shankar_2107 @SeemaM4 @DevelopIndiaFo1

Requirements met. Happiness delivered. Reach out to us for help 🙏 3

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