Saskia Studer

Saskia Studer is the Chief Creative Officer at The Great Bubble Barrier. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design and Autonomous Practice (Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam), she is the brain behind the branding and all outgoing communication.

She co-founded The Great Bubble Barrier with Anne Marieke Eveleens and Francis Zoet. They have known each other for ten years and became friends teaching sailing classes at the same sailing school.

Saskia Studer's Project

Great Bubble Barrier is a long tube placed on the riverbed with small holes through which air is pumped. This creates a vertical barrier of bubbles from the riverbed up to the surface. This barrier blocks plastic debris from floating downstream. By placing the barrier diagonally in the natural river flow we guide the waste […]

Saskia Studer's Tweets

Congratulations to all winners of the #EarthShotPrize 2022 and to @QldWomenRangers for winning the Earthshot Revive Our Oceans. Hats off to all Earthshot Prize finalists and environmental innovators out there working on important solutions around the globe!

Who’s excited ? 🏆

No matter what the outcome, we are thrilled to be part of such an incredible cohort of innovators dedicated to repair our planet 🌎

Only a few more days to go until the official winners of the @EarthshotPrize 2022 will be announced during the award ceremony.
It is truly an inspiring journey to be part of this year’s Earthshot prize finalists and we wish all other nominees the best of luck!

Inspiring moment to see climate innovators from around the world displayed on the iconic Piccadilly Lights in London as @EarthshotPrize finalists have been revealed.

The awards ceremony will be premiered on Dec 4th on BBC, PBS, and YouTube. Stay tuned for more information.

The Earthshot Prize revealing our solution to #ReviveOurOceans 🌊 👀

“We’re proud to be nominated for The Earthshot Prize and hope this recognition will support our mission to stop plastic from polluting our oceans” Co-founder & COO Francis Zoet @fzoet

Today, The @EarthshotPrize has unveiled this year’s incredible cohort of finalists

The 15 #EarthshotPrize finalists each represent an extraordinary solution to one of greatest environmental challenges we face on Earth🌍

Find out more below 👇

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