Saskia Studer

Saskia Studer is the Chief Creative Officer at The Great Bubble Barrier. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design and Autonomous Practice (Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam), she is the brain behind the branding and all outgoing communication.

She co-founded The Great Bubble Barrier with Anne Marieke Eveleens and Francis Zoet. They have known each other for ten years and became friends teaching sailing classes at the same sailing school.

Saskia Studer's Project

Great Bubble Barrier is a long tube placed on the riverbed with small holes through which air is pumped. This creates a vertical barrier of bubbles from the riverbed up to the surface. This barrier blocks plastic debris from floating downstream. By placing the barrier diagonally in the natural river […]

Saskia Studer's Tweets

Simple technology using bubbles to collect plastic pollution in rivers before it reaches our oceans.
#oceanhealth #cleanrivers #plasticpollution #bubblebarrier

A new Bubble Barrier is on the way...!

Before we implement a Bubble Barrier, we conduct preliminary-research on the preferred location together with all stakeholders to ensure high quality and optimal performance.

Location will be revealed soon! 3

Do you know what kind of plastic waste is most commonly found along the Dutch rivers? It’s not what you think!
Most of the plastic are "indefinable" plastic pieces. #catchofthemonth #bubblebarrieramsterdam #plasticpollution

The Bubble Barrier Amsterdam is bubbling again! The Bubble Barrier was turned off for a week on behalf of the city of Amsterdam (@AmsterdamNL) to allow the water to freeze over for ice skating. Now there is no more ice in the city, but instead glorious sun.

Catch of the Month 6! The Great Bubble Barrier is frequently catching personal care products made with plastic, such as cotton swabs and sanitary wipes. These do not always end up in the plastic waste or in the waste bin after use ...

As ice is forming on the Amsterdam Canals and the Dutch are putting on their ice skates, we decided together with @AmsterdamNL and @waterschapagv (water authority) to temporarily turn it off!

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