Renée Mann

Born with a passion for natural health care, Renée Mann is an ambassador for Ayurveda.

Drawing on her experience in business Renée's perspective is to look at a person's environment to determine how it impacts on health and well-being. Renée firmly believes food is medicine and we can all lead healthy lives by making some simple tweaks to our daily habits.

Alongside her work in health and wellbeing, Renée is a specialist in fostering high-performance teams and organizational culture. Working blending expertise across finance and HR, Renee has a unique perspective on what a business needs to thrive, both from strategic development and people perspective.   

Renée brings to TRVST a passion for creating a working culture that stands head and shoulders above what has gone before, compelled by a vision to engage people with purpose and health and create a real game changer. Our shared vision for TRVST, with Renée’s support, is for it to become an exemplar of modern, motivating, heartful business.

Renée Mann's Latest Articles

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