Dene Stuart

I help business owners and senior executives to leverage their natural abilities so they can achieve more at work and home.

Firefighting is their main problem. It diverts their time and energy from development activities to maintenance issues. They spend too much of their time dealing with unintended and unforeseen problems and unwanted calls on their time, which are hard to refuse.

Through my tried and tested Exceptional Leader Academy I help business leaders to:
• Develop the leadership skills they need to see in their teams so that time, money, and effort is not wasted on ineffective activity.
• Cultivate and grow valuable and profitable, long-term relationships.
• Establish a vision that is motivating and exciting for everyone.
• Design a culture that creates commitment and delivers the results they really want.
• Leverage the talent they have within the business so that more can be achieved at no extra cost.
• Identify the personal development opportunities that will enable them to grow as individuals and take on more without sacrificing what’s important to them.

30 years of working in hard-nosed, commercial environments, means I understand the issues my clients face; because I have had to work through the same problems myself.

"You want someone who is going to help you understand what you need to do and push you to make changes and implement the ideas. Working with Dene has created transformation." Mark Harrison, Director, Huge Design.

"If you’re not prepared to be open and challenged, working with Dene is not for you. If you're happy to dig deep, not always like what you hear then definitely. It can be really challenging but by goodness, it’s worth it. I’m really, really glad I’ve done this programme." Barbara, Corporate Director.

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History has shown that there is no one right way to lead and that for every swashbuckling, charismatic hero there has been a quiet unassuming modest person of indomitable spirit who has achieved amazing things. Because leadership, like many things in life, is neither a good or bad thing of its own right. It is […]
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