10 Best Electric Lighters For A Greener Glow

Using an electric lighter is A sustainable way to light up candles, gas stoves, campfires, and more. In line with our mission, we curated this article to help you find the best electric lighters on the market.

These lighters produce no flame, are rechargeable, and are butane-free. More importantly, they are a lot more sustainable compared to other types of fire starters. Electric lighters have caught on quickly, and there are so many products to choose from. 

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How do electric lighters work?

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Currently, there are two types of electric lighters. The first type is called an arc or plasma lighter. It is powered by a battery to create heat. The heat is visible as a concentrated beam of purple light. To use it, you place whatever you try to light up directly in contact with the arc light.

After a period of use, the battery in your electric lighter may run down. All you need to do is plug in a USB cable and recharge it. That way, you can recharge the lighter anytime, anywhere, with a power bank, computer, or any other power source.

The other type of electric lighter is the burner plate model. It works with a heating coil, just like your stove top electric burner, only on a much smaller scale. This lighter model is usually used for lighting cigarettes. 

Electric Lighter vs Traditional Lighter

In many ways, an electric lighter is superior to the traditional butane lighter. We list some of those ways below.

Eco friendly

In the United States, people buy about 365 million USD worth of lighters annually1, most of which are disposable. An electric lighter can be used for years, helping you to cut back on plastic waste from regular lighters. It also eliminates the single use of tree resources, as is the case with matchsticks.

Electric lighters don't use butane, a fossil fuel product. They can also be recycled as electronic waste after their long useful life.

Easy to use

Just a click of a button, and your electric lighter comes on. There is no need to bruise your thumb trying to turn on a butane lighter. As long as you take proper precautions, It's much safer than the alternatives (careless use can still cause a fire).

Also, unlike traditional lighters, electric lighters have no flame. Therefore, the wind will not be an issue when lighting eco-friendly candles and winter campfires. That also means you have zero chances of being burned by a flickering flame.

Saves you money

An electric lighter only needs to be recharged once it's no longer effective. A good quality electric lighter would survive at least 100 recharges. 

With the traditional lighter, you'll either get a replacement or buy cans of lighter fluid for refills. Over time, the costs add up to more than investing in a durable electric lighter would.

The Cons

Electric lighters have some cons, although they are minor inconveniences.

  • The arc lighter burns much hotter compared to fuel-based lighters. If you get your skin on its path, it will burn you faster.
  • Some electric lighters burn with a high-pitched crackling static noise. It can be annoying, but cheaper brands make the noise more prominent.
  • A USB lighter that isn't waterproof could quickly get damaged.

Top 10 Rechargeable Lighters On The Market

We picked our choices after considering certain qualities such as durability and safety. We also looked at price and ease of use. Most electric lighters have useful additional features, and we found some fantastic features. All the products on our list come with a USB charging cable.

1. The Motli Light

The Motli Light
Photo Credit: The Motli Light.

The Motli light made by the USB Lighter Company is quite popular. Perhaps it's due to its Tesla coil or the beautiful design. There are quite an abundance of colors and patterns for you to choose from.

The lighter itself is shaped like a candle and is a perfect candle lighter. The outward-facing single arc makes it so you can light a candle from any direction. For safety, there's a safety switch, and the arc rods automatically retract 

The lighter also features an in-built LED flashlight. A battery indicator lets you know when the lighter is fully charged. The manufacturer claims a single charge would give you up to 1000 lights per charge. 

This lighter is not something you can easily carry around in your pocket. Also, the price is relatively high compared to other lighters on our list.

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2. Tronic Master Electric Lighter


This lighter is designed with safety in mind. A safety lock mechanism covers the ignition switch so you or your child do not accidentally turn the lighter on. Its auto-off feature activates after 10 seconds to protect against damage or burns due to high temperature. The arc also retracts for added safety.

Another thing to love about the Tronic Master lighter is its compact design. The long and slim build makes it convenient for lighting candles and grills. The product has a Compact by Design certificate to show it is low waste in production and shipping.

The lighter is made of aluminum and ceramic. Both materials are durable and heat-dissipating, so it cools down quickly. There is a battery level indicator, and reviews say the lighter’s battery lasts longer.

The cons are that you can't fit this lighter into your pocket, and only three color options are available. 

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3. Sipoe USB Electric Lighter


The Sipoe lighter is favorably reviewed for its durability. It may not be waterproof but can survive being exposed to wet conditions. You'll be able to get at least a year's use, so it's an excellent bargain for the price. 

The metal pocket lighter is just about 3 inches long. Because of its design, it is more suitable for lighting cigarettes than anything else. You can use it to light candles, and it comes with a cleaning brush to quickly remove debris on the rods. 

It takes about 2 hours to charge the lighter fully, but a single charge lasts about two days. Thanks to the indicator lights, you can tell the battery level.

Although it has a cover, we don't recommend this product in family homes. That's because it does not have child safety features. The lighter will automatically turn off after 7 seconds to prevent scalding and high-temperature damage.

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4. Suprus Waterproof Lighter

Suprus Waterproof Lighter
Photo Credit: Suprus Waterproof Lighter.

This dual arc pocket lighter is the perfect option for outdoor use due to its waterproof design. It is also a handy tool for older people. 

The Suprus USB lighter is made to be sturdy and withstand falls. It also has a lanyard and an emergency whistle attached to it. The lanyard is so you don't quickly lose it, and the whistle can be a lifesaver if you ever need to call for help. Many users also love the bright built-in flashlight.

It takes only about an hour to charge, but a full charge can last for anything between 3 days to a week. But there's no battery level indicator.

The static noise of this lighter is noticeable to young people. There are no typical child safety features, such as a safety switch, so we don't recommend using this lighter in a house with young children. For your safety, the lighter will auto-off after 10 seconds.

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5. KTEBO Flexible Neck Electric Lighters


If you are on a budget, this is one of the best electric lighters to get great value for your money. For a price of around 10 USD, you'll get two lighters in one pack. Don't worry. Reviews agree that the device has superb quality. 

The lighter has a flexible neck that you can rotate at 360°. Its adjustable neck lets it quickly light candles and get into hard-to-reach places. Users say the flexible neck, however, presents a challenge with cigarettes.

The battery lasts for a long time, and an LED display lets you monitor power levels. The lighter uses a safety lock and a 7-second auto-off function for safety measures. The arc doesn't retract, so you should be cautious about placing the lighter on surfaces.

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6. ULMCULM USB Rechargeable Lighter


You can light a candle or cigarette with this dual arc lighter. It is simple and compact. The product has great reviews for being user-friendly.

If you forget to turn the power switch off, the lighter will automatically turn off after about 10 seconds. It protects the device from overheating.

LED battery display shows you the battery level. You need to flip the cover open to check. The USB lighter charges fast, and you'll be impressed by the long battery life.

The downside is that there's no child safety feature, so you must keep it away from young children. Also, you only have three color options.

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7. Only Gift USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter

Only Gift USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter
Photo Credit: Only Gift USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter.

If you are looking for a super stylish cigarette lighter, you've found one. The next best electric lighter has a sleek gold and blue metal body with a sliding mechanism that acts as the on switch.

The lighter uses the burner plate model. For safety, it stays lit for a few seconds and goes out. You'll have to slide shut and open it again to turn it on.

You can customize this sleek lighter with words of your choosing. The artisan uses lasers to make beautiful inscriptions. They send orders in wrapped gift boxes since it's a specialist gift shop. If you don't want that, contact the seller before ordering.

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8. Sandalwood Electric Lighter

Sandalwood Electric Lighter
Photo Credit: Sandalwood Electric Lighter.

You'll love this wooden lighter if you like the Chinese vintage aesthetic. The lighter's body is hand-carved sandalwood. The artisan offers four design options, all with Chinese traditional motifs. You can ask for your name to be carved into the lighter body.

Tungsten powers this lighter and is a burner plate type used for cigarettes. There's no on or off switch. You turn it on by blowing on it for about 6 seconds and blow it out the same way.

There are few safety features, just a screw-on lid, which doesn't do much. Also, it has no other features like a battery indicator or flashlight.

The brand offers a luxury gift box, but you can opt out and use less wasteful gift wrapping. You don't have to worry about carbon from shipping as Etsy already offsets that delivery and packaging emissions.

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9. Gift Advice USB Rechargeable Lighter

You can request to engrave a name, message, or symbol on this simple but elegant electric lighter with a metal body. There's no price attached to the customization service. It comes in 4 shiny colors and a black frost option.

The pocket lighter has a wide forward-facing single arc that makes it easy to light candles. That's something that people struggle with when using pocket lighters. It also has an LED display battery indicator. Reviews reveal that the lighter is very well-made and feels sturdy.

The Etsy shop delivers the lighter in a fancy gift box that contains a USB cable. One great thing about buying from Etsy is the promise to offset the carbon emissions from the delivery and packaging of your purchase.

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10. BABOBIU Electric Lighter


If you’re looking for a luxury lighter as a gift or to accessorize high-fashion outfits, this might be the best electric lighter for you. The zinc alloy pocket lighter has intricate dragon relief on the front. It comes in black, silver, gold and blue. 

The fancy lighter has a detachable, fully functional watch embedded in the front. The watch displays a cool light effect whenever you flip the lighter open. It also has a flashlight feature.

This lighter's only safety feature is the top cover, which also serves as an off mechanism. There is no auto-off feature, so it is best to keep the lighter on for about 5 seconds at a time to avoid overheating. It has dual plasma arcs so you won't need up to five seconds of lighting time.

This product comes in an elegant gift box and includes a USB cable.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Electric Lighter

Before you buy an electric USB lighter, consider the size, design, and shape. Here's why.

If you are constantly losing your plastic lighters, purchase a bigger electric lighter, possibly one with space for a carabiner so you can attach it to your keys, wallet, belt, etc.

The design and shape of some electric lighters make them more suitable for specific uses than others. For example, a long-neck lighter is more convenient for lighting a low candle wick than a pocket lighter. 

If aesthetics is important to you, then you'll love how classy USB lighters can look. Electric lighters come in different elegant variations that add spark value to your space.

Conclusion: Best Electric Lighters

Wind does not affect electric lighters; some are even waterproof. These lighters are eco-friendly. They use no fuel or lighter fluid and produce no flame. Switching to an arc lighter today helps reduce plastic waste.

To help you find a suitable USB lighter, we curated a list of 10 of the best electric lighters available in the market today. We encourage you to ditch disposable lighters and create a green spark today.

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