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13 Best Bidet Attachments and Converter Kits

Who needs toilet paper when you can get a cheaper, more comfortable, tree-friendly, and sanitary way to clean yourself after using the toilet? Bidets are bathroom fixtures providing a stream of water to wash clean after you finish up. Even better, these days, you can source a bidet converter kit for your existing toilet, saving you the need to plumb in or remodel your bathroom. Furthermore, you’ll find bidet converter kits that are easy to fit and cost-effective, saving you the need for plumbing or remodeling. 

Originally, bidets were only common in the Eastern part of the world. However, bidets have become more popular over the years in the Western world and other regions. They provide a thorough cleaning experience, making them a great alternative to toilet paper

Whereas full bidets get installed alongside your toilet, they are typically more expensive and may require more bathroom space. On the flip side, a bidet converter kit, also known as a bidet add-on, is a fixture you can install on your toilet in place of a full bidet. Bidet converter kits are easy to install and come at an affordable price. 

Read on as we explore why you should consider a bidet converter kit and some of the best bidet converter kits that will make you say goodbye to your toilet paper for good.  

Why you should consider a bidet converter kit

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Bidets converter kits (sometimes also called bidet seat attachments) are an excellent choice for many reasons. They are easy to install, convenient, and, best of all, you can save on buying hundreds of rolls of toilet paper. 

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Bidets are environmentally-friendly

Research reveals that about 27,000 trees get cut down to meet the daily demands of our toilet paper consumption.

If you want to contribute to saving the planet, a bidet is a great place to start. You can use far less toilet paper with bidets, which protects our trees. It also means less plastic that manufacturers use in wrapping toilet paper rolls and less energy to process trees into toilet rolls. 

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Bidets are cost-effective 

We don’t realize it, but we spend a great deal on toilet paper every year. Investing in a bidet can help you save up on buying thousands of toilet paper throughout the year. Also, in the event of scarcity, you won’t need to worry about scouting for the last sheet or roll. Using less toilet paper means what you have will last a lot longer.

Bidets are comfortable to use 

Many bidet seats come with extra features that make your bathroom experience more comfortable than your standard toilet seat. From heated seats to massaging abilities and other features. 

Also, most toilet papers have an abrasive and dry texture that makes your skin susceptible to injury over time. With bidets, you won’t need to worry about discomfort from toilet paper. You can clean up using a gentle stream of water. 

16 Best Bidet Converter Kits To Shop From 

Bidets are very hygienic. They protect your skin from irritation, save the planet, and save you money on toilet paper bills. 

Best Electric Bidet Converter Attachment Kits

Electric bidet converter kits provide additional features that require battery power. For extra convenience and improved cleanliness in this section, you’ll find a range of easy-to-install attachments that power-retractable nozzles, heated seats, endless hot water, air deodorizers, and drying functions. 

1. Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat
Photo Credit: Bio Bidet

Type: Electronic bidet toilet seat
Features: Wireless remote, dual nozzles, warm air dryer, night light, adjustable pressure, soft closing seat

Imagine controlling your toilet seat with the touch of a button. These electric bidet seats are a fine combination of luxury and comfort. Its two-sided wireless remote helps you control a wide range of functions, from cleaning to drying and much more. This model from Bio Bidet comes with a warm air dryer, deodorizer, user presets, and auto wash for effective cleansing. 

Your kids can get an automatic wash and dry cycle with the child wash mode. It has a heated seat with adjustable temperature control and a night light for late-night bathroom trips. 

It also has a constipation-relieving IIP enema function and much more. IT even has a built-in deodorizer to get rid of 99% of unwanted smells.  Bio Bidet offers a 3-year warranty from the day you purchase this toilet seat.  

Customers say this bidet converter kit is easy to install and is very adjustable. 

Best electronic bidet seat to wash clean with different wash modes

What makes this bidet from Bio Bidet unique is its dual self-cleaning nozzles. Using a single remote control, you can change the nozzle position and run it through different wash modes, from low water pressure to high pressure. These bidet seats come with bubble technology that gives you a relaxing clean. 

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2. Inus Electric Bidets

Type: Electric bidet seat
Features: Heated seat, wireless remote control, self-cleaning nozzle, adjustable water temperature, warm air dryer, night light 

Made with a tankless water system, you can enjoy warm water instantly without waiting for heating. These electric bidets come with luxury features, including a self-cleaning nozzle made of stainless steel to improve your hygiene. 

You can easily adjust your water pressure with five different levels. You can also adjust the heated seat temperature to three different levels. This is especially handy during cold mornings or winter. It also has a night light for night trips to the bathroom. 

The air dryer also eliminates the need for tissue paper, as it comes with five levels of warm air—the wireless remote controls all functions on this bidet seat. 

Best bidet seat with a curved design for a more comfortable posture 

This bidet seat comes with a unique curved design that enhances a comfortable posture while using the toilet. It also helps keep your toilet cleaner longer and saves your bathroom space. 

The seat sensor allows this bidet to operate only when you sit on it. This product gets a full five-star rating and good reviews from its customers. 

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3. TOTO Washlet Electronic Bidet

Type: Electronic bidet toilet 
Features: Adjustable heated seat, warm air dryer, deodorizer, control panel, auto-energy saver 

This gentle yet powerful electronic bidet comes with a water spray, adjustable warm water, and a dual-action spray with a nozzle oscillation option for effective cleaning.

The heated seat provides consistent warmth in full range. The air deodorizer comes with a carbon filter that neutralizes odors. The adjustable warm dryer also makes it easy for you to clean up after using the toilet. The toilet bowl has a PREMIST cleaning feature that reduces the number of times you clean your toilet. 

High-tech electronic bidet seat 

TOTO claims to be one of the world’s largest plumbing manufacturers. WASHLET is a top-tech electronic bidet seat made by TOTO, which you can install easily on your existing toilet seat. The WASHLET features an adjustable spray, allowing you to clean up using warm water. It is easy to set up and comes with a DIY installation guide.

Toto has a wide range of higher-end bidets, too, including those with infinite hot water and oscillating spray, and some even come with a massage function.

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Best Non-electric Bidet Converter Kits

Non-electric bidet kits use the pressure of water from your pipes to do all the work. Avoiding the complexity, and usually, a chunk of the cost, these more straightforward attachments get the job done without the bells and whistles. Simply fit them to your round or elongated toilet seat, and adjust the water pressure to suit for a refreshing clean.

4. GenieBidet - Rear & Feminine Ultra Thin Toilet Attachment

GenieBidet - Rear & Feminine Ultra Thin Toilet Attachment
Photo Credit: Genie Bidet

Type: Non-electric bidet seat
Features: Self-cleaning feature, dual nozzle, rear, and feminine cleaning 

Made with a sleek and modest design, this bidet converter kit comes with a bidet attachment that sits firmly on your current toilet seat. This means you don’t have to worry about that awkward feeling of sliding off your toilet seat because of the positioning of your toilet bowl rim. 

This kit comes with two separate nozzles for rear and feminine cleansing. You can also adjust your spray from soft to strong water pressure with a simple twist of the knob. It is easy to install and non-electric, meaning you are safe from any type of wiring hazard. 

Best non-electric bidet attachment with a hybrid T connector to prevent leaking and damage 

With the hybrid T connector between your toilet tank and the bidet, you don’t need to worry about damage or leakage, especially during installation. Coupled with a simple ON/OFF option, you can have peace of mind knowing you can turn off the water supply to prevent your kids or visitors from fiddling with the bidet knob. 

Customers say this bidet is easy to install and has extra features that make it more comfortable and hygienic than toilet paper. 

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5. Greenco Attachment Sprayer - Non-Electric Bidet


Type: Electric bidet sprayer
Features: main water supply adapter, adjustable nozzle position

You can enjoy the comfort and a far more hygienic clean with this easy-to-use, high-quality bidet converter kit. 

The bidet toilet attachment comes with a water sprayer made of high-quality plastic that doesn’t rust. The adjustable sprayer has an easy-to-access control panel to adjust the water pressure at any level you choose. 

The bidet seat attachment makes it easy to change your nozzle to any angle for a better cleaning experience. Customers say this bidet fits perfectly on their toilet seat and has given them a quality bathroom experience. 

An easy-to-install bidet converter kit 

One thing customers say about this bidet kit is that it is super easy to install. You can install yours within a few minutes, thanks to the accessories and detailed instructions that come with it. This kit comes with a main water supply adapter, 34’’ hose pipe, rubber washer, and two adapter washers for easy and proper installation. No special tools are required. 

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6. Luxe Bidet NEO 320

Luxe Bidet NEO 320
Photo Credit: Luxe Bidet

Type: Non-electric bidets
Features: self-cleaning dual nozzle, pressure control lever, adjustable knob 

Made with quality valves and metal/ceramic cores, this bidet comes with a sleek design for comfort and durability. Thanks to its adjustable water temperature, you can get warm water or cold water. You can also get heated water using a sink connection. 

The feminine nozzle comes with a wash mode that gives you a gentle spray. It comes with a retractable nozzle position that retracts automatically after each wash. It also comes with an innovative self-cleaning that rinses itself with warm water. 

Thanks to all the quality special tools available in the box, you can easily install this bidet. 

Luxe Bidet gives you an 18-month warranty in case you have any concerns about the product. 

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7. SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment

SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment
Photo Credit: SAMODRA

Type: Non-electric bidet
Features: ultra-thin design, spray nozzle, T-adapter, braided steel hose 

Say goodbye to toilet paper bills with this bidet converter kit. This bidet comes with an upgraded interior made of the brass valve and brass water inlet. The fitting also has a braided steel cold water hose and brass T-type adapter. 

The design is ultra-slim, and the brand claims this bidet is 60% thinner than most bidets. This ultra-thin design is compatible with the standard two-piece toilet and will integrate perfectly without gaps. 

The brass water inlet connects with the brass valve to create a solid structure. It also reduces the risk of water leakage and increases the service life of the bidet. Also, the braided steel hose avoids any rupture that may come from high water pressure. 

Multi-functional features for your convenience 

You can easily rotate this bidet to the left or right to control water pressure. This is very useful for older adults or if you have children. This retractable nozzle extends downward to spray water. It also shrinks automatically to its original position when closed. 

The brand also has an easy DIY installation guide which means you don’t need to spend money getting a plumber. If you encounter any problems with your bidet, the brand provides aftersales support and an 18-month warranty. 

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8. Puro Bidet Attachment

Photo Credit: Puro

Type: Bidet attachment
Features: adjustable nozzle, adjustable water pressure knob

These bidet attachments from Puro are easy to set up and come with all the necessary tools you need for a quick installation on any toilet seat. It comes with a sleek modern style that adds some luxury to an ordinary-looking bathroom. Its adjustable nozzle makes it easy to adjust the pressure of water to any level of your choice. Simply switch the button on to adjust. 

The nozzles are equally self-cleaning and require no batteries or electricity. You can switch to a cleaner alternative with these bidets and save money on toilet paper. 

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9. GUARDGETS Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment


Type: Bidet seat attachment
Features: self-cleaning nozzles, water pressure controller

This non-electric bidet seat is well-designed with unique features that make cleaning hygienic. It comes with an adjustable water spray, a great alternative for tissue paper that may cause friction on your skin. It has self-cleaning nozzles for feminine wash and rear wash which you can control using an adjustable knob. This bidet requires no electricity, making it safe for both children and elders. It also has a bumper that you can fit under the toilet lid for elevation. 

This easy-to-use bidet attachment comes with special tools, including a metal hose, brass T valve, toilet bumpers, a manual, and other accessories for easy installation. 

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10. Bidet-N-Spray 2-in-1 Combo Non-Electric Bidet


Type: Non-electric bidet hand-held sprayer 
Features: Spray nozzle, adjustable water pressure 

This multifunctional bidet is an efficient combination of a bidet that cleans the rear and a hand-held sprayer that looks like one you would find in a kitchen sink or shower to clean the front. You can use the sprayer for other activities like washing your toilet bowl or bidet nozzle or even washing baby diapers. 

It has a modern discrete design that allows you to control the water pressure to any level you want on the bidet or the spray nozzle. 

It comes with various tools that make it easy to set it up in just a few minutes. You can save money while equally saving the planet. 

Customers say that this bidet comes with high-quality stainless steel components you need for quick installation.  

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11. Blue Stone Bidet Seat Attachment


Type: Non-electric mechanical bidet
Features: Dual retractable nozzle, electroplate knob 

Thanks to this product, you don't need to spend thousands on toilet paper rolls. This bidet comes with a rear and frontal nozzle perfect for men, women, children, and elders, thanks to its ease of use. The nozzle retracts automatically after every wash and cleans itself for your subsequent use. 

You can save money on electricity bills, as this bidet requires no electricity. This also means no shock accidents or cut emissions. You can adjust water temperature and pressure using its adjustable knob. 

High-grade parts for easy installation 

These bidets come with high-quality stainless steel parts that are durable, leakproof, and safe. You get easy tools and a detailed manual that makes installation possible within minutes. These bidets are so lightweight you can travel with them. You also get after-sales support and an 18-month warranty from the time of purchase. 

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12. Betterway Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment


Type: Non-electric self-cleaning bidets
Features: self-cleaning nozzle, adjustable pressure control

Made with a slim-fit design, this bidet from Betterway gives you better comfort while you clean up. You don’t have to worry about hard-to-clean nuts and bolts or hot water lines on your bidet. This non-electric freshwater bidet has six water temperature levels and pressure for simple and messy washes. It has a self-cleaning nozzle to ensure you have a hygienic clean every time. 

It also comes with high-quality parts double-tested for leaks. You can have peace of mind knowing your bidet is corrosion-resistant and withstand high pressure. 

This brand makes it super easy to install this product, unlike other bidets, thanks to a step-by-step video guide. Yes, you get a virtual installation guide that makes it easy to set up your bidet within minutes. 

A climate-neutral brand 

These bidets from Betterway were designed in Colorado and come in plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral shipping. The brand offsets carbon emissions throughout its supply chain and has a climate-neutral certification. 

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Wrapping up our rundown of the best bidet attachments and converter kits

Many people are skeptical about using bidets. However, they are an eco-friendly alternative to tissue paper. If you care about saving the planet and conserving trees and natural resources, you will consider these easy-to-fit attachments for your regular toilet seat.

There are many bidet models out there to give you a hygienic and comfortable experience. You can go through our list above to shop for some of the best bidet converter kits today.

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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