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16 DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Attract Our Feathered Friends

Birds play many roles in our ecosystem. For one, birds disperse seeds, which can help grow flowers and plants. Do you want to create a bird-friendly landscape in your own home? We have prepared many DIY Bird Bath ideas to transform your backyard into mini avian sanctuaries.

Why bird baths? It attracts birds to your garden more effectively than a bird feeder. You can create your unique bird bath using recycled, upcycled, repurposed materials or just about anything.

Read on as we look at some creative DIY bird bath ideas for our little feathered friends. 

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Things To Consider When Installing A Bird Bath

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Having a bird bath in your garden is one sure way to attract various bird species. But what should you know before installing a bird bath? Here are some DIY bird bath tips to know:                    

  • Birds like a sheltered or covered location as they feel more protected. When choosing a spot for your bird bath, consider one close to a tree or shrub. Avoid direct sunlight to keep the water temperature just right. 
  • Some birdbaths may be too deep for little birds. You want to make your bird bath more appealing by adding a few rocks as perching spots.  
  • Keep the water fresh and clean the tub regularly. You only need a good brush to scrub your bird bath and freshwater.
  • Feel free to go for bigger bird baths. You can also build more than bird baths to attract more birdies.

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16 DIY Bird Bath Ideas For A Beautiful Garden                             

Making bird baths can be a creative and exciting activity. Moreover, you can usually do so with some of the materials around the home. 

1. Tomato Cage Bird Bath                               

If you’re looking for DIY bird baths on a budget, a simple tomato cage can be an excellent idea for a DIY birdbath. What’s more, it’s super easy to make. 

Place a tomato cage on the ground in your garden. The cage can serve as a pedestal for the bird bath. Add a terra cotta plate or planter saucer as a water basin at the top. 

Once you make your bird bath, you can then add some water. You can get as many tomato cages and make different bird baths of various sizes for your garden. 

2. Chip Platter Bird Bath      

You can turn a dip platter or plastic chip into a unique bird bath for your garden. You can easily find chip platters in various designs and colors at a dollar store. 

To make your bird bath, add a PVC pipe to the bottom of the chip platter, attach a metal rod, and stick it to the ground in your garden. 

3. Handprint Bird Bath

A handprint bird bath is a fun DIY project you can try with your kids or loved ones. These DIY bird baths are also a great complement to any garden or yard. To make this bird bath, stack two terra cotta pots upside down on top of each other. Once done, add a terra cotta saucer on top of the stack of flower pots. You want to use a waterproof construction adhesive to attach the pots and the saucer. 

Use a primer to prepare your terra cotta pot before you start painting. You can design your clay pots and saucers with outdoor paint, stickers, and other decorations. To make hand prints, apply some color to your hands and your kids. 

4. Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath           

Another DIY bird bath idea is a hanging bird bath using glass lids. Hanging bird baths are great for your balcony, backyard, or large tree branches in your garden. You can easily find glass lids on sale in thrift stores within your community. For this DIY bird bath, attach a chain to a glass lid (serving as a water basin). Once done, add some water. You can easily remove the lid to clean it up. 

5. Lamp Bird Bath           

Are you thinking of homemade bird bath ideas you can try? Well, you can turn your old lamp into a bird bath. The best part is that it's super easy. All you need is an old lamp or a lamp base found in a thrift store, yard sale, or garage. To make your DIY bird bath, use the lamp as a pedestal and attach an old serving bowl. Fill the bowl with water to create an adorable bath for your birds. 

6. Flower Pot Bird Bath

A flower pot bird bath can be a great DIY idea for your garden. You can creatively stack your plant pots and add a saucer at the top to create a bird bath. You can add colorful flowers to each pot to attract more birds to the bath. 

7. Mosaic Bird Bath          

A mosaic bird bath is a creative DIY bird bath idea you can try to attract birds to your garden. You can use terra cotta pots, a terra cotta saucer, and some broken glass to make a bird bath. 

Place your terra cotta planter saucer on the plant pot and add broken glass tiles using gorilla glue to the saucer to create this bird bath. Instead of glass, you can use other materials like broken CDs or decorative rocks and crystals.

8. Serving Bowl Bird Bath                                                  

One easy bird bath idea you can consider is a serving bowl bird bath. You can use a ceramic or glass serving bowl, depending on how fancy you want your bird bath to be. You can get beautiful serving bowls in a thrift store close to you. 

Add a recycled carved table leg to your serving bowl for your DIY bird bath to serve as a pedestal. You can use a stable platform to prevent the birdbath from tipping over. 

9. Concrete Leaf Bird Bath

Are you considering an unusual DIY bird bath idea to attract birds to your garden? You can create a bird bath that looks like a leaf using concrete. You only need a large leaf, playground sand, and Portland cement. 

10. Upcycled Chair Bird Bath  

Another unusual DIY bird bath idea you can try is to turn your old furniture into a lovely bird bath. 

If you have an old wooden or metal chair, you don’t need to toss it. You can add a terra cotta saucer or any pretty plate to the chair's middle and water to attract birds to the bath. 

11. Tree Stump Bird Bath                    

If you have an old tree stump lying around, you can put it to creative use. A tree-stump bird bath can be a wonderful idea for the birds in your garden. Use the stump as a pedestal for your bird bath. Add a terra cotta saucer on top of the stump and add some water to the saucer. You can add stones in the saucer to give the little birds a platform to step on as they bathe. 

12. Stacked Stone Bird Bath

Another DIY bird bath idea you can consider is a bird bath made with stacked stones. This homemade bird bath is perfect for your yard or farmhouse. It has a rustic look that works well as an outdoor decor.  Making this bird bath is also relatively easy. Gather some rocks from your yard and stack them up. Once done, you can use a trash can lid as a water basin for your bird bath. Add some stones in the trash can lid filled with water to give your birds a platform to bathe and keep the lid in place. 

13. Upcycled Bathroom Sink Bird Bath 

Are you looking for some simple birdbath ideas? That old sink in your basement can be a lovely bath for your feathered friends. It is also a creative way to turn trash into something useful.

Instead of throwing it out, attach the sink to a pedestal. Add a stopper to prevent the water from draining out. Fill the sink with water and add some stones to give your little birds a place to perch while bathing.

14. Glass Bead Bird Bath 

Have you ever thought of bird baths made of glass beads? Well, creative bird bath ideas don't have to be expensive. You can add style to your garden with a glass bead bird bath. Making it is also relatively easy. First, you want to get a glassware. This could be an old candlestick holder. Get a glass plate you can attach to the candle holder. Stack and glue the holder and the glass plate to create your bird bath. Once done, gather your glass beads together and glue them to the glass plate using gorilla glue. 

15. Upcycled Teacup Bird Bath  

You can add a storybook fairytale design to your garden or outdoor space by turning your old teacups and saucers into an adorable bird bath.

Like most bird bath ideas, installing a teacup bird bath is just as easy to build. Stack your tea cups on top of one another and add a saucer to serve as the water basin. 

You can visit a thrift store to get your teacups or look through your archives at home.   

16. Heated Bird Bath 

gesail heated bird bath
Photo Credit: GESAIL

Heated bird baths aren’t a DIY project. However, they are beneficial during the winter. You can buy a heated bird bath to help birds around your neighborhood find fresh water during the colder seasons. 

GESAIL Heated Bird Bath has an innovative design that allows you to mount it in three different ways - deck, ground, and clamp mount. It is also thermostatically operated, meaning it only works when necessary. This allows you to save electricity and prevent the water from freezing even on the coldest days. 

Shop bird bath on Amazon.

Final Thoughts: DIY Bird Bath Ideas 

You can go through this article and try out any DIY bird bath ideas listed above and turn your garden or outdoor space into a comfortable haven for little birdies. 

You can try many exciting bird bath ideas from bird baths made with terra cotta pots, flower pots, wire cutters, tea cups, glass beads, a hanging planter, and even a bathroom sink.

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