Servane Mouazan

Servane Mouzan's mission is to help women in social innovation to be more influential and better connected. She is a social entrepreneur and has founded Oguntê and the Impact Women Network, to prove that women can solve pressing social & environmental issues and create commercial opportunities at the same time, when given more skills and space to do so. Her work spans across sectors, from Europe to South America, and she’s proud to have led pieces of work that have directly impacted over 300,000 individuals and organisations.

Being part of an ecosystem where everybody is included, can contribute and support others, is the highlight and the mission of her organisation, Ogunte. When she’s not running Ogunte, Servane helps people understand and experience Conscious Innovation, by putting them at the heart of change, and co-designing experiences that transform people's worlds. (Read more on

Servane is part of the British Council Society Advisory Group, a member of the Women in Social Finance group, an RSA fellow, an advisor on the Match International Women's Fund (Canada) and a contributor of the WeStart research to map and explore women's social entrepreneurship in 12 European countries. She is one of the WISE 100, 100 women influencing Social Enterprise (RBS, Natwest, Pioneers Post, 2017) and was shortlisted as the Social Enterprise Women's Champion of the Year (Social Enterprise UK Awards 2014.)

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As the UK’s gender pay gap becomes more and more apparent, we chatted to Servane Mouazan, CEO of Ogunte CIC and top influential woman in social enterprise (WISE100, 2017) about the effect of empowering women through business. We chatted about what makes women’s social enterprises unique, the fragility of women’s hard-won rights, the loneliness of being a founder, and why […]

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