Olivia Rosane

Olivia Rosane is a freelance writer with an interest in ecological and social justice. She writes regularly for EcoWatch, and her work has also appeared in Real Life Magazine, YES! Magazine, and Lady Science. She has a Master’s in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London. Follow her at @orosane.

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Plastic PollutionPlastic Pollution
2018 has seen the United Kingdom join the fight against ocean plastics in a big way. On January 9th, the ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetics went into effect, and in February the Queen herself entered the fray, banning plastic bottles and straws from Royal properties. But one enemy combatant has escaped this recent round […]
Equality & DiversityEquality & Diversity
Guest writer and activist, Olivia Rosane, share her views on the complexity of activism and Martin Luther King's legacy in today’s world. Martin Luther King Day is the only Federal holiday in the United States that honours someone specifically for activism, for working collectively with others to make society more just for all of its […]

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"When we found it we got goosebumps and just started jumping around." Today for @EcoWatch I wrote about how a species of tiny chameleon feared extinct is still alive, but it needs help to stay that way: https://www.ecowatch.com/rare-chameleon-found-alive-2654416287.html

“[T]his is sort of the alarm bell going off." Today for @Treehugger I wrote about how the longest-running tree mortality in Colorado is showing that the climate crisis is already killing trees at faster rates: https://www.treehugger.com/colorado-forest-dying-extreme-heat-5195438

"This has been over two years in the making, so our entire team is elated to finally see Trees & Seas come to fruition." Today for @EcoWatch, I wrote about the launch of @PlasticOceansUS's first-ever Trees & Seas festival: https://www.ecowatch.com/trees-seas-festival-conservation-2654373344.html

"We did not expect that at all." Today for @EcoWatch, I wrote about how meeting the Paris agreement goals would actually increase energy jobs worldwide: https://www.ecowatch.com/renewable-energy-jobs-paris-agreement-2654297083.html

'Still Life with Lemons & a Bee' by Giovanna Garzoni, 1600-1670. Italian painter of the Baroque period #WomensArt

DoorDash workers are going on strike today (July 31st, 2021). They’re demanding tip transparency and a base pay of at least $4.25 per delivery. Don’t cross the picket line.

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