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Olivia Rosane is a freelance writer with an interest in ecological and social justice. She writes regularly for EcoWatch, and her work has also appeared in Real Life Magazine, YES! Magazine, and Lady Science. She has a Master’s in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London. Follow her at @orosane.

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Plastic PollutionPlastic Pollution
2018 has seen the United Kingdom join the fight against ocean plastics in a big way. On January 9th, the ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetics went into effect, and in February the Queen herself entered the fray, banning plastic bottles and straws from Royal properties. But one enemy combatant has escaped this recent round […]
Equality & DiversityEquality & Diversity
Guest writer and activist, Olivia Rosane, share her views on the complexity of activism and Martin Luther King's legacy in today’s world. Martin Luther King Day is the only federal holiday in the United States that honors someone specifically for activism, for working collectively with others to make society more just for all of its […]

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@labornotes The Deere strike in particular is about:
--> Corporate profits against stagnating wages
--> Decades of two-tier and concessionary contracts coming home to roost
--> A member revolt against the status quo tacitly endorsed by the status quo
--> Tight labor market and the pandemic

@labornotes Hovering in the background of all of this is a national referendum in the UAW on direct elections for top union officers. This is in response to the historic corruption scandal, but also fueled by members anger at decades of give-backs and concessions.


@labornotes Today, management continued to threaten workers and pressure them to settle, while non-union salaried workers began leaking documents to Labor Notes and expressing their support of the union members' cause.


@labornotes On Sunday, members shocked both the union and the company by rejecting the contract by a whopping 90%, with 90% of members voting. This seems to have been a wake-up call to the UAW, who quickly announced a strike deadline of tonight:


@labornotes They got to the edge of a strike on October 1st, but at the very last second, the UAW and Deere announced an "extension," averting a strike and further pissing off members. Then a tentative agreement that they wouldn't let anyone see for a week.


@labornotes In early September, Deere presented a disastrously bad first offer to the membership. They likely wanted to lower expectations by super-lowballing them, but ended up pissing everybody off, and members authorized a strike by 99%.


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