Joseph McKinney

Joseph McKinney is the CEO and co-founder of Startup Societies Foundation.  He quit his career in electoral politics after learning that entrepreneurship and technology are the best ways to instigate social change. He founded and served as CEO of his first company, Proudsource, a proto-ICO crowdfunding company which allowed small businesses to recieve investment in exchange for revenue shares for a definite period of time. While pursing Proudsource, he co-founded the Startup Societies Foundation, a think tank that studies and promotes experimental governance zones by conducting studies, publishing digital content, and hosting international conferences. He is now the CEO of Nuhanse Network, a firm that provides consultation of Special Economic Zones and  E-Governance applications.

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It’s been ten months since Hurricane Maria put Puerto Rico’s crumbling infrastructure in the international news. As life returns to normal for the locals, the headlines fade but the hard work of preventing another catastrophe has not yet begun. Humanitarian organizations were quick to focus on water, shelter, food and warmth. Hundreds of thousands of […]

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