Sarah Wyndham Lewis

Sarah Wyndham Lewis is the co-founder of Bermondsey Street Bees, a multi-award winning sustainable beekeeping practice and artisan honey business, founded in 2007. It has over 100 hives in Central and East London as well as country hives in Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk. To this day however, Bermondsey Street Bees’  base remains in Bermondsey Street itself…with the original eight hives still on the rooftop of their scenic Victorian warehouse, overlooking The Shard. Every honey produced by Bermondsey Street Bees is single-source and raw, preserving all of the nutritional benefits and rich complex flavours. Bermondsey Street Bees also pioneers sustainable urban beekeeping strategies through its forage planting initiatives, collaborations with local gardening charities and other projects including a best-selling book ‘Planting for Honeybees’.   Voted Britain’s ‘Small Artisan Producer of The Year’ in 2016, Bermondsey Street Bees has also twice been awarded ‘Best Honey in London’ (200 & 2017) as well as being named as one of London’s  ‘Top 20 Food Producers’ and ‘Top 50 Food Heroes.’

Sarah Wyndham Lewis's Project

Meet Bermondsey Street Bees! They’re championing artisan honey, beekeeping and sustainable food in the heart of London. Chatting with Sarah Wyndham Lewis about Bermondsey Street Bees was a joy; her commitment to creating a truly artisan product stands out and passion for bees is infectious. This is genuine, authentic food production at its best.

Sarah Wyndham Lewis's Tweets

An inspirational Honey Masterclass to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay amidst a gathering of women bartenders from far and wide, convened by @MakersMark and hosted by @SarahWyndhamLew (aka @honeysommelierlondon on Insta).

Reconnaissance missions in the early Spring sunshine to scope out new event installations, existing but re-landscaped apiary sites & prospective new sites before heading to SE Asia in search of Apis dorsata, meeting beekeepers & investigating commercial tie-ups. Exciting times!

Prising open the tight hellebores for a pinch of pollen on a chilly day. Keen to get foraging to build up the brood nest!

A field of vision from our Honey HQ office: in the foreground, Charlotte seed potatoes chitting ahead of Spring planting; behind them some awarded jars from last year’s National Honey Show; in the background a row of overwintering nucs. The future rubbing shoulders with the past.

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