Use Reusable Water Bottles Or Coffee Cups

Water bottles and reuseable coffee cups now come in all shapes and sizes! Here’s a couple of our favourites in the UK and in Australia. If you have favourite brand, write us a reply at the bottom of this page. There are lots of choices of reusable cups for events too. Glasgow Coffee Festival banned disposable cups for the first time ever in 2018 saving 18,000 disposable cups in 2 days!

In the UK, introducing a tax for plastic bags in shops and supermarkets resulted in a 85% drop in plastic bag use. This demonstrates that adding a tiny amount of ‘friction’ to the consumer’s behaviour- a 5p charge- was sufficient to create a wide-spread societal change. However, offering discounts for consumers using reusable coffee cups has not had the same effect. Starbucks reported that in 2015, that globally only 1.36% of customers took advantage of the discount to use a reusable cup. So, we a bigger push on this to make change happen!

It can be hard to spot an eco-friendly product from a ‘eco-looking’ imposter. For example, lots of paper cups are actually lined with plastic, which can’t be recycled. Many cups say they are compostable but lots of restaurants and waste collectors don’t have the facilities to separate waste for composting, so they end up in landfill anyway. Both of these are better options that standard plastic cups but using your own is better still.

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