Check your Food Mileage

Do you ever give much thought about what country your food has come from, or how far it has travelled to land on your plate?

The website food miles is great for really hitting home just how many miles your produce has travelled. For example, an avocado bought in the UK might come from Peru, meaning it has travelled 6321 miles to get to you. That sort of distance is pretty shocking isn’t it? Consider also the environmental impacts of transporting this food, however it travelled, whether by plane, boat or road: there’s going to be a significant impact.

So what can you do? It’s a simple one really, learn what is seasonal in your country and preference this over produce which has travelled across the world to get to you. It’s pretty easy to do, just search:

  • Seasonal produce
  • Current month
  • Your country

to find information advising you on what’s growing seasonally in your country. Then it’s just a case of exercising your creative skills by making delicious meals using your fresh seasonal produce.


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