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The More Trees Campaign is much more than trees. Our aim is to address the true cause of environmental degradation: lack of self-awareness.

As we have seen over the past decades, simply raising awareness of environmental issues is not enough. This is especially true when so many of us are leading stressed, burnt-out lives that narrow our vision, closing us off from how we really feel and from the world around us. Through raising self-awareness we can enable people to reconnect to themselves, reconnect to nature, and truly comprehend humanity’s impact on the planet.

Why does the world need the More Trees Campaign?

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So much effort has gone into saving the environment and yet the problem persists. What we have done until now has helped but overall what we have done is not working as much as we had hoped. We worked on Einstein’s quote: the answer cannot come from the same level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place.

So the most cutting-edge idea we have found is that self-awareness is the answer.

Why trees and self-awareness?

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At MTC we maintain that the true and long-term solution to the problems of the environment cannot come by solely addressing the external environment (like planting more trees) but must also be accompanied by a change of the inner environment- the environment within us as human beings.

This inner change can be aided by a work on self-awareness which is strongly connected to developing a global vision, a vision for our own life on this planet in the time that is given to us. As our own individual self-awareness grows, the interconnectivity of us as humans and the environment goes from something fantastical or theoretical to a verified reality.

As a result, our choices change and only better choices will truly save the environment. This is why we want to support LSSA and other like-minded projects. We want to help people understand that their life is in their hands and create a better inner and outer environment through practices and group work. We are learning to work with others to reach a common aim: happiness.

What inspired you to start?

Founded in January 2020, THE MORE TREES CAMPAIGN was set up by a group of friends who met at the London School of Self-Awareness (LSSA). Recognising the world’s need during this particular period in history we set up the campaign with two objectives:

  • to raise awareness of our relationship to nature through planting trees
  • to raise the self-awareness of individuals through supporting LSSA’s activities.

What have you achieved so far?

In our first year, we aimed to plant 500 trees and raise £5,000. In March 2021 we hit these first milestones and planted 500 trees in Horsham. Through our partners, The Conservation Volunteers (where David Attenborough serves as a Vice President), we even had the very rare honour of planting 8 mature trees in the prestigious Regents Park in central London.

Where next for the More Trees Campaign?

For the 2021-22 planting season we have decided to aim higher by doing 10 times more: planting 5,000 trees and raise £50,000.

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I have been a business consultant in London for over a decade and in that time have participated in many charitable activities. The reason the More Trees Campaign is so special to me is that it addresses not just planting trees but the reason the trees were cut down in the first place: lack of […]
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