Dr. Padideh Tosti

I have been a business consultant in London for over a decade and in that time have participated in many charitable activities.

The reason the More Trees Campaign is so special to me is that it addresses not just planting trees but the reason the trees were cut down in the first place: lack of self-awareness. I know this is not an easy point to understand at first. But if you think about it, the trees did not just disappear off our planet by magic. We as a people took decisions that led to the trees being cut- each one in our own way. Even if we ignored what was going on, that is a decision too.

So all those decisions were only as good as the quality of the mind/state the person had in that moment. This quality of mind/state is determined by many factors addressed in the work of high self-awareness which the sciences are now proving through research. It is related to being more present to life, less stressed, less taken by all that is useless. The more we all strive in this direction the better it will be for all of us because self-awareness is always practical!

Dr. Padideh Tosti's Project

The More Trees Campaign is much more than trees. Our aim is to address the true cause of environmental degradation: lack of self-awareness. Through raising self-awareness we can enable people to reconnect to themselves, reconnect to nature, and truly comprehend humanity’s impact on the planet.
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