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National Coaches Day: Why it Matters and How to Get Involved

National Coaches Day, observed annually on October 6, is dedicated to celebrating the lesser-recognized heroes of the sports world - the coaches. 

The primary focus of this day isn't just to appreciate the wins and trophies but the monumental effort behind them. The efforts of coaches often remain unseen, yet they are crucial in shaping a sportsperson's career. 

“The best coach is the one who sets you up for life, not the game.”

~ Coach Snoop Doug

This day of recognition also promotes a deeper understanding and respect for the coaching profession, underlining the commitment, knowledge, and skills that form the backbone of this crucial role in sports. The day now also recognizes many other types of coaches in our communities and professions, from life coaches to highly specialized fields and professions.   

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National Coaches Day History and Background

Coach and team
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Let's walk down memory lane to October 6, 1972, an important date on the American calendar. This day was when the nation first stepped up to honor its coaches. 

Backed by a proclamation from President Richard Nixon, America acknowledged the fundamental role of coaches, both on and off the field, in nurturing the youth's spirit and character. Even in an era fraught with social and political unrest, this recognition underlined the power of sports and mentorship to unite and uplift.

Why October 6, you wonder? It’s a tip of the hat to John Heisman, an American football legend whose birthday falls on this day. 

But National Coaches Day isn't just about sports. It's a salute to all sorts of coaches and people involved in guiding our lives. Think of your yoga teacher, counselors, financial advisor, and life coach - they all deserve a shout-out on this day.

Since its inception, National Coaches Day has evolved. It’s broadened its scope, acknowledging not just sports coaches but mentors from all walks of life. Furthermore, it has started spotlighting female coaches while championing their increased representation in a largely male-dominated field3.

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Raising Awareness of the Challenges Coaches Face

Ice hockey coach
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Our National Coaches Day casts a well-deserved limelight on these often behind-the-scenes, highly qualified teachers. Coaches shape more than athletic prowess; they also mold their players' mental grit and emotional strength, whether learning the game or professional athletes.

But being a coach isn't all whistles and game plans. Long hours, high-stress environments, and the pressure to win are just a few companions of a typical coach. Add a jigsaw puzzle of strengths, weaknesses, and temperaments in managing a diverse squad. At the grassroots level, the challenge doubles as coaches grapple with limited resources and less-than-ideal facilities1.

Additionally, the mental game is just as challenging. Can you believe that 80% of coaches, according to a study by the National Association of Sports Officials, throw in the towel within the first three years? The culprits - parental pressure and sky-high expectations. 

The American Psychological Association also finds a significant 30% of coaches experience burnout, evidence of the high stress that comes part and parcel with the role.

And diversity? As the Women's Sports Foundation and The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport point out, more representation is needed. Female coaches and those from various ethnic backgrounds are grossly underrepresented. 

It's another hurdle in the journey towards better coaching and a hurdle that National Coaches Day is keen to tackle head-on.

4 Reasons National Coaches Day Matters

Coach and people in a pool.
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  • From instilling discipline to fostering teamwork and grit, coaches help shape future generations for challenges far beyond the final whistle2.
  • There's a pressing shortage of coaches. It's a stark reality that's primarily felt in underserved communities. National Coaches Day highlights this problem, nudging us to recognize and address it. The day is a plea to ensure that more young people can benefit from the guidance of a coach.
  • Like their athletes and coachees, coaches need resources to perform their best. National Coaches Day also champions bolstering our coaches' support system. More comprehensive training? Check. Well-deserved recognition? Absolutely. Fair compensation for their efforts? Definitely. It's all part of the game plan for success.
  • Whether volunteering as a coach, donating to sports programs, or simply expressing gratitude to the mentors in your life, it's your chance to join the team. The day stirs us into action, reminding us that we all have a part to play in this beautiful learning, teaching, and growing cycle.

Efforts and Initiatives Celebrating and Supporting Coaches

The International Coach Federation (ICF) marks National Coaches Day with a vibrant array of resources to sharpen the arsenals of coaches around the globe. These include webinars, dynamic workshops, and engaging conferences that ICF curates. 

Internationally, The United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) has a different battle to fight, one that involves conflict-ridden regions and war-torn communities. Their arsenal? Sports coaching. Their strategy? Foster unity and promote peace. Now, how's that for a game plan?

In Australia, the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), an initiative by the Australian Sports Commission, is changing the game. Can you envision a future where every coach can access quality education and training regardless of their level? Well, that's no longer a pipe dream. Thanks to NCAS, it is a reality that has reshaped coaching standards down under.

Finally, in the United States, a unique initiative is unfolding. A program titled "Coaching Boys Into Men" where sports coaching transcends the boundary of the field, stepping into the realm of life lessons.

Here, coaches don't just teach young athletes about the game's nuances. They talk about respect, about women, about healthy relationships. This is the power of coaching, an instrument that shapes not just athletes but also the citizens of tomorrow.

11 Ways to Recognize Coaches this October

Life coaching session
Photo by Polina Zimmerman.

This National Coaches Day, here are some simple ideas to help them feel recognized: 

  1. Arrange a community meeting in a local park or school and present "Coach of the Year" or “Best Coach” awards. These gatherings are also a great way to get to know other parents and other coaches in your local area. Of course, it's not just about winning. It's about sharing stories and bringing people together. 
  2. Pen thank-you notes highlighting a specific incident when the coach's guidance was particularly valuable.
  3. Organize a friendly match where parents or students can serve as coaches to underline their challenges and achievements.
  4. Develop a local media campaign showcasing coaches' accomplishments and their impact on community development.
  5. Sponsor a community run or walk in honor of local coaches, encouraging participants to wear their favorite team colors.
  6. Donate sports equipment to underprivileged schools or community centers in your coach's name.
  7. Prepare a wall of fame in community centers or schools to honor coaches' hard work and dedication.
  8. Arrange surprise visits from former students or team members to show the long-term impact of their coaching skills.
  9. Offer to volunteer for their practices or games, giving them a well-deserved break.
  10. Encourage local businesses to offer coaches a special discount or freebie as a token of the community's appreciation.
  11. Invite current or former coaches to a surprise party that celebrates their contributions.
  12. And don't forget that a simple thank you is often the best way of showing your appreciation.

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How to Get Involved and Celebrate

The learnings from athletic competition translate perfectly off the field and more widely when we consider all that coaches do. Fancy hitting a home run without stepping onto a field to help spread the word? Getting involved in National Coaches Day can start right on your doorstep.

Getting involved in local sporting events organized around National Coaches Day lets the coaches see that their sweat-soaked dedication to shaping tomorrow's athletes doesn't go unnoticed.

There's more to do than being a spectator. Why not volunteer at these events? Coaches often value a little support to share their load and help others achieve their best. 

National Coaches Day is an ideal time to tell the world about the positive influences of coaches in our communities. Share a memory or story on social media among your network and friends. Recall how a coach transformed your life and the important attitudes they instilled. Don't forget the hashtags! The ripple effect of your gratitude-filled post can inspire others to share their experiences or get coached themselves. 

Remember, the calendar doesn't confine your support to a single day. Consider reaching into your pocket to help organizations committed to coaching.

These charities provide resources that benefit local coaches all year round and, by proxy, the kids, teams, and players' important attitudes they support. And don’t forget a young person's life benefits when they are provided access to coaching at a ground root level where support is most needed. 


This day celebrates coaches' profound influence on athletes, their communities, and the winning tradition that drives people to compete, allowing us to acknowledge their impact. Coaches are character sculptors, instilling the values of discipline, teamwork, and resilience that can benefit coachees all their lives.

Coaches also unite communities by strengthening the bonds between players, families, and fans. They even help some find their true self and guide others to perform their very best. 

Remember the coach who significantly impacted your life or your child's life? Now is the perfect time to communicate a heartfelt thank you. 

National Coaches Day FAQs

1. What is National Coaches Day?

National Coaches Day recognizes and appreciates coaches' hard work and dedication in various sports and activities.

2. When is National Coaches Day celebrated?

National Coaches Day is celebrated annually on October 6th.

3. Why is it important to celebrate coaches?

Coaches play a crucial role in developing athletes and individuals, providing guidance, support, and mentorship. Celebrating coaches helps to acknowledge their contributions and highlight their impact on their athletes' lives.

4. How can I show my appreciation to my coach?

There are several ways to show appreciation to your coach, including writing a heartfelt thank-you note, giving a small gift or token of appreciation, or simply expressing your gratitude in person.

5. Can I celebrate coaches outside of sports?

Absolutely! While National Coaches Day originated in the context of sports coaches, it is also an excellent opportunity to recognize and appreciate coaches in other areas, such as life coaching, business coaching, or academic coaching.


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