Manon Dolet

Manon is Programme Coordinator at You Make It, a London based employability programme with a creative and inspiring approach enabling young women to access tools, networks, experiences and the confidence to transform their lives through personal empowerment. Her role as Programme Coordinator allows her pursue her passion of creating life-changing, long-term change for beneficiaries by working alongside some of the most passionate, determined, inspiring and focused charities.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanitarian Project Management and an MA in Intercultural Conflict Management and has worked in in international, national and grassroots organisations in 6 countries.

Manon Dolet's Project

You Make It empowers young, unemployed, mainly BAME women to dream big, achieve greatness and inspire others. We are unique in that we take a holistic approach to joblessness, we don’t see marginalised women as burdens that must be shoehorned into a job in order to tick them off a […]

Manon Dolet's Tweets

Moved by what you've seen on the news? Want to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people? Here are 10 practical things you can do to make a difference today
#Palestine #Gaza #SaveSheikhJarrah (1)

Looking for diverse books to bring into the classroom?

Download The (incomplete) #LitInColour Book List now!

Working with the @PenguinUKBooks, we've created a publisher agnostic list of great books by writers of colour that are suitable for primary and secondary KS2-5.

Great news as @_YouMakeIt is accepting applications for June 2021 to help young unemployed women to build their confidence, prioritise their mental health, and expand their networks so that they can transform their lives!

Click here to find out more 👇🏾

Could you spot the signs of mental ill health and support someone if they were struggling?

For #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we helped develop some interactive mental health first aid exercises with BBC News 👇

Our friends @Made_In_Hackney are recruiting a new Operations Manager! This is an amazing opportunity to work for a wonderful community cookery school making a huge different to the people of Hackney 🌱✨

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