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Amazing Women Global: Empower Women to be the Best Version of Themselves

Amazing Women Global is a coaching and training company that also showcases the stories of ordinary women doing amazing things through a bi-annual awards ceremony. It was founded by Roz Thornton in 2016.

The mission of Amazing Women Global is to empower women to be the best version of themselves and achieve success in terms of their careers, confidence, and finances. Roz's mission is also to provide services for women who are disadvantaged. So far, her biggest achievements have been the 2017 Amazing Women Awards, which attracted 140 nominations from 5 different countries and sold out 2 weeks before the event.

What support has TRVST given Amazing Women Global?

"TRVST has supported me by being there and motivating me, running a business can be lonely at times, and knowing the TRVST was always on my side was great. TRVST have also helped shape my strategy for the Amazing Women Awards and introduced me to some amazing contacts who I could potentially collaborate with."- Roz, Founder

How Successful Was A Corporate Partnership for AWG?

Tine, a pro-bono corporate consultant, was matched by TRVST with Amazing Women Global.

“As a woman in a leadership role in my company, I feel like we focus too much on women who made a career. While there are so many women out there who show great leadership & strength, we don’t celebrate them enough. That’s why I was so excited to hear about the AWG initiative Roz started and I am really happy I could contribute in what I do best: making sure people get the right message on what the event is about and get them enthusiastic to participate and support. Roz is as much an amazing woman as are the women she is celebrating, and it was an honour working with her on this. - Tine

How could a corporate partner support Amazing Women Global further?

Amazing Women Global's dream partner would be a well-known corporate brand as this would increase visibility and send a message out there that they are willing to collaborate with a small business that has a great ethos and is willing to lead on the social change agenda through their CSR. A brand that appeals to women, such as a cosmetic, fashion, or feminine products brand.

Award winners standing on steps at Amazing Women Global awards event
Photo credit: Roz Thornton
audience sitting at tables and listening at Amazing Women Global awards event
Photo credit: Roz Thorton
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