Richard Hardiman

Richard is CEO of RanMarine Technology BV, incorporated in The Netherlands and based in Rotterdam, is an environmental technology company specifically focused on using Unmanned Autonomous Vessels (UAV’s, aka drones) in ports, harbours, marinas and inland water environments. RanMarine Technology's fully autonomous drones "wastesharks" swim through the water, collecting waste and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment.

Richard Hardiman's Project

Richard Hardiman, the accidental environmentalist, speaks honestly about his entrepreneurial journey, discovering a passion for drones and plastic recycling he never dreamed of, and how the creative, entrepreneurial side lies in each of us- waiting to be unleashed. RanMarine Technology B.V. has just launched Waste Shark, their first product. These fully autonomous drones swim through the […]

Richard Hardiman's Tweets

We’re opening a new office in Miami, Florida and looking for a Regional Sales Manager to join our team.

Be part of the solution to plastic waste in water and send us your CV.

#team #environment #wasteshark #sales #ranmarineusa @GMarine_AVerte

All hands on deck for CES 2023!!!!

The #WasteShark has been packed and shipped to Las Vegas ready for opening date, 5th January 2023.

We have various products to show and hope to see you there.

#ports #wasteshark #marinas #ranmarine #greenermarinas #maritime

Be part of a team that is contributing to the environment in a positive manner with our sharks.

There are two new exciting opportunities opening up, take a look!

• Software Development

• Marketing Manager

@RanMarineTech CONFIRM THEIR PARTICIPATION as EXHIBITOR AT Waste Management Europe 2023: 18th - 20th April 2023 Bergamo, Italy!
@RanMarineTech CONFERMA LA SUA PARTECIPAZIONE a Waste Management Europe 2023: Bergamo 18 - 20 Aprile 2023!

World Pollution Prevention Day is observed on the 2nd December to show concern about rising pollution. Pollution has adverse effects on almost everything for eg. our food, our surroundings, our health(both mental and physical).

#ports, #wasteshark #pollution #marinas

"Take a look at our different sharks which are easy to operate and provide various ways to restore your waterways. Waste in our waterways is obtrusive and has long lasting effects. Our sharks take care of the problem in an environmental friendly way.

#wasteshark #ports #marinas

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