Richard Hardiman

Richard is CEO of RanMarine Technology BV, incorporated in The Netherlands and based in Rotterdam, is an environmental technology company specifically focused on using Unmanned Autonomous Vessels (UAV’s, aka drones) in ports, harbours, marinas and inland water environments. RanMarine Technology's fully autonomous drones "wastesharks" swim through the water, collecting waste and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment.

Richard Hardiman's Project

Richard Hardiman, the accidental environmentalist, speaks honestly about his entrepreneurial journey, discovering a passion for drones and plastic recycling he never dreamed of, and how the creative, entrepreneurial side lies in each of us- waiting to be unleashed. RanMarine Technology B.V. has just launched Waste Shark, their first product. These fully autonomous drones swim through the […]

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Clearing waste out of waterways does not mean the water is clean and safe. Understanding this problem, we equip each drone with a variety of water health quality sensors probes. 4

While we have all been taught to use sunscreen as a way to protect ourselves from skin cancer, we are only starting to understand how harmful the chemicals are to the oceans.

Read our blog to find out which chemicals are harmful (LINK:

World Nature Conservation Day is an annual event held on July 28. This day stresses the need for preserving a healthy environment and natural resources to maintain a stable and healthy society.

National Marine Week from 24 July - 7 Aug National Marine Week runs from 23 July to 7 August and was organized to motivate people to better understand and care for the ocean.

#wasteshark #nationalmarineweek

WasteShark: Attacking Pollution As the conversations about climate change continue, this special-edition episode of our #podcast features Richard Hardiman of @RanMarineTech --with award-winning technology he invented for #sustainability!

Dolphins and whales belong to the class of mammals. But for two hundred years, these wonderful mammals were mercilessly destroyed, and their meat was sold. It was only in 1986 that a ban on whale fishing was adopted. On this day, we celebrate the World Day of Whales and Dolphins.

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