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Noelle Pisacano is a Villanova University, Philadelphia, USA, graduate with a Bachelor of Science and a double major. She is  a passionate scientist, environmentalist and blogger on all things plastic-free. Noelle will be studying at Imperial College London, UK for a Masters of  Molecular Medicine and for a PhD. She sees her future as a biomedical researcher and medical writer.

She says "My parents have always tried to make me mindful of sustainable living (reusable products, water usage, etc.) since I was a little kid. Being a scuba diver, hiker, and a woman in STEM, I am now even more aware of the impact plastic/waste has on our planet, especially seeing it firsthand in the outdoors. "

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Plastic PollutionPlastic Pollution
Have we opened Pandora’s Box in terms of plastics? Can we close it again? Is plastic-free living possible? Noelle Pisacano offers us a glimpse into her new blog, her childhood inspiration and how an insulated, reusable lunchbox and pasta e fajioli can change the world.
Plastic PollutionPlastic Pollution
When you’re dreaming about your travel plans, you’re probably thinking of the delicious food you’re going to eat, the sights you’re going to see, and the relaxing getaway you’re about to take to a beautiful place in the world. Chances are you’re not thinking of what you will be leaving behind. Is plastic free travel […]

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