Martha Silcott

Martha Silcott is founder of FabLittleBag, a biodegradable bag as an alternative for flushing tampons and pads.


Frustration inspired me - I hated the fact that used tampons, pads, applicators etc found their way onto our beaches, I also hated the process of wrapping them up in reams of loo roll ( loo roll is not free BTW, it happens to grow on trees!) or having to smuggle them in this loo roll wad in my handbag….

I wanted a relaxed, calm confident way to dispose of my used products. It made me angry that lots of women and girls were feeling such negative feelings and embarrassment each month due to a perfectly natural process just because no-one had bothered to address disposal properly. “

Martha Silcott's Project

FabLittleBag aims to reduce aquatic pollution by providing a feel-good alternative to flushing tampons and pads – with the help of a FabLittleBag! The mission is to a) help to keep used sanitary items out of the rivers, seas and off our beaches and b) to make sanitary disposal a feel good, confident experience. Also, […]

Martha Silcott's Tweets

We are excited & delighted that the Fab Folks @WiltsCricket Have invested in all their clubs to ensure that women & girls have easy access to free period products &can change and dispose of them with confidence and ease with @FabLittleBag in all the cubicles🙌 support👏🩸🏏🏏🏏

So happy to et conversation flowing on @BBCWomansHour on Friday - hadn't quite expected a video to appear 😆- Talking all things Flushing and Binning of period products - thank you to @itsanitarani for being such a fab host and to @NotRollergirl for fab input! Keep talking🥰

Today was a first! Was on @BBCRadio4 Woman’s Hour with @itsanitarani and she asked the key @FabLittleBag qu: Are you a Binner or A Flusher ?! Promoted by research just out from @phsgroup on this exact subject! Have a listen here let us know !!

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