Martha Silcott

Martha Silcott is founder of FabLittleBag, a biodegradable bag as an alternative for flushing tampons and pads.


Frustration inspired me - I hated the fact that used tampons, pads, applicators etc found their way onto our beaches, I also hated the process of wrapping them up in reams of loo roll ( loo roll is not free BTW, it happens to grow on trees!) or having to smuggle them in this loo roll wad in my handbag….

I wanted a relaxed, calm confident way to dispose of my used products. It made me angry that lots of women and girls were feeling such negative feelings and embarrassment each month due to a perfectly natural process just because no-one had bothered to address disposal properly. “

Martha Silcott's Project

FabLittleBag aims to reduce aquatic pollution by providing a feel-good alternative to flushing tampons and pads – with the help of a FabLittleBag! The mission is to a) help to keep used sanitary items out of the rivers, seas and off our beaches and b) to make sanitary disposal a feel good, confident experience. Also, […]

Martha Silcott's Tweets

So tonight at an event at @Mishcon_de_Reya this happened ! Always admired, respected @clarebalding and she is just as fabulous as you think she is in real life - of course we met in the toilets 🚽 😂!! She knew all about the lack of facilities for women & girls in sports.

Once again a female leader in sport is making the difference to female needs. Let’s make 2023 the year of positive change where ALL clubs have period products available and provide responsible disposal ensuring confidence and growth in participation 🤞😊

Maybe staying in the Love Island villa isn't as glamorous as it seems to be, as a Love Island worker revealed the villa is usually an ‘absolute tip’ 🤧❤️🌴

So proud to be partnering to ensure that girls everywhere can easily access period products when needed and coaches can be their allies here. #Tampons, #pads from @fredaspeaks + easy discreet disposal all in our @FabLittleBag Coaches Bags #perfect let’s keep girls in #cricket

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