Ismael Essome Ebone

Ismael Essome has over 5 years of experience in Environment Management and Recycling. Currently, Ismael is The founder President of Madiba & Nature, a non-profit organisation that addresses the issue of pollution. He is the genius behind the plastic boat commonly known as “ECOBOAT” that promotes the circular economy and ecotourism in Kribi and reduces plastic pollution through utilising recycled plastic bottles. He's also involved in a program of environmental education with schools and universities in Cameroon.

Ismael holds an engineering degree in environment management, and a Rutgers Sustainability Leadership Certification in Decision Making for Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chains. Ismael is committed to addressing the issue of plastic pollution while supporting the fishing community in need in Cameroon.

Ismael is a Mandela Washington Fellows Alumni and a UN 2018 Cleansea AWARD winner at the International Marine litter Conference of San Diego; He is also a One Young World Ambassador.

Ismael Essome Ebone's Project

Describe Ecoboats for Fishermen - what makes your project unique? Madiba & Nature has launched its program to involve fishermen in the sustainable management of coastal fisheries through community mobilization around the recycling of marine plastic waste since 2017. The organization focuses its program around three major projects in order to have a significant impact […]

Ismael Essome Ebone's Tweets

l'horreur continue à faire son chemin en Afrique
et les multinationales et leurs pseudo partenaires soit disant engagés se ventent de réduire la pollution par le recyclage! #greenwashing
j'en vois pour preuve mon pays chaque année des campagnes dites coup de poing sans resultat

Every year, ocean levels rise and high tides flood the low-lying areas, destroying homes and disrupting livelihoods. In a stirring poem and talk, a youth climate warrior explains why adaptation using Indigenous solutions is the only choice... Learn more:

A l'ombre de la ville.
un village de pêcheur #copongo dans la réserve de faune Douala-Edea menacé par la pollution plastique et les changements climatiques.
#Resilience #developpementdurable
learn more

Congratulations to the 22 Cameroonians who will participate in the #YALI2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship and the Alumni Enrichment Institute programs.
Learn more here:
@YALINetwork @StateDept @WashFellowship @MWFCameroon #MandelaFellows

Are you looking for creative ways to recycle your plastic? #ClimateHero Roni Kanouo takes abandoned plastic water bottles and turns them into boats!
#YALINetwork members in Cameroon can participate in this initiative by volunteering w/@Madiba20161 #YALI4OurFuture @USEmbYaounde

Heureux de recevoir cette semaines nos deux stagiaires de l'université Américaine @Middlebury pour une visite au bureaux de Douala.
C'est un plaisir de collaborer avec ces étudiantes passionnés de la protection de la nature et surtout de pouvoir leurs accompagner dans leur cursus

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