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Interview: Angela Haseltine Pozzi, CEO & Artist, ReUPit: Less Waste. More Art.

Angela Haseltine Pozzi
Angela Haseltine Pozzi

1. What was the idea/inspiration behind creating ReUPit?

ReUPit: Less Waste. More Art., was created to go upstream and stop consumer waste from reaching waterways and the sea.  After turning over 40 tons of marine debris into over 85 works of art with Washed Ashore, I was tired of only using what had already been polluting the ocean. 

I want to stop the waste before it gets to sea and start using discarded items in innovative ways that can attract attention to our overconsumption and careless waste of resources. I also want to educate the public about the connection between plastic usage and climate change.

More info on the ReUpit Website

2.  Tell us about your Organization’s initiatives and art exhibits to educate a global audience about plastic pollution in the ocean and waterways and spark positive changes in consumer habits.

Litterella and the Nature Beast
Litterella and the Nature Beast, 2022  “Plastics dominating nature”

I have started a series of mixed media sculptures on my own addressing plastics and climate change issues. Litterella and the Nature Beast and the Fossil Fuel Monster are part of a larger narrative about how we need to reject Fossil fuels and seek sustainable alternatives.

I also am starting a whole line of jewelry of repurposed materials and marine debris. (as seen in my portrait)

Our organization has begun on two commissioned art pieces connecting plastics to watersheds and waterways.  One is a large, “Fresh Water Lakes and Ponds” eco-system sculpture we are creating for Norfolk Botanical Gardens, all made from post-consumer plastics. 

Another is for an environmental organization in Virginia.  We are currently also working on a Giant Dragon sculpture to be placed along highway 101 in Bandon, Oregon, which will be created from discarded car parts heading to landfills.  This sculpture will also speak to the energy usage of cars and educate travelers along the highway.

3.  Does your organization collaborate with Museums, Zoos, Botanical Gardens, Universities, the United Nations, and Climate Heritage Network?

Discarded and recovered plastics become a work of Art

ReUPit cares about teaching resourcefulness and conservation to a wide variety of people and will work with many types of organizations. However, my future artwork will be scaled back as I work more with my daughter, Nicola Bianca Pozzi to produce sustainable eco-friendly merchandise.

Personally, I will continue to take on small commissions, jewelry, educational workshops, and public speaking rather than creating full exhibits.

4.  International Council of Museum’s (ICOM) 2022 theme is "Power of Museums.”  ICOM is a member of the Climate Heritage Network (as I am as well). Tell us more about the role of art in educating the public concerning our environment.

Petro the Fossil Fuel Monster
Petro the Fossil Fuel Monster, Made with post consumer waste, tires, and car parts, as well as gasoline nozzles.
Angela Haseltine Pozzi, 2022

I firmly believe that the arts are a powerful language that reaches inside people’s hearts and minds and stirs them to change their behaviors.  

I have seen how the Washed Ashore art exhibits truly changed people and sparked them into action.  I worked long and hard to make the giant marine debris animals look people in the face and touch their hearts.  Facts and figures often leave people numb and depressed rather than inspired.  Imagination, as well as innovative thinking, can create positive change. The arts are an essential language to hope. 

5.  The UN agreed to create a 'historic' global treaty on plastic trash; what are your thoughts about this?

I was overjoyed!  This is a huge step in the right direction and gives everyone a chance to start making changes now.

6.  How are you celebrating Plastic Free July this year?

Eating greens from the garden, shopping at farmers markets with my own bags, being aware of plastic packaging, and not selecting it to take home. Buying local without packaging!

7.  How can people get involved with your Organization?

We will begin free workshops at the end of August for people visiting the Southern Oregon Coast.

Volunteers will be able to help us stitch together parts of our giant dragon, become part of a huge community project, and show how everyone working together can make amazing huge things happen!

Stay tuned to our website to see how you can get involved in our projects as well as
purchase our beautifully designed eco-friendly, sustainably printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, re-usable bags, and more, all designed by artist Nicola Bianca Pozzi.

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Angela Haseltine Pozzi
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