Angela Haseltine Pozzi

Angela Haseltine Pozzi is founder of Washed Ashore, a travelling exhibit of artworks made from recycled plastics. She is the Executive Director at Artula Institute for Arts and Environmental Education.

In 2010, Angela found her life’s calling; to make art to save the sea. Rallying her small community of Bandon, Oregon she inspired them with her creative problem-solving, and the non-profit Washed Ashore was born. After her husband and fellow artist and educator, Craig Pozzi, died in 2002, Angela headed back to the ocean  looking for meaning in life, but what she found was an ocean that needed healing. The educator in her kicked into gear. Marine debris was choking the oceans worldwide and affecting the environments and sea creatures she had always loved.

Today over 10,000 volunteers have helped clean beaches and worked with Washed Ashore to process over 20 tons of debris into over 70 sculptures of the animals affected by plastic pollution. These sculptures now tour as the “Washed Ashore Project” traveling exhibits.

Here’s a recent video of an exhibition for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC

“Until we run out of plastic on the beach, we will keep doing our work.”

Angela Haseltine Pozzi's Articles

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