Roll on 2019

Dear Readers

Welcome to 2019 and wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year. I think we can still say that on 30th of January!

With the new year we find ourselves at TRVST towers full of energy and excitement about what the next 12 months have in store as we roll out our plans. Before we get into that, here are a few highlights from 2018 where we worked with a whole handful of innovative and exciting social impact projects and the inspiring and passionate change makers behind them. We drew on our network, introductions and a bit of serendipity to match support to help:

  • Inside Out and the tenacious, effervescent Rob Stephenson launch a People’s List of business leaders sharing their stories and experiences with mental health to stamp out stigma, while raising awareness through events and various cycling campaigns.
  • Alex McCallion at Greater Change with a leg up along his way to crowdfunding his innovative donations platform that enables cashless giving to help the homeless.
  • Victoria Ijeh at Iconic Steps connect with mentorship and marketing support to aid her amazing social enterprise working with young people facing adversity through training and upskilling in video production.
  • Harry Long at Gesture build and get ready to launch a platform solution for giving back. Look out for Gesture around the Bristol and Bath area very soon.
  • Roz Thornton at Amazing Women Global with marketing and branding mentorship to obtain sponsorship and accelerate her journey to celebrate more amazing women and their achievements through an annual awards ceremony.
  • The incredible team at Ahead initiative launch in London, supporting a showcase of their work providing a creative outlet for those affected by addiction and mental health through art and photography.

There’s more over in our Change Makers section where we now feature over 60 amazing people creating change with innovative projects, inspiring more people to act, and it’s growing every week. Huge thanks go out to those that have joined us.

Meanwhile on Twitter we’ve been busy curating stories and insights from the broader world of social impact and couldn’t be more thrilled to have grown to over 25K followers. Big thanks goes out to each and every one of you!

Back at base we rebranded (for those that have been following for a while we used to be called Oxygen), cracked an economic model for scalable change, held a bunch of events, including considering the future of rebellion with young people and bringing our theory of change to life across our London hometown and as far afield as Bali. We’ve also been busy engaging with dozens of corporations, stakeholders and funders looking towards innovative approaches to scale social change.

Phew! And the best bit about all this is that it’s just the beginning.

Today we’re a small team of volunteers, committed citizens and various pro bono contributors bootstrapping what we truly believe is the future of change: empowering real people to act for good by linking in the resources, support and tools to do more of the same. We’ve stars in our eyes and the passion and tenacity to ensure 2019 is bigger and better.

Our plans include:

  • Behind the scenes, we’re busy building out the next phase of our online platform, to start with better promoting the people and projects that matter — where action is a feature and inspiration.
  • A bit later (read “as fast as we can”) we’re going to develop what we strongly believe will be a market-changing suite of rich features, marketplaces of support and the accompanying economics to make TRVST a rewarding place full of high value impact exchanges that scale. Add in some clever applications of AI and Blockchain (done right and for good) and it gets even more exciting.
  • All the while growing our crowd and linking in stakeholders that realise and recognise that technology and data, used well, can be a huge force for good.
  • Ultimately developing innovative and technology-led ways to scale the impact that we can achieve together.

We can’t and don’t want to do this alone! If you like the cut of our jib (slang: like what we’re doing ;-)) and have a bit of time and a passion for co-creating a better future, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s a few ways you can help and get involved:

  • Are you a wordsmith? A talented writer of engaging, unique content with a passion and interest for social impact? We’re looking for fantastic writers to share inspiring stories and content to motivate and encourage a new generation of changemakers.
  • Already working on a project? If it’s based around involving and encouraging people to act for change it might well be something we’d love to feature, please do tell us more! (a little caveat in advance, we can’t (sadly) feature every project and if you’re unsure about the fit please do get in touch to find out more)
  • Found something interesting that would benefit our growing global audience of people passionate about better change? Statistics, articles and quotes are all fuel to our virtual fire, please do share.
  • Time short? Give us a follow or like over on twitter, facebook or instagram.
  • Interested in helping out financially at all, either investing or donating? Whereas we don’t want to be overtly cap in hand, we’re also keen to talk to philanthropically minded people with an interest in new and more digitally enabled ways to co-create change. We’re able to achieve a lot with passion and hard work. All the same there’s a chunk of our plans that require funds to progress and we’d REALLY love to hear from you so we can tell you more.

If any of the above grabs you please do just click over here to get in touch. Together we are stronger. In people we TRVST.

Meanwhile stay tuned for more, we’re super excited about what will be and can’t wait to realise our plans and share them with you as they get closer to being real.

Happy 2019!

Lots of love,


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