Tilesh Patel

Tilesh is TRVSTs Chief Financial Officer. His first link into TRVST was speaking at one of our early events, sharing insight into financing journeys of growth and his instrumental role in helping Virgin become one of the mightiest brands in the world.

Alongside his role advising TRVST, Tilesh is founder and CEO of The SME Clinic, which delivers visionary business solutions to pioneering entrepreneurs and small-medium size enterprises (SMEs). Tilesh’s work inspires disruptive challengers to create the next generation of internationally recognised brands.

He specialises in strategy evaluation and execution, financial/operational risk management and corporate governance. He brings to TRVST a strong background in corporate finance earnt over a illustrious career working with large UK plcs. He was previously CFO at Virgin Group and has held senior finance roles at Verizon, PwC, and Aviva.

Tilesh is a believer in the good that business can do in the world and the power of people to achieve great things. Working with TRVST he is passionate about the opportunity to leverage new financial models to create sustainable and positive change. With a want to help ensure that we leave the world in a better place, he backs TRVST to be a game changing movement for good.