Kerstin Van Eckert

Kerstin is passionate about people and our planet, and believes that putting both at the heart of business delivers results that are far greater than the sum of the parts. Kerstin drives positive change, high-performance organisational change and unblocks success. She works with social enterprises, start-ups and scale ups to help achieve sustainable growth.

Kerstin has been advising TRVST throughout the development of its theory of change, bring to bear her passion for systemic change coupled with scalable business. A doer as much as a thinker she has also helped progress a number of TRVST supported projects.

Kerstin co-heads GPi, a boutique business transformation consultancy firm specialising in Permaculture Principles and Circular Economy tools. She co-developed the  business diagnostic and culture assessment tool, the Pathfinder.

Kerstin co-heads the RSA Conscious Living Network, is a member of the RSA Mindfulness Steering Committee and a key part of the 6Heads sustainability and innovation community.