Adah Parris

Adah Parris above all else believes in the power of human potential and that we need to put people at the heart of our future, to help them find the freedom of personal expression, cultural freedom, economic freedom, and social freedom.

She believes that we need to create a society motivated by the growth of human connection, community and sustainability, rather than just capital.

Adah has developed The Four Freedoms® as a framework in order to create ethical cultures of innovation, that are systemic across institutions. Adah believes that by turning those that ‘do’ the innovating into philosophers of life, society, and humanity, you automatically create a more humane future.

Adah’s experience spans industries, from creating and nurturing new educational learning models and structures, to changing the cultural behaviour of large organisations using a humanity-centred design approach for creative problem solving. As someone who is fascinated by people, patterns and stories Adah has over 20 years experience in creating transformational change and human-centred immersive ecosystems.

She has worked with businesses and individuals in marketing, advertising, media, entrepreneurship, technology start-ups, and education. Her clients have included The British Council, Sainsbury’s, Ogilvy Labs, Innovate Finance, The EU Council, the British Film Institute (BFI), Wayra UK, The Friday Club, and ArabNet Dubai to name a few.

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