4 Hemp Tote Bags For Reusable Eco-Friendly Shops

Tote bags are an excellent choice for carrying everyday essentials and replacing single-use plastic bags essential for grocery shops. It’s easy to identify a tote bag with its long double handles and open storage space. If you’re looking for some of the best durable and eco-friendly totes, you should consider hemp tote bags. Apart from the multiple-use nature of totes, hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics. 

These days, tote bags come in various styles and designs, typically made of strong material, making them durable. Furthermore, with each reuse and one less plastic bag, they prove better for the environment. 

Hemp Fabric and the Tote Bag

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Hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable options. Hemp fabric comes from fibers from the stems of the Cannabis Sativa plant. The process of growing and cultivating it has minimal impact on the environment. As a result, hemp products have a low environmental impact. 

Hemp is a fast-growing plant that requires no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and minimal water. You contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world when you choose these products, from hemp backpacks to hemp clothing and even comfy hemp socks.

People use their totes as their school, office, or grocery bag. You can also make hemp bags a go-to when you’re out and about. With a fusion of one of the most sustainable fabrics and multiple uses, hemp tote bags make for excellent and practical eco-friendly accessories. Unlike the regular cotton tote, a hemp tote is less water-intensive and generally has less environmental impact. 

4 Hemp Tote Bags

Check out our top picks for hemp tote bags below. They can serve as your grocery bag, beach day bag, school bag, or something to carry along when shopping. 

1. Hempnath Eco-Friendly Hemp Tote Bag

Hempnath Eco-Friendly Hemp Tote Bag
Photo Credit: Hempnath

This multipurpose hemp bag from Hempnath is made of pure hemp and cotton from the Himalayas, Nepal. The outer fabric is made of hemp, while they make the inner material from cotton, and the inner lining is from reused PVC. 

This bag is ideal for market visits and grocery shopping. By incorporating an inner lining, the brand provides a bag that’s eco-friendly and durable. It comes in the dimensions 36cm x 34cm x 5cm with a strap handle that’s 28cm long. 

Although this tote has a main compartment like most bags, it also comes with an inner pocket. You can store small items like your keys, mints, and coins within this pocket. It comes in five colors: white, blue, mustard, coral, and forest green. 

Overall, the bag is stylish, functional, and sustainable. This tote perfectly ties into Hempnath’s commitment to creating socially and environmentally friendly items. This eco-conscious brand not only stocks sustainable pieces but also ethically sources its items.

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2. Urbane Luggage Hemp Tote

Urbane Luggage Hemp Tote
Photo Credit: Urbane Luggage

Looking for a tote bag designed for comfort? Look no further as Urbane Luggage created this tote with comfort in mind. Many tote bags come with light straps causing your shoulders to hurt after a while, which you might relate to if you tend to carry heavy items in your bag. 

Gone are the days when all tote bags came in the traditional design of a single compartment and light straps. With this bag’s padded shoulder straps, you no longer have to worry about shoulder discomfort. This hemp tote also has an inner zip pocket and key ring hook within the main compartment. 

This bag is perfect for school. It’s large, comfortable to carry around, and has an extra pocket to store small items. Urbane Luggage uses hemp herringbone for the outer surface and recycled hemp polyester lining for the inner lining. The brand makes each product ethically in Los Angeles and custom dyes in the same city. You can get it in three colors: WarmSand, GreenRooted, and PurpleAsh.

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3. Hemp Go Green 100% Hemp Canvas Tote Bag

Hemp Go Green 100% Hemp Canvas Tote Bag
Photo Credit: Hemp Go Green

Looking for a versatile heavy-duty everyday tote? This bag from Hemp Go Green is the ideal solution. The brand uses thick and luxurious hemp canvas fabric to craft each product. Not only is it the perfect sustainable go-to, but it also serves heavy-duty needs. So, if you’re someone that usually has a lot to carry around, this tote will serve you well. 

Hemp Go Green designed its hemp tote to last as long as a lifetime. For this reason, you can fill it up as you please. One of the best features is its all-metal zipper which helps prevent your items from falling out of the bag. Additionally, you’ll see two inner zipper pockets where you can store small items. The metal D rings on the outer surface and inner part provides options to help you easily clip items like keys. 

Overall, this bag is sturdy, durable, versatile, and has intentional features. 

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4. Lotus Line Handmade Tote Bag

Lotus Line Handmade Tote Bag
Photo Credit: Lotus Line

This simple tote bag is ideal for people who like a little more pattern and color on their bags. Its outer zipper pocket is the focal point of this bag. This sewn-on pocket comes in cool-colored stripes that rest against the pink color of the main bag. 

These bags are versatile but are generally great for a casual day out. Each bag is handmade and comes in hemp fabric. When shopping for light items, you can take your bag with you to a concert or festival, or the beach. Stash some zero-waste sunscreen for hot days and a collapsible water bottle, and you’re good to go. 

You can also use it to store essentials while you’re out at the cafe or anywhere else. The vibrant colors make this tote stand out, and you can machine wash it at low temperatures.

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Your Next Go-To Sustainable Bags

Hemp tote bags serve as sustainable additions to your bag collection. They have a low environmental impact, come in stylish variants, and suit your durability needs. 

The great thing about owning a tote bag is that it can serve multiple functions. You’ll find options from heavy-duty ones to simple and casual styles for everyday use. With a hemp tote specifically, you’re sure your item has a minimal environmental footprint.

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