Jordyn de Boer and Tania Potts

In 2013, Tania and Jordyn started a conversation about plastic… how it was overflowing landfills, floating in the oceans, strangling marine life and causing all sorts of trouble. So what could they do about it?

The answer stared them in the face.  From the one million plastic bags being used every minute, the 10.46 million of tonnes of fabric waste created each year, and the willingness and generosity of other people from all fabrics of society do something about it.  So, they created a platform to support the diversion of post-consumer material (waste) into reusable bags to replace plastic bags and most importantly, start conversations.

The initiative spread like wildfire, and is now in over 900 communities worldwide.  Hundreds of thousands of plastic bags have been saved from landfill, and behaviour change went way beyond the bag to other single-use plastics and sustainable living.  Not to mention the immeasurable social impact of the conversations, connections and new friendships created in the process!

Perhaps, it’s not about the plastic bag at all.

Jordyn de Boer and Tania Potts's Project

How do you tackle plastic pollution, material waste and social isolation in one fell swoop?  That's a problem that Jordyn de Boer and Tania Potts are helping to solve with Boomerang Bags, fuelled by a burning desire to tackle plastic pollution at its source.
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