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22 Best Zero Waste Stores for Plastic & Packaging Free Goods

On average, a single individual will produce about 4.38 pounds of landfill-bound trash every single day, according to the EPA. A family of 4 will put out more than 17 pounds of waste, a significant contribution to municipal solid waste (MSW). Reducing landfill-bound trash to the minimum requires us to live a package-free, plastic-free, and waste-free life. Thankfully, you’ll find our selection of zero waste stores is here to help.

Zero Waste Stores Are Catching on Fast

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Living waste-free means reducing the impact of your activities on the environment by creating little or no waste. Champions of a low waste lifestyle note the systematic approach required to reduce our consumerism of needless packaging and unsustainable products. We can use one to eliminate wasteful practices, set up reuse systems, and recycle and compost to maximize the highest and most eco-friendly use of resources2. In improving the system, we can then reinvest these resources into the local economy to create more income, wealth, and jobs.

Adopting a zero-waste lifestyle can be a daunting task at first. Once you start to make small lifestyle changes, it will have a big impact on you, and you will find yourself choosing sustainable living.

Zero waste means different thing to different people

Being zero waste looks different to everyone. And everyone has a different definition of what zero waste should be and various tips to live sustainably1.

For some living zero waste means creating so little trash that it can fit a year's worth into small containers. While for others, it means striving towards no non-degradable consumption. Zero-waste consumers live a lifestyle that aims to minimize waste, maximize recycling and avoid excessive consumption. They prefer products that they can reuse, recycle or repair. To meet this growing trend, zero waste online stores are reshaping their offers to suit the increasing demand from more environmentally friendly and eco-minded shoppers.

22 Best Zero Waste Online Stores

Choosing plastic-free shipping, package-free lifestyle avoids the environmental costs of manufacturing and disposing of single-use plastic packaging while choosing more sustainable goods. That's one of the many reasons why it's attractive to people.

While the eco-friendly movement is growing, zero waste physical shops are few and far between. Those without bricks and mortar zero waste shops around their area can, needless to say, still benefit from our selection of the best zero waste online shops. Shopping zero waste with a click or three has never been this easy. And there has never been this much choice.

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1. EcoRoots

Eco Roots Zero Waste Store

What stocks EcoRoots zero waste virtual shelves?

This zero-waste shop sells a wide range of sustainable and ethically sourced items. You can find personal care items free from palm oil, plastic, SLS, and animal byproducts. You’ll find here all the essential products you need to start out and truly zero waste and cut down on all that nasty plastic waste. EcoRoots is an excellent resource for individuals who are new to the sustainable living lifestyle.

EcoRoots stock many reusable beauty products, 100% plastic-free shampoos and conditioner bars, and other compostable personal care products. They use plastic-free shipping to ship your orders and use recycled and reused biodegradable materials to package your product.

Founded in Aspen, Colorado, this company first started as an eco-conscious and minimalist brand seeking to educate people on why they need to reduce their less eco-friendly shopping activities and the impact these activities have on the environment. EcoRoots donates 1% of its profits to the Ocean Conservancy to help fund plastic removal in the ocean.


2. Smiles Boutique Sustainable Living Store

Smiles Boutiques Zero Waste Store

Photo Credit: Smiles Boutiques (on Etsy)

This store started as a small business in Toronto and set out to provide its customers with long-lasting and reusable biodegradable products.  It sells reusable organic mesh bags made from 100% organic cotton, bamboo pot scrubbers, and natural loofah kitchen sponges. Its products are eco friendly and crafted to have the finest quality. Shipping of your orders come in plastic-free packaging.


3. Earth Hero

Earth Hero Zero Waste Lunch Kit | Zero Waste Store

Pictured: Earth Hero Zero Waste Lunch Kit. Credit: Earth Hero

What products can you find at Earth Hero’s zero waste store?

Earth Hero is a zero-waste store that sells and ships a wide variety of carefully selected sustainable products. Their zero-waste products include personal care products, beauty products, cleaning supplies, storage, utensils, and other essentials. You can shop for sustainable gifts or a wide variety of vegan choices to treat your loved ones. This store is based in Colorado and aims to ensure that shopping responsibly is second nature to all its clients.

Earth Hero is home to over 150 sustainable living brands that sell a wide range of sustainable products that also include clothing, tech, kitchen, and even travel.

Earth Hero’s Eco-Creds

EarthHero partners with CarbonFund to offset the carbon emitted through the transportation and shipping of their products. It is a registered B-Corp and a member of 1% for the planet.

Shipping uses reusable boxes of high post-consumer recycled paper. This packing box is void of dyes and glue.


4. FreewheelinMarket

Freewheelin Market Beeswax Wraps

Pictured: Beeswax Wraps. Credit: FreewheelinMarket (on Etsy)

5 Star Rated Zero Waste Store on Etsy

Located in Ohio, FreewheelinMarket has a variety of carefully curated eco-friendly and zero waste products that are cruelty-free and designed with the environment in mind.

This is an online store on Etsy that sells low waste essentials like beeswax products, garden gifts, deodorants, and other personal care products that are paraben-free and non-toxic. The shipping process for products on FreeWheelinMarket involves packaging the items using a biodegradable and eco-clear bag to keep the wraps nice and clean. This store is suitable for individuals who are new to sustainable living and a plastic and waste-free lifestyle.



No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block | Zero Waste Store

Pictured: Vegan Dish Block (on Etsy) Photo Credit: No Tox Life

Zero Waste & Vegan Product for Bath, Body, and Home

At No Tox Life, a US-based zero-waste store, you can shop a range of zero waste essentials. From dish soap and cleaning products through ungendered bath and beauty products. All vegan and cruelty-free.

They also stock a range of other unique zero waste gift options for your loved ones.

Who’s behind the No Tox Life Zero Waste Store?

Founded by a mother/daughter power duo, this store is based in L.A., where they make all their products while ensuring that its activities are not harmful to the environment. They ship using recycled materials, biodegradable paper envelopes, and cornstarch packing peanuts.

No Tox Life supports charitable giving. They currently organize neighborhood trash pickups, fund their employees’ membership with Youth Climate Strike, and donate soap to two different nonprofits that provide showers for the local homeless populations. All centered around their belief in a plastic-free world.


Online zero-waste stores for cosmetics

Looking for brands and products? Check out our Zero Waste Makeup Guide

6. Clean-Faced Cosmetics

Clean Faced Cosmetics Zero Waste Palette

Pictured: Zero Waste Cosmetic Palette (on Etsy). Photo Credit: Clean-Faced Cosmetics

Vegan and Zero Waste Online Cosmetics

This Etsy zero-waste store makes shopping for eco-friendly makeup easy. Their earth-friendly cosmetics like mascara, tinted lip balm, eyeshadow, primer powders, foundation powders, and other makeup essentials come in reusable metal tins. Clean-Faced Cosmetics, which is founded and managed by Laura, is based in Michigan. Laura started this company with the hopes of serving the world with cruelty-free and organic makeup items made from zero-waste resources. Shipping all products involve packaging them using biodegradable or reusable materials, and they even print their shipping labels on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink.


7. BeeYou Organics

Bee You Organics Lavender Rose Bath Salts

Photo Lavender Rose Bath Salts. Credit: Bee You Organics (on Etsy)

Zero Waste And Vegan

BeeYou Organics is an Etsy shop that specializes in 100% organic, eco-friendly makeup products. Its products range widely from sun-protective creams, face powders, mineral eyeshadows, eyeliner to mascara.

Handmade Organic and Zero Waste

Located in the Pacific Northwest, BeeYou has kept the environment clean by adopting renewable energy sources and making products that are 100% cruelty-free and palm oil-free. You’ll find different options for packaging materials, which include tin, glass, or paperboard for all their lines. You can also return the plastic-free used containers for recycling and reuse. The shipping process involves sending their packages to any part of the world in bags that can be recycled and compostable.


8. Nudi Goods

Nudi Back to Earth Starter

Photo: Back to Earth Starter. Credit: Nudi (on Etsy)

Plastic Free and Zero Waste for home and Body

Founded in 2017, Nudi Goods is a new zero-waste store whose first productions started in a Marin Headlands cabin on a marine mammal research voyage. Its founder, Jaime Boddorff, worked at a wildlife hospital and ocean conservation non-profit when she started developing the products. Nudi Goods’ mission is to supply sustainable and eco-friendly products to any part of the world using no plastic, in packaging, or shipping. It produces lip balms, mascara, highlighter sticks, brow taming wax, and other products. Nudi products are non-toxic, palm-oil free and cruelty-free.


9. The Refill Shoppe

The Refill Shoppe

Photo Credit: The Refill Shoppe

Award-Winning “Best Eco-Friendly Store”

This is a zero-waste online shop specializing in eco-friendly vegan refillable bath/beauty products, essential oils, and home cleaning items. Their refillable products include yoga mat spray, soap nuts, and massage oils and are 100% organic.

This award-winning certified B Corp is a member of 1% for the Planet. Its refill program has saved over 40,000 new bottles, and they support nearly 30 different environmental non-profits. There are various options for plastic-free shipping materials, and they include recycled, compostable boxes with a reusable envelope for shipping the container back. Their waste-free shipping process involves sending their packages to any part of the world in minimally sized packing materials that can be recycled and composted.


10. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Pictured: Solid Aromatherapy Perfume Balms Credit: Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (on Etsy)

Conscious, Cruelty-Free Zero Waste Products

This plastic-free shop ships 100% cruelty-free products. Dirty Hippie is an Etsy shop that produces sustainable makeup and cosmetics, including foundation, blemish cream, primer, liquid eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, brow powders, blush, lipstick pots, and cheek tint. Dirty Hippie buys local or grows their own raw ingredients.

As for packaging, another plastic-free champion, they ship their products in tins, containers, and glass bottles, which can be recycled or reused. Meanwhile, they make some of their other products from compostable packing materials. They print their shipping labels with refillable veg-ink.


Online zero-waste stores for kitchenware

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11. Wild Minimalist

Wild Minimalist

Photo Credit: Wild Minimalist

Helping people begin their journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle

Max and Lily, a couple, lived minimally when they went backpacking together through the Pacific Northwest. And upon their return to California, they fully embraced sustainable living. They were able to reduce their dependence on single-use products by focusing on activities that send minimal waste to landfill.

Stocked full of zero waste homeware

Wild minimalist sells a wide variety of zero waste home items, especially kitchenware.

They sell biodegradable storage bags, reusable produce bags, vegan food wraps, beeswax cloths, upcycled cotton kitchen towels, stainless steel tiffin lunchbox, reusable glass coffee, and the list continues. They package your home or kitchen orders using recyclable and compostable materials like cardboard boxes, paper envelopes, and paper tape.


12. Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop Zero Waste Store

Photo Credit: Package Free Shop

All your zero waste essentials, zero waste kits, and subscriptions

This Zero waste store is on a mission to make the world less trashy. They have a strict plastic-free policy to guide every brand that works with them. Keeping millions of pieces of trash out of landfills, this shop sells all the essentials you need for your home, especially your kitchen. You can find items like zero waste cocktail kits, pantry spice starter kits, mason jars, folding oyster knives, soap bars, and the list goes on. Package Free ships your product all the way to you in a 100% consumer box that you can upcycle, and of course, it is also compostable.


13. Life Without Plastic

A Life Without Plastic

Pictured: A Life Without Plastic Subscription Box. Photo Credit: A Life Without Plastic

Zero-waste lifestyle essentials since 2006

Life Without Plastic is one of the best sustainable stores that sells non-toxic and ethically made zero waste items for the home and kitchen (like plastic-free coffee makers), childcare, drinking, and eating. They write a detailed and transparent description for each item, who made it, where, and how to dispose of it. Life without plastic reuses boxes and materials sent to them to supply sustainable and eco-friendly products to any part of the world using no plastic, in either packaging or shipping.


14. ZeroWasteStore

Zero Waste Store

Photo Credit: Zero Waste Store

Everything you need for your zero-waste lifestyle in one place

This zero-waste online shop sells a wide range of zero waste sustainable products. ZeroWasteStore has all the things you need, from eco-friendly and low waste kitchenware to cleaning products to shopping and travel to baby and kid essentials. You can find curated zero waste kits, refillable hand wash, organic hemp-cotton reusable coffee filters, reusable vegan wrap, paper towel, and several other home and kitchenware products.


15. Well Earth Goods

Well Earth Goods

Photo Credit: Well Earth Goods

Supporting a minimalist zero waste lifestyle

The Well Earth Goods store offers a wide range of categories: personal care, laundry, kitchen, dining, clean up, food storage, coffee, tea, produce bags and bulk bags, totes and backpacks, travel and compost products. Their kitchenware products help you narrow down your search for zero waste kitchenware. They sell reusable coffee filters, reusable tea bags, reusable silicone storage bags, plastic-free reusable coffee cups, not-paper towels flannel, home compostable small kitchen scrap, and home trash bags. Every product you order from this shop is shipped in 100 percent recyclable paper-based materials.


Online zero-waste stores for groceries

16. Zero Grocery Store

Zero Grocery

Photo Credit: Zero Grocery

Fast Growing Zero Waste Grocery Store Delivering to the US

This US-based zero-waste grocery store has no packaging, plastic or big-name brands. This zero-waste store aims to remove single-use plastics from the food system. You can shop for essentials, from entrées to sides, plus sweets and gifts, and receive all groceries in reusable packaging. Zero Grocery Store sells organic food like bananas, avocado, eggs, broccoli, sourdough, and all zero-waste food items you need. You can access over 900+ quality goods without plastic waste at Zero Grocery Stores. The packaging is done using recyclable materials and shipped plastic-free.


17. Harmless Store

Refillable zero waste home goods, plastic-free and homegrown

Located in North London, this is a vegan online shop that offers minimal packaging and shipping. Its online store has all kinds of products like baking items, beans and peas, cheese, chocolate, Christmas gifts, cleaning powders and Epsom salts, dried fruit, and a long list of other reusable products. All products bought from this shop are shipped using recyclable packaging materials.


18. Zero Waste Bulk Foods

Zero Waste Store Bulk Foods

Photo Credit: Zero Waste Bulk Foods

A UK based plastic-free bulk store selling over 420 vegan and eco-friendly products.

This zero-waste online shop has a wide variety of products that are vegan and organic. You can find all types of grocery and organic food here: quinoa, wild rice mix, olive green lentils, dried fruits, and lots more.

Packaging of all products is based entirely on the preference of the buyer. You can choose to use home compostable bags or brown paper bags.

This shop collects donations and uses 100% of its proceeds to send food parcels to the Southwater Infant Academy.


Online zero-waste stores for clothing

19. Tamga designs

Tamga Designs

Photo Credit: Tamga Designs

This is a zero-waste online shop that sells and ships sustainable bright colored pieces.  It is a member of 1% for the planet and gives part of its proceeds to this cause. Finding sustainable clothes is a great challenge; that's why TAMGA produces eco-friendly clothing that reduces the impact of man's activities on the environment. You will find classic clothing lines like mini-dresses, kimonos, blouses, and tops for women made from traceable and sustainable botanic fibers. From its packaging to its shipping, everything is plastic-free.


20. DrobeUpcycling

Drobe Upcycling

Photo Credit: Drobe Upcycling (on Etsy)

This zero-waste online shop sells recycled or up-cycled handmade pieces. These include clothing, masks, and hair accessories that are handmade in the Hague. They make all items sold by DrobeUpcycling out of vintage clothing and deadstock. This way, the company helps reduce waste and turn old and unworn clothes into beautiful clothes again. You can find sustainable garments like skirts, hand packs, clothing accessories, tops, and nose masks. DrobeUpcycling packages these clothes using reusable paper bags.


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21. Pact - Earth Favorite Clothing


Photo Credit: Pact Clothing

Located in Boulder, Pact has a variety of sustainable, organic, and fair trade basics, underwear, and socks for men, women, kids, and babies. This brand recently expanded its eco-friendly and zero waste fashion line to include colorful tops and dresses that are cruelty-free and designed with the environment in mind. This is an online store with low-priced clothing manufactured in India, where they harvest 74% of their organic cotton. Its manufacturing process is child-labor-free, and it uses less than 95% of conventional cotton. The shipping process for Pact clothes involves packaging the items using a biodegradable and eco-clear bag to keep the wraps nice and clean.


22. Myracle Handmade


Photo Credit: myracle (on Etsy)

Themyracle is a sustainable fashion store that expresses its identity to others using the most colorful pieces and handmade clothes. This zero-waste online shop works directly with women who live in regions where government funds and local business opportunities are not accessible. They sell beanies, sweaters, long scarves, pom-poms, and other warm clothing. Shipping of the clothes comes plastic-free and packaged using recyclable materials.



It is exciting to see how the online market for zero-waste products is growing. More people are learning to live sustainably, and businesses are scaling to meet our needs. Zero waste online shops are adopting plastic packaging-free consumption and shipping. There is an increase in zero-packaging stores, zero shipping, expanding zero waste consumption, and adoption of zero packagings by conventional supermarkets and retailers. A new way of doing business sustainably is emerging, gaining momentum, and will scale its impact to reach others with our ongoing support.

Jennifer is a content writer with an educational background in Public Relations and Advertising. From her desk in Lagos, Nigeria, she helps businesses around the world reach and connect with their audiences.
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