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7 Best Zero Waste Starter Kit Options to Kickstart Low Waste Living

Have you considered switching to sustainable or zero-waste living? This lifestyle attracts many benefits. It leads to a lower environmental impact and cleaner living. Also, it often means you get to save money in the long run. Although many people wish to do more for the environment, switching to a zero-waste lifestyle can be daunting. 

The challenge many people face is not knowing where and how to begin. For this reason, zero-waste starter kits have become a popular means of making that all-important first step. From small businesses to bigger brands, zero-waste kits come from many sources. This article gives you a rundown of zero-waste starter kit options to kickstart your zero-waste journey. 

What is Zero Waste?

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If you’re new to the lifestyle, zero waste simply entails producing no waste as a way to protect the environment. For this reason, a zero-waste lifestyle involves avoiding toxic materials like plastic bags and single-use bottles. Instead, you switch to items you can reuse and sustainably made products.

Although many people wish to embrace sustainability by adopting zero-waste living, they sometimes find the transition to be challenging. You’ll find the best zero-waste kits carefully curated by advocates of zero-waste living, designed to provide you will all you need to get started reducing plastic waste. 

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Contents of a Zero Waste Kit

Zero waste bundles typically consist of the basics you need to kickstart your sustainability journey. There are various types of eco-friendly starter kits. For instance, some brands create kits that are kitchen-focused. In contrast, others might create office-focused bundles, bathroom-focused, and so on.

However, some kits contain a mix of various essentials that target various aspects of your daily life. They often include a range of items like brushes, reusable stainless steel straws, utensils, reusable water bottles, and a carry bag. Some kits are also vegan and cruelty-free. You'll also find some of them come in gift boxes perfect for helping a loved one start their own journey.

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7 Best Zero Waste Essentials Kits

If you’re looking to begin your zero-waste journey, below are some of the best zero-waste bundle options to help you get started. Also, if you’re looking for gift items for loved ones, you can get a compact kit for them. 

1. Nipaqui Zero Waste Kit


Number of pieces: 17

  • Beeswax food wraps
  • Reusable produce bags
  • Zip locking bags
  • Stainless steel straw set

Best for: Home and kitchen use

The Nipaqui kit is ideal when looking for essential items for home and kitchen use. You’ll find 17 pieces within each box supporting your zero-waste journey.

Say goodbye to plastic bags when shopping and replace them with mesh produce bags. You get three sizes of produce bags, four beeswax food wraps, four zip-locking bags, and four reusable straws. Additionally, the straws come with a cleaning brush and travel bag. 

The brand uses natural ingredients like beeswax and jojoba oil to make the food wraps. These ingredients make these wraps great for safely keeping your food fresh.

Instead of using single-use synthetic zip locks, reusable zip locking bags are a healthy choice for the planet. Plus, it saves you money from constantly purchasing new products. The Nipaqui bag’s contents are plastic and BPA-free. Also, you can easily clean them, making them easy to maintain. 

Why Nipaqui’s zero waste kit is a great place to start

If you’re looking for new sustainable items for your home and kitchen, you should check out this kit from Nipaqui. Rather than including just one piece of each item, Nipaqui gives you multiple options. This makes this kit ideal for new users testing out new products. With everyday reusable products, you can begin to move from a plastic-filled life to something more planet-friendly.

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2. Battle Green Box

Battle Green Zero Waste Starter Kit
Photo Credit: Battle Green

Number of pieces: 6

  • Natural loofah
  • Shampoo bar
  • Natural deodorant 
  • Travel tin 
  • Bamboo cotton buds
  • Bamboo toothbrush 

Best for: Self-care and bathroom use, and gift-giving 

Looking for a kit that’s more self-care-related? You’ll love this zero-waste box from Battle Green. This kit is filled with everyday self-care items to keep you on top of your wellness practice. 

Apart from being environmentally friendly, this Battle Green box contains PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free items. You’ll find simple plastic-free swaps for your daily personal care needs. Additionally, you can opt to give this to a friend, colleague, or family member. 

The toothbrush comes with a bamboo handle and bio-based bristles to ensure you’re not using any plastic. Within the box, you’ll also find cotton buds in a recycled card box, a plant-based loofah, and a travel tin. One of the best parts about this box is choosing your preferred scents for the natural zero-waste deodorant and shampoo bar. To prevent pollution, Battle Green creates its products with biodegradability in mind. 

Best for Thoughtful Gift Giving

A unique feature of this brand is that it allows you to personalize the sustainable box. If you decide to give this box as a gift to someone, you can personalize the gift note in it. Another feature that stands out is that the welcome message in each box includes instructions to help you properly take care of your new items. 

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3. Zero Waste MVMT Ultimate Bundle

Zero Waste MVMT Ultimate starter kit
Photo Credit: Zero Waste MVMT

Number of pieces: 26

  • Beeswax wraps
  • Reusable snack bags
  • Produce bags
  • Wooden dish brush
  • Natural loofah
  • Sisal soap saver
  • Bamboo cutlery
  • Makeup remover pads

Best for: General essentials

The Canadian company behind this zero-waste bundle is all about supporting your sustainable journey. The company makes products to help you reduce your trash while staying eco-friendly and budget-friendly.

One of the interesting features of this box is that it contains items that address various aspects of everyday living. You’ll find items that support grocery store visits like produce carriers and cutlery for everyday eating. You’ll also find other items for your bath and self-care uses. You get a wooden dish brush as a sustainable replacement for regular synthetic dish sponges. This helps you prevent contributing microplastics to the environment and ocean.

As an ultimate zero-waste bundle, you’re sure to find the essentials you need to kickstart your sustainable journey. Once you receive your package, you’ll find a box made from recycled cardboard. Everything within the box is sustainably produced and eco-friendly. Additionally, the company uses paper tape to seal each package as a further way to prevent plastics. 

A Committed Company

This starter bundle lives up to its name of being the ultimate bundle. It contains essential items that anyone can include in their daily life. It also includes a generous amount of each item. The company takes its sustainability commitment one step further by planting a tree for every purchase. So, not only will you be kickstarting a personal journey, but you’ll also be planting trees. 

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4. Beetlemax Anti-Plastic Kit


Number of pieces: 14

  • Reusable produce bags
  • Eco-friendly straws
  • Toothbrushes
  • Silk dental floss
  • Cotton swabs
  • Makeup remover pads 

Best for: Everyday use and gifting 

The Beetlemax anti-plastic kit is another compact yet comprehensive bundle consisting of essentials. When you’re out and about, you can whip out your bamboo straws rather than settle for synthetic single-use straws.

Need to clean your straws? No problem because this kit includes a small cleaning brush for keeping your straws sparkling. With 100 swabs in the box, you can use your new products for anything from personal care to craft use. The brand makes its toothbrushes from 100% natural bamboo. In addition to the toothbrushes, the box also includes zero-waste dental flosses for oral care. The floss comes in a glass bottle, which you can refill later. 

The items contained in the Beetlemax Anti-plastic kit are ideal for use within the home and on the go. Rather than using single-use plastics, which you’ll throw away after a few uses, these alternatives last long. An added benefit is that you become a conscious consumer who also saves resources. To reduce the need for virgin materials, the company uses recycled materials for its packaging box. 

Why We Like

Whether you’re off to the grocery store or a weekend away from home, the Beetlemax bundle has something for you. Unlike many kits that feature mesh bags, this bundle also includes a tote bag. Various items and supplies can be collected using the bag as you go about your day. 

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5. Package Free Zero Waste Vegan Starter Kit

Package Free Starter Kit
Photo Credit: Package Free

Number of pieces: 7

  • Tote bag
  • Vegan food wrap variety pack
  • Mason jar with lid
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Reusable bamboo cutlery set
  • Stainless steel straw
  • Stainless steel container

Best for: Everyday essentials

The Package Free Shop is popularly known for its dedication to providing items to help people reduce waste. Additionally, the brand has created a community of people who are earth warriors. This entails looking for simple ways to reduce everyday waste in our lives. 

As part of its commitment to being plastic-free and earth-friendly, the Package Free shop created a zero-waste, beginner-friendly kit. Born out of the founder’s journey, the items represent daily essentials for anyone on a sustainable journey. This particular kit is also vegan, making it ideal for anyone avoiding animal-based products. 

The tote bag is a simple and easy choice for carrying everyday essentials. The simple design and printed text make it known that the owner is an eco-conscious human. Instead of carrying a plastic bottle, you can replace it with the mason jar in this bundle. The jar serves various purposes, from holding your liquids to supporting bulk buying. 

Moving on, the plant-based toothbrush features soft bristles and a handle that supports easy grip. The utensils include a spoon, fork, knife, and a set of chopsticks. As a unique addition, Package Free Shop includes a stainless steel container where you can store products.

A Beginner’s Dream Kit

There are certain items that anyone switching to zero-waste living looks for. This is partly thanks to the content people see on social platforms and due to necessity. This brand addresses the simple essentials that anyone can appreciate as they commence their sustainable journey. It helps that you can find a mason jar, a sustainable container, and the classic stainless steel straw in the kit.

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6. WakeCup Zero Waste Starter Kit

WakeCup Zero Waste Starter Kit
Photo Credit: Wakecup

Number of pieces: 4

  • Paper bag backpack
  • Reusable straws
  • Bamboo coffee cup
  • Bamboo water bottle

Best for: Everyday outings such as office and school runs

The WakeCup kit is an ideal choice for everyday outing essentials. The kit features items you’d use daily if you were in and out of the office or classroom. 

The paper bag backpack is a unique item that’ll have people asking you questions. The brand ethically sources the materials for the bag to give it a paper bag finish. Don't worry; you can easily wash the bag whenever it gets dirty. Also, it offers ample space for not only small daily supplies but also large items like a laptop. 

The water bottle not only features sustainable outer materials but also a practical inner feature. The bottle has an inner double wall that keeps your liquids cold for up to four hours. You'll appreciate the bamboo cup if you’re a coffee lover looking to reduce your coffee cup waste. This cup allows you to enjoy your beverage on the go while protecting the environment and your wallet. 

A Lifestyle Change While Giving Back

This starter kit is an excellent choice for sustainable swaps for anyone who’s always on the go. It features stylish and practical items that will last you a long time.

The products also come packaged in recycled cardboard. This is part of the brand’s dedication to curbing waste. WakeCup sends 10% of its profits to its eco charity partners - Plastic Oceans and Marine Conservation Society. 

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7. Day Off Day Zero Waste Kitchen Set

Day Off Day Zero Waste Kitchen Set
Photo Credit: Day Off Day

Number of pieces: 11

  • Zero waste kit drawstring bag
  • Reusable Swedish dishcloth 
  • Bamboo pot brush 
  • Loofah dish sponges
  • Bamboo dish brush 
  • Small mesh produce bag 
  • Medium mesh produce bag
  • Large mesh produce bag
  • Hanging clip
  • Small muslin bag 

Best for: Sustainable kitchen tools

The kitchen is one of the main places where we generate a ton of waste within the home. For this reason, it only makes sense that people are looking for sustainable tools to transform their kitchens. This kitchen utensil set from Day Off Day features zero-waste kitchen essentials to help you make simple swaps within your home. With this set, you can begin switching from plastic tools to more sustainable ones. For example, the dish brush makes the perfect alternative to regular synthetic dish sponges. 

Why We Like

The items within this bundle are compostable and synthetic-free. Also, the brand uses FSC-certified materials for its products.

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Switching to zero-waste living doesn’t have to be daunting or ridiculously expensive. The brands behind the kits in this article prove this. Whether you’re looking for something containing general essentials or specific uses, you’ll find something appropriate.

Zero waste kits are the perfect way for anyone to kickstart their sustainable journey. Many of the items are compostable and recyclable. 

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