7 Eco-Friendly Mop Picks for Zero Waste Sparkling Floors

When adopting a zero-waste lifestyle, it’s essential to consider all aspects of day-to-day- living. Apart from personal products, an area to also examine is your mopping or cleaning routine. Thankfully, it might surprise you that you have a wide choice of eco-friendly mop options available. 

The everyday mopping experience comes complete with plastic buckets, disinfectant bottles, low-quality mop products, and toxic chemicals. All of these can increase your environmental impact.

Additionally, the floor chemicals may not be suitable for your health. Zero waste mopping is possible, and you can switch to this easily.  

Your cleaning routine doesn’t have to be damaging to the environment. If you’re looking to get squeaky clean floors while staying conscious of your impact on the environment, why not switch to an eco-friendly mopping routine?

Let this piece serve as your guide. You’ll also find eco-friendly mop accessories and zero-waste mopping and cleaning products. 

Zero Waste Mopping Equipment

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Everyone needs to keep their floors clean. However, we can keep our floors clean without using toxic materials and contributing to waste.

A zero-waste cleaning routine entails switching to eco-friendly supplies that produce little to no waste. It also means choosing reusable mop pads instead of single-use items. This way, you prevent constantly sending household items to landfill sites and contributing to pollution. 

Switching to a zero-waste mopping routine will protect the planet and help you save money. Instead of constantly spending money on items like cheap mop heads, plastic bottles, and one mop after another, you can use items for longer. Here are some of the essential zero-waste mopping equipment you need to keep your house and planet clean. 

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Where Can I Buy An Eco-Friendly Mop?

Mop Options

With zero-waste cleaning, it’s obvious that one of the first things you need is an excellent plastic-free mop. Many mop products in the market are made from plastic material that eventually constitutes waste.

As a result, keeping your mopping routine waste-free and plastic-free means choosing reusable eco-friendly mops. You can switch to new ones made from sustainable materials. Here are some options below.

Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System


The Turbo Microfiber mop comes in a modern design that aids in the effective cleaning of your floors. It comes with an aluminum alloy handle that extends up to 60 inches. The handle makes it easy to clean various floor areas. 

It also has a detachable mop head mount to aid easy storage and a 360° rotating head. All its features make it easy to access corners and other hard-to-reach floor areas. You get a rotating mop head, two reusable microfiber pads, two scrubbing pads, and one extendable handle within each package. 

As a result, this sustainable mop set gives you everything you need to get started with getting your floors clean. Apart from floors, you can also use them to clean your windows, walls, and other cleanable areas. The components come in designs that help you reduce waste while saving money in the long run.

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Genuine Joe Cotton Wet Mop with Handle


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty mop for cleaning floors, this traditional mop from Genuine Joe is all you need. It comes with a natural wood handle plus a sturdy and heavy design. As a result, this eco-friendly wet mop is excellent for large and open areas. It cleans floors easily and smoothly. 

Since the mop is thick, it is highly absorbent and aids in the quick cleaning of large areas. When paired with a zero-waste bucket, you get a good zero-waste starter kit for ensuring your floors are clean.

Additionally, you can create a white vinegar solution if you’re looking to avoid plastic waste from floor cleaner bottles. This choice of zero-waste floor cleaner makes the cut; not least, you don’t end up with lots of disposable replacement mop heads.

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Quick-Loop Mop (Mop Head Only) for Mopping & Dusting


This is one of the best zero-waste mop options available. Similar to a Cuban mop with its t-shaped design, this quick-loop mop comes with a wooden base that holds fabric. Although it comes without a handle, the manufacturers created it to fit almost any regular mop handle. 

Apart from mop handles, you can also use an old broom handle or a painter’s extension pole. This gives you a form of DIY mop tool. 

This mop is free from plastic material or harmful substances. Instead of the regular plastic material, it comes in durable oak hardwood. The spring steel makes it easy to screw in your choice of a wooden mop handle to aid in floor washing or scrubbing. 

The best part about this mop is that you can use it with your choice of fabric. Many people use microfiber towels or even old t-shirts and clothes as a way to reduce waste. With this zero-waste mop pad alternative, say goodbye to plastic materials and unnecessary waste.

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Stainless Steel Buckets

Many people go for the traditional mopping method of mop and bucket. Unfortunately, producers make most buckets from plastic materials. You can opt for a stainless steel bucket to support your zero-waste journey. This is a low-waste, reusable and durable alternative to low-quality plastic products. 

Below are some options to choose from. Alternatively, if you already have old buckets in your house, you can reuse or upcycle them. 

Behrens 10-Quart Galvanized Steel Pail

Photo Credit: Behrens.

This utility pail serves multiple purposes. For one, you can use it to hold your floor disinfecting solutions. Apart from this, you can also use it for garden and storage purposes. 

It comes in a durable premium material with no petroleum substances used in the manufacturing process. 

As part of Behrens’ sustainability commitment, it utilizes manufacturing scraps by converting them into new steel products. With the use of high-quality materials, your steel product won’t rust.

Also, it’s recyclable, making it a good zero-waste alternative to regular buckets. This steel pail is sturdy, lightweight, easy to clean, and ultimately helps you stay eco-conscious while maintaining clean floor areas. As such, this is the perfect accessory to your zero-waste home mop.

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Impact 2000/260 Metal Squeeze Wringer Combo Bucket

Impact Products.
Photo Credit: Impact Products.

If you’re not all for wringing your mop out by hand, this product does that job for you. It’s a heavy-duty tool that supports getting your mops dry for smooth floor cleaning. 

Unlike plastics, this zero-waste product comes in a design that’ll last you a long time. It’s easy to get trapped in the cycle of going through bucket after bucket due to cheap and low-quality materials. Alternatively, you can opt for something sturdy that’ll save you money and reduce the number of items you throw in the trash. 

Since it comes in a metal material, it has a significantly lower environmental footprint than plastics in the long run. A good feature of this equipment is the wheels that make moving around to make cleaning a smoother process. 

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Zero Waste Cleaning Solutions

Many floor cleaners contain harsh and toxic substances. These substances have adverse effects on the environment during production. Also, when they seep into water systems, they affect marine life. 

Many people are also sensitive to these chemical materials, making them unideal as sustainable and unsafe cleaners. If you’re looking for low to zero-waste solutions to pair with your choice of sustainable mops, some options are below. 

JuniperSeed Lemon Glass and Floor Cleaner Concentrate

JuniperSeed Lemon Glass and Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Photo Credit: Juniper Seed

This handmade product contains ingredients, including white vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, and lemon essential oil. Each 16-ounce bottle contains a concentrated solution that aids in the cleansing of spaces within the home. It’s safe enough for use on your floors, windows, countertops, mirrors, and other surfaces. 

Since it’s a concentrate, you’ll need to dilute it before using it. The store owner suggests one ounce of concentrate to eight ounces of water. Once you’ve mixed this in a small bowl or bucket, you can fill a spray bottle and begin using your mixture. Apart from leaving your space clean, it gives it a fresh lemon scent. 

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Happy Earth Boutique Citrus Scouring Powder

Happy Earth Boutique Citrus Scouring Powder
Photo Credit: Happy Earth Boutique

If you’re hunting for a non-toxic and effective scouring powder, you’re in luck. This powder from Happy Earth Boutique contains no harsh chemical or synthetic fragrance.

It contains the simple ingredients of baking soda, sodium carbonate, citrus zest, sodium borate, and lemon essential oil making it a great eco-friendly alternative to store-bought powders. 

The scouring powder targets tough stains on various surfaces. As a sustainable product, it comes in a refillable glass container. Also, it comes with a bamboo scooper for easy scooping. 

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Steam Mops

We’re a fan of avoiding electrical equipment when not necessary to help save electricity at home and reduce carbon emissions. A little elbow grease is all more people will need to come up with sparkling floors.

However, if you have big areas to clean, have a look for a steam mop that will last. These little wonders also help reduce germs and breeze through tough messes through the use of hot steam, in place of a sponge mop. 

However, they all come made from new plastic materials rather than natural materials or recycled plastic. As such, buy a good one that will last should this be your choice for modern mopping. 

The Sustainable Approach to Clean Floors

Taking care of your home can also support taking care of the planet. For anyone pursuing sustainable living, it’s important to prioritize zero-waste practices.

Today, many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals and often come in single-use containers. These reduce environmental damage, and your carbon footprint, protect your pockets, and keep you safe from harsh ingredients. 

The products we’ve highlighted here are great places to start. However, reusing what you own is also one of the most sustainable steps you can take.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can also take the DIY approach. Several DIY cleaning solutions exist - one of the most popular being vinegar mixed with water, baking soda, and castile soap.

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