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10 Best Sustainable Toiletry Bags For Eco-Friendly Nights Away

There are eco-friendly options for most daily needs. Just as there are sustainable cosmetics, eco-friendly storage bags help ensure we’re not carrying them around in plastic containers. Toiletry or makeup bags are storage options for keeping our cosmetics and toiletries. Using a toiletry bag makes carrying all our beauty essentials easy, especially on a trip. 

Sustainable brands make eco-friendly toiletry bags from recycled‌ polyester, recycled plastic, recycled water bottles, organic cotton, hemp fiber, vegan leather, and other recyclable raw materials. Eco-friendly brands source raw materials ethically. They often have certifications, like the Fair Trade Certification, to show for it. 

This piece explores the core values and sustainable practices of various eco-friendly brands,  and we feature 11 of the best eco-friendly toiletry bags they make. 

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10 Eco-friendly Toiletry Bag Brands

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1. Terra Thread

Terra Thread toiletry bags
Photo Credit: Terra Thread

Features: organic cotton, Fair Trade Certification, lead-free, hand, and machine washable

Terra thread is an affordable brand promoting sustainable practices. Their core values include transparency, traceability, sustainable development, fair employment, people empowerment, and environmental protection. 

Terra Thread produces three styles of eco-friendly toiletry bags and makeup bags. They make sustainable makeup and toiletry bags with sustainably sourced organic cotton from Indian organic cotton farms. The makeup bag is big enough to contain makeup items but small enough to enter your handbag or tote bag. 

Their toiletry bag can hold 4.5 liters worth of items, with a strong carry handle to hold the weight of a full bag. They don't ship orders in plastic packaging or use excessive packaging. 

The bags come in 7 beautiful and colorful varieties. Your purchase of every handmade eco-friendly makeup bag supports the Feeding America campaign. The campaign aims to end food hunger by donating meals to people suffering from hunger. 

Shop on Etsy or Terra Thread

2. Rothy’s Sustainable Toiletry Bag

Rothy’s Sustainable Toiletry Bag 
Photo Credit: Rothy’s

Features: recycled marine plastic, hand, and machine-washable, LEED Gold Certification

Rothy’s is a sustainable brand that believes in the principles of a circular economy. They practice the continuous loop of renewal; material, manufacturing a product, and recycling it. 

They own their factory to set and follow proper zero-waste environmental standards. Rothy's factory is a healthy workplace for their workers. 

They make their bags with recycled marine plastic. Rothy recycles marine plastic by turning it into a thread, then using it to knit bags, shoes, and other accessories. 

Since its establishment, Rothy's turned over 146,000,000 single-use plastics and 493,346 pounds of ocean-bound plastic to thread for bags and accessories. 

The toiletry bags come in sets of two different sizes. They also come in various colors that can complete any fashion style and occasion, a perfect fit for your travel bags and sustainable luggage. The larger bag features an interior pocket that allows for better organization. 

Shop on Rothy's

3. Tiradia Cork Glam Bag 

Tiradia Cork glam pouch
Photo Credit: Tiradia Cork

Features: hand wash, cork, PETA-approved vegan

Tiradia Cork produces the best sustainable makeup bags. They are against the idea of fast fashion because of its terrible impacts on the environment. So, they make toiletry bags out of sustainably sourced cork material. 

Using cork to hand-make these bags ensures they are durable, biodegradable, antimicrobial, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic. You can safely trash the worn-out bag because it can decompose like a regular plant. 

The founder of Tiradia Cork, Joana, lived in Portugal. She grew up witnessing the sustainability and abundance of cork, inspiring her to create a sustainable brand that produces the best vegan accessories. Harvested cork trees are free from damage, and they use minimal plastic across all their supply chains.

The toiletry bags come in various complementary colors like black, natural cork color, white, and dark brown. You can choose the small Sidekick bag to pack your everyday makeup essentials or the large, roomy Room for Two Dopp kit to pack your travel essentials. These bags are a fashion statement. You can carry them anywhere. 

Shop on Etsy or Tiradia

4. Sea Bags 

Sea Bags Makeup Bag
Photo Credit: Sea Bags

Features: machine washable, recycled sailcloth, recycled spinnaker. 

Sea Bags is a sustainable brand based in different states in the United States. They produce beautiful designs of sustainable toiletry bags from recycled materials. Sustainability and recycling are the watchwords of the Sea Bags. 

Under their watchwords, they repurpose damaged boat sails. They work with a network of boaters to gather sails as they are no longer used at sea, then they design and sew each bag meticulously using no imported material. 

They even use eco-friendly ink to print designs on the bags and packaging materials. Sea's toiletry bags are beautiful, and each design is unique. They also use recycled spinnaker clothes for the inner lining of the bags. 

Since the brand's establishment in 1999, they have saved over 1.5 million lbs of material waste from entering landfill. Sea Bags' toiletry and makeup bags can hold all your eco-friendly essentials. They cost between $35 to $65. 

Sea Bags also produces eco-friendly tote bags. You can buy a matching makeup and tote bag. 

Shop on Sea Bags or Amazon 

5. Patagonia 

Patagonia Black Hole® Cube bag
Photo Credit: Patagonia 

Features: recycled materials, plastic zip

Patagonia produces eco-friendly cosmetic bags from recycled polyester, making them extremely durable. The fabric used for the body of these Black Hole® Cube bags is fair trade certified. With each bag you buy from Patagonia, they contribute 1% of the sales to environmental restoration programs. 

Produced in Vietnam, the bag comes with a large grab handle. It has a spacious compartment that can hold all your essentials. Also, the bag comes in three sizes; 3, 6, and 10-liter volumes.  

Patagonia is a sustainable fashion brand that cares about its carbon emissions. They aim to reduce carbon emissions by transforming the materials used to produce their products. The brand’s sustainability goal is to stop using petroleum fiber materials entirely by 2025. 

Shop on Patagonia

6. Trestique

Trestique Makeup Bag
Photo Credit: Trestique 

Features: cruelty-free, recycled plastic, mirror

In 2017, Jenn Kapahi and Jack Bensason founded the brand to produce innovative and quality beauty products with easy methods. They primarily make zero-waste refillable makeup products. Trestique also makes compact, sustainable makeup bags to keep your makeup things organized. 

They use recycled plastic bottles to create makeup bags. CarbonFund certified them as carbon neutral, meaning they produce minimal carbon emissions. Their sustainability ideals also extend to the packaging they use. They use recyclable boxes to deliver your orders. 

You don’t have to worry about the ink on the packaging. They use soy-based ink on FSC-certified paper. It is completely safe for the environment. The makeup bags come in 5 shades and two sizes; large and extra large. It can hold ten makeup items. 

Le Pak Bag- Deluxe can hold ten makeup items, while Le Pak Bag- Extra Luxe holds 12 full-sized makeup items, making it suitable for quick trips and vacations. Also, the bag comes with a built-in mirror under the cover. 

Shop on Trestique or Amazon 

7. The Beekeeper Parade

The Beekeeper Parade Toiletry Bag
Photo Credit: The Beekeeper Parade

Features: recycled fabric, cruelty-free, plastic-free

Beekeeper Parade's mission is to manufacture products that are harmless to the environment and support and nourish animals and people. 

They recycle various discarded textiles to create new sustainable makeup bags. Each sustainable makeup bag comes with an inner lining. The sustainable makeup bag comes with two internal pockets for the easy organization of your cosmetics. 

The Beekeeper Parade nourishes the people of the society by funding students' fees to learn the English language. They sponsored over 3,000 places for students to learn English for a year.  

Shop on Beekeeper Parade

8. The Dharma Door

The Dharma Door Toiletry Pouch
Photo Credit: The Dharma Door

Features: jute fabric, recycled fabric, hand washable, and animal cruelty-free

The Dharma Door produces eco-friendly toiletry and makeup bags from machine-woven jute canvas. They make the interior lining of a bag from excess fabric waste in the fashion industry. 

The founder, Shannon Sheedy, created the Dharma Door to provide sustainable job opportunities for artisans. They work with Non-Governmental Organizations to get raw jute fibers for weaving. Women, who comprise most of the brands’ workers, sew the woven jute fibers in a Fair Trade Production Center in Bangladesh. 

Some sustainable makeup bags come as a set: small and large makeup bags, while others come as a single bag. You can use the small makeup bag to pack small items, while the large one packs medium-sized or large cosmetics and toiletries. The colors of the bags have a soft, complementary tone.  

The prices of a Dharma Door sustainable toiletry bag are low as a part of the brand’s sustainability agenda; they encourage workers to plant in their surrounding environment. They teach them the importance of chemical-free farming in the environment. 

Shop on Dharma Door

9. Rawganique

Rawganique Hemp Pouch
Photo Credit: Rawganique 

Features: hemp fiber, animal cruelty-free, plastic-free, hand wash only

Rawganique is one of the small businesses with the best sustainable toiletry bags. They grow, comb, spin, and weave the hemp fiber into a fabric before sewing it into a toiletry bag. They use hemp fabric, grown in the USA, Europe, and Canada, to produce bags to protect the environment and humanity's health. 

Their hemp toiletry bag is durable and biodegradable, perfectly healthy for the environment. The price of their Cavendish hemp toiletry bag is $20. You have various color options to choose from. It is also big enough to contain all your toiletries. They work with a small team of artisans because working with sweatshops isn’t a part of their sustainability ideals. 

Shop on Rawganique

10. Ecoright Sustainable Makeup Bag

Ecoright Sustainable Makeup Bag 

Features: organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, water-resistant

Ecoright is a brand that makes sustainability their watchword. They manufacture products that fit into your lifestyle seamlessly while protecting the environment's well-being. They are well aware of the ways various manufacturers produce tons of greenhouse gas emissions. 

So they use solar energy, an excellent renewable energy source, to power their factories. Also, they use rainwater to avoid water contamination or wastage in their production process. 

Ecoright uses organic cotton to produce beautiful makeup bags. They line the inside of their cosmetics bags with recycled plastic bottles. They have over six beautiful designs for you to select from. Your orders come in recycled and sustainable packaging. 

These bags have enough space to fit all your essentials, making them perfect for your next trip. Purchasing from Ecoright is a zero-waste purchase. 

Shop on Amazon or ecoright

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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