4 Best Refillable Shampoo Bottles

If you’re looking to make your bathroom products more eco-friendly, you should consider refillable shampoo bottles. Many people are aware of the dangers of plastic bottles, and we can exclude those plastic shampoo bottles. Plastic bottles contribute to environmental chaos by compounding the world’s plastic pollution crisis. Since manufacturers create single-use plastics for, well, single-use, people throw these products away. 

If you examine your bathroom counter, you’ll most likely notice that your liquid shampoo and conditioner bottles are plastics. Furthermore, some of them aren’t recyclable, which omits the recycling process option, making them less eco-friendly.

In this article, you’ll find refillable and reusable shampoo bottles that you can switch to. Thanks to the ability to extend their lifecycle within the home, they cause much less harm to the environment.

The Problem with Plastic Shampoo Bottles 

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To curb plastic waste, we need to consider the types of products we buy and use. Many shampoo and conditioner brands use plastic vessels to hold the liquid contents. Depending on how frequently you wash your hair, you could be throwing away plastic bottles regularly. 

When plastic containers end up in landfills, they contribute to pollution due to their inability to break down. Apart from shampoo and conditioner containers, products like liquid soaps, creams, and lotions also often come in plastic bottles.

When you examine all of these, you can imagine the amount of waste we produce. Also, since not all products are recyclable or end up in recycling centers, more products end up in landfills. As a result of these factors, there’s no denying that choosing an eco-friendly packaging material matters. 

An excellent eco-friendly option is to purchase zero-waste shampoo bars. However, if you prefer your liquid shampoo and conditioner over the bar option, you can still be intentional about your purchases. 

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What to look out for when choosing refillable shampoo bottles

With refillable bottles, you can send your bottles to companies for a refill with refillable bottles. In some cases, you can find refill stations at zero waste stores and some supermarket bulk refill stations from certain brands in your city. 

Although some companies now make durable, reusable plastic bottles, going for a glass reusable and refillable bottle is a great alternative.

Apart from holding shampoo products, glass is infinitely recyclable and does not emit toxic contents. As a result, you’ll be producing less waste and protecting other living beings, like animals, from consuming toxic substances. 

Many brands that sell products in reusable jars use natural ingredients like essential oils as a bonus. This prevents the damaging effects of harsh ingredients on your hair.

4 Refillable and Reusable Shampoo Bottles

You can protect the environment while keeping your hair clean. Here are some of the best refillable bottles with packaging materials better for the environment than single-use plastic.

1. Oikku Refillable Amber Glass Bottle

Oikku Refillable Amber Glass Bottle
Photo Credit: Oikku

Oikku is a small business based in the United Kingdom that sells homeware items and gifts. The company specializes in providing refillable and reusable bottle options to store products. 

The amber glass bottle comes in various sizes. There are 100ml, 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottles. The amber glass comes with a black pump that makes it easy to dispense products. 

Due to the various sizes available, you can use each size for a different product. For instance, larger bottles can hold your conditioner and shampoo, while smaller ones can hold liquid zero-waste dish soap for dishes and zero-waste hand soap. You can also get a bottle for your zero-waste body wash.

As a bonus, this small business includes personalized matte white minimalist labels. This way, you can purchase each bottle with the label you want on it. So, you can easily separate your shower gel from hand soap and shampoo. Apart from the soap dispenser pump bottles, there’s also a spray bottle.

Refillable Shampoo Bottles with Personalised Labels

If you’re concerned with aesthetics along with environmentally-friendly products, these bottles from Oikku are perfect for you. The waterproof white labels make it convenient to identify the contents of each bottle.

At the point of purchase, there’s a space for you to fill in details for your custom labels. Once you own these, you can simply buy refill pouches from your local drugstore shelf or through online means. Once refilled, you rest assured that you can use these containers repeatedly by simply buying refills.

A Small Business Committed to Reusable Items

Apart from bottle options, Oikku offers a range of reusable storage jars and containers to enable efficient storage systems. The brand offers products that you can use in various parts of your home. By filling these offerings with products of your choice, you can significantly reduce your waste.

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2. Little Crafts London Reusable Amber Glass with Stainless Steel Pump

Little Crafts London Reusable Amber Glass
Photo Credit: Little Crafts

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom? This refillable shampoo bottle from Little Crafts London will get the job done. Not only is this an ideal shampoo bottle, but it’s also multipurpose. As a result, you can also fill it with products like liquid soap, body wash, face wash, and lotion. 

This eco-friendly bottle is a suitable alternative to single-use plastics. The bottle offers a practical and stylish shape that’ll fit right into almost any space. One of the many advantages this business offers is providing you with options.

For instance, you can pick the pump style you want from black, silver, and bronze colors. Furthermore, you can select the text option for the label or labels you want. The sleek shape will instantly elevate the look of any place it’s placed. 

Made From Recycled Glass

Not only is the bottle eco-friendly, but it specifically comes from recycled materials. This makes it a good choice for the environment since the manufacturing process isn’t as resource-intensive as new material. So, with this purchase, you get a high-quality product that’s also stylish and safe for the environment. 

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3. Charlie Rose Clear Glass Bottle

Charlie Rose Clear Glass Bottle
Photo Credit: Charlie Rose

This small business offers bottles, jars, and other homeware that can last a long time. As part of its offerings, you can select from the business’ options of refillable containers. This clear style might be more to your taste if you don’t fancy the amber design. 

You can easily match this bottle with your choice of pump. The pumps come in various colors, including antique bronze, copper, black, silver, and gold. You can easily avoid the regular black plastic pumps by selecting from the stainless steel choices. 

Apart from the clear bottles, the business also offers black, white, and amber glass. You can refill your container with products of your choice, from shampoo and soap to face wash and lotion. The pumps and labeling options give you room to customize each container to your liking and needs. 

A Stylish and Functional Shampoo Bottle

Each 500ml container has the power to prevent packaging waste and also save you money long term. Apart from its environmentally friendly nature, you can pick your pumps and labels to suit your needs.

If you’re looking to switch out the plastic vessels in your bathroom, this container option makes a good alternative. Over time, you can order refills from companies that prioritize environmentally friendly practices. 

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4. Refill Old Bottles

Finally, you can take a DIY approach to make your shampoo bottle and packaging. If you already own old vessels, whether plastic or otherwise, you can fill them with your desired products. 

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can design and print out labels for each container to give it a stylish look. Once you have these, you can stick to purchasing your shampoo in bulk or buying refill pouches from sustainable companies. 

A Way to Ditch Plastic Bottles

Refillable shampoo bottles are one of the many ways we can contribute to a healthier and less polluted planet. Apart from shampoo and conditioner bars, which are other eco-friendly options, refillable bottles prevent the environmental challenges that plastic poses.

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