Best Recycled Glassware

11 Best Recycled Glassware Brands

A beautiful glassware set is a valuable addition to every home. They’re great for everything from taking a cold beverage or beer to entertaining a few guests at your home bar or party.  

But do you know that while manufacturers can recycle glass multiple times, 10 million metric tons of glass waste still get disposed of every year in the US?

To make new glass, producers expend more resources like water and energy. The good news is, by purchasing recycled fashioned glassware, we can reduce glass waste in landfills and conserve natural resources. 

Recycled glassware is hardly distinguishable from new glass. They also come crafted in beautiful designs. 

For sustainable drinking, we have spotted a few brands offering glassware for everything from water, iced tea, wine, healthy juice, and everything else in between. 

Read on to go through our list of recycled glassware brands you can shop from. 

11 Recycled Glassware Brands 

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There’s nothing like sipping your favorite drink, knowing you are doing your part in protecting the environment. 

Here’s a list of some of the best recycled glassware brands you can shop from:

1. Hawkins New York 

Hawkins New York Recycled Glassware
Photo Credit: Hawkins New York

Material: Recycled glass
Made in: Morocco & Hudson, New York

Hawkins New York is a lifestyle brand that has traveled the world in partnership with designers and artisans to create the most beautiful products for your everyday use. 

Their handmade 100% recycled glassware comes crafted by Moroccan artisans. This set comes in mini, short, tall, and pitcher glass sizes to serve any drinking purpose. They are dishwasher-safe and very durable. 

Available here

2. West Elm 

West Elm Mexican Luster Glassware
Photo Credit: West Elm

Material: Recycled glass
Made in: Mexico

West Elm is a sustainable lifestyle brand that makes quality products under fair trade conditions and pays producers fair wages. They also invest in local communities. Made in Mexico, this glassware set from West Elm is a handmade collection of glasses in either highball or old-fashioned double glasses. You can pick them up individually for any personal drink choice or in sets of 4 or 8, perfect for the whole family. 

Their products go from furniture to beddings, windows, rugs, kitchen and dining sets, and many more. They also have a collection of safe and sustainable home decor for kids. 

Shop on West Elm

3. Kessy Beldi 

Kessy Beldi Moroccan recycled glassware
Photo Credit: Kessy Beldi

Materials: Recycled soda and beer bottles
Made in: Morocco 

This Beldi glassware-inspired set is a staple in Moroccan homes. Each piece is hand-blown from recycled soda and beer bottles. They come in unique designs with raised edges perfect for a hot tea, cold fruit juice, or a cocktail. They are also dishwasher safe. 

Grab a reusable strainer for your tea to avoid the plastic in tea bags, and you’re good to go. 

Available here

4. Ngwenya 

Ngwenya glasses
Photo Credit: Ngwenya 

Materials: Recycled glass
Made in: Swaziland, South Africa

Ngwenya is a glass company committed to sustainable production using recycled glass and bottles for all their designs. They make a wide range of tableware from vases, jugs, and drinkware, all handmade. They combine Swaziland and Sweden’s mouth-blown techniques to create beautiful glassware perfect for you and the environment. Their glasses come in different sizes and shapes for all your drinking needs. 

Ngwenya also shows its commitment to society by working with local schools to raise environmental awareness among students. They also donate a portion of their profits to wildlife conservation initiatives. 

Shop on Ngwenya

5. LSA

LSA canopy low tumbler
Photo Credit: LSA

Materials: 100% recycled bottles & jars
Made in: Poland 

LSA offers a range of handmade recycled glassware collections, including champagne glasses, cake stands, and recycled glass tumblers. 

They make their items in partnership with the Eden Project. They offer recyclable packaging and use plant-based inks to create the most sustainable products. 

Their recycled glass tumblers come from recycled glass with a cylindrical shape and dome base. 

These glasses should be hand-washed with warm water and soap and dried with a soft cloth. Their products are available in the UK and offer next-day deliveries. 

Shop on LSA

6. Muirwood 

Recycled Moroccan Handblown Champagne Glass Set
Photo Credit: Muirwood

Materials: Recycled soda bottles
Made in: Morocco 

Muirwood is a lifestyle brand that specializes in making unique housewares from room decor to kitchen and dining sets and drinking glasses. 

Their recycled Moroccan hand-blown glass is a fine combination of sleek and simple. They are perfect for all types of beverages and also make a stylish table-setting decor. 

They come from recycled wine and beer bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. You can get them in sets of six packaged in a unique gift box.

Shop on Muirwood

7. La muertte tiene permiso 

La muertte tiene permiso tumblers
Photo Credit: La muertte tiene permiso 

Materials: 100% recycled glass 
Made in: Morocco 

The 1950s Mexican nightlife inspires these hand-blown glasses. Made from traditional workshops in Tonala Jalisco, this collection comes from 100% recycled glass.

They come in various sizes and bubbles as you pour your favorite drink into them. You can enjoy an iced tea under the night sky at a bar or a cocktail at a party. They also make a perfect eco-friendly gift for family and friends. They are both safe to use in a dishwasher and microwave. 

Shop on La muertte tiene permiso

8. The Atlas Works 

Atlas works highball made from recycled glass
Photo Credit: The Atlas Works

Materials: Recycled glasses
Made in: London, UK 

Each glass from this sustainable brand is a collaboration between London-based designers and factory workers in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. 

This handmade recycled glassware is a highball glass perfect for cocktails or your everyday beverage. They offer a collection of glass designs using modern techniques. Each piece is unique and varies in color and appearance. They sell these glasses individually or in sets of four. The brand recommends that you can wash these glasses either by hand or in domestic dishwashers.

Shop on The Atlas Works

9. Novica

Novica colorful recycled glass tumblers
Photo Credit: Novica

Materials: Recycled blown tumblers
Made in: Mexico

Novica is a sustainable brand committed to promoting handmade products and empowering local artisans through job creation. 

They use traditional techniques to create high-quality hand-blown glasses. Each piece comprises colorful confetti with blue, yellow, and teal colors. They also come in varying sizes and shapes and are just perfect for both hot and cold beverages. The brand recommends handwashing for these tumblers. 

Shop on Novica

10. Kalinko 

Kalinko recycled glass highballs
Photo Credit: Kalinko

Materials: Recycled hand-blown glass
Made in: Yangon, Burma

Kanlinko started with a mission to connect with skilled artisans and work for talented people while providing the most unique houseware to give your home a lift. The brand eliminates intermediaries, working closely with their artisans and designers and ensuring their workers get their pay in full. Their products are handmade in Yangon, Burma. 

This colorful hand-blown drinkware set of 4 comes in a dark amber color made with recycled glass. Each one is unique and bubbles differently. You can use a dishwasher to clean them, but if you want to be a little more careful, you can simply wash them by hand.  

Shop on Kanlinko

Choose recycled glassware

Recycled drinking glasses are eco-friendly and come in interesting and unique designs and colors for your table setting, bar, cocktail. Wherever else you may be looking for a memorable and stylish vessel for your drink of choice. These brands provide sustainable and elegant glass sets you can purchase today. 

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