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6 Best Halogen Ovens for Fast Healthy Cooking

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. However, it can sometimes prove a challenge to find the time and energy in our busy lives. Further, many of us are looking for convenient ways to eat healthily. You can cook, grill, and roast food faster, cheaper, and healthier with halogen ovens.

So, if you want to save space, reduce energy bills, and cook amazing healthy food faster, this appliance is perfect. We've prepared this guide covering everything you need to know to help you navigate the options and choose the best halogen oven. 

Halogen cookers provide oven-quality food at the speed of a microwave oven. Read on for information on how to choose and the essentials you need to select the perfect halogen oven for you.

After we go into the details about their features and why we recommend these halogen ovens, you'll find some insight into why they make an excellent choice for convenience cooks, beginners, and aspiring chefs. 

6 Best Halogen Ovens

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1. Daewoo Deluxe Halogen Air Fryer

Daewoo Deluxe Halogen Air Fryer
Photo Credit: Daewoo Electricals.

Capacity: 12 litres, 17 litres (extended)
Heat output: 1300 watt

The Daewoo Deluxe Halogen Air Fryer is one of the best halogen ovens and boasts thousands of 5-star reviews. It has a 1300w output, and the air circulation is so effective that you will need very little oil. With temperature settings ranging from 125 - 250 degrees Celsius, you can roast and broil pretty much anything. It also saves energy on frozen food preparation because no preheating is needed.

A versatile and good-value halogen cooker from a reliable brand

Daewoo has become a popular brand for quality appliances at reasonable prices. It has a 60-minute timer, so you can multitask without worrying about food getting burnt due to forgetfulness. It also comes with a self-cleaning feature that makes it super easy to maintain.

As for accessories, the Daewoo halogen air fryer has all the basics and some more. It comes with an extender ring, two mesh trays, an oil bottle, a lid stand, and two racks. 

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2. Cooks Professional Halogen Oven Rotisserie

Cooks Professional Halogen Oven Rotisserie
Photo Credit: Cooks Professional.

Capacity: 10 liters
Heat output: 1300 watt

This halogen oven rotisserie is ideal for baking, frying, grilling, and roasting. If you just love the flavor and juiciness that comes from chicken evenly turned over the heat, this halogen oven stands apart with its rotisserie feature. The rotisserie skewers will turn a whole chicken for perfect cooking while you still get all the benefits of fast and healthy cooking, common with halogen ovens. 

It is compact, therefore perfect for a smaller space or stashing away after use. The temperature setting is between 50 to 230 degrees Celsius. It features a 60-minute control timer.

Quality halogen ovens from cookware professionals

Cooks Professional halogen oven cookers come with a two-year warranty. Included accessories are a frying basket, grilling rack, tongs, and four skewers. Cooks Professional halogen ovens have cool-touch handles and ring extensions that reduce the risk of getting burned while cooking food. Further, the oven has a double-celled body that allows it to remain cool on the outside when in use.

Cooks Professional also makes a broader range of professional and quality cookware, from cast iron sets to stylish and earthy tableware. With a stated mission to make time in the kitchen more enjoyable, when you buy from Cooks Professional, you know you’re purchasing from people who share your passion for great food cooked in quality appliances. 

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3. Nutrichef Halogen Oven Countertop

Nutrichef Halogen Oven Countertop
Photo Credit: Nutrichef.

Capacity: 12 liters
Heat output: 1200 Watts

The Nutrichef halogen oven cooks meals twice as fast as conventional ovens. It is one of the safest halogen cooking devices with its auto power-off feature. It also has a timer setting to prevent overcooking your food. 

The cooking appliance bowl is wide enough to prepare a full meal for a medium-sized family at once. You don't even have to spend extra time preheating frozen food; the energy-efficient oven does it all. This Nutrichef halogen cooker requires little or no oil to prepare healthy meals that are flavourful and well-cooked, with the rack preventing oil from accumulating at the bottom of your meal.

Best easy to use halogen oven

A multifunction oven with simple dial controls, this versatile oven will roast, broil, and even BBQ while circulating hot air efficiently for that desired crisp. 

Like many of the other best halogen ovens listed, this simple-to-use option crisps up ideally on the outside while retaining the moisture in your food. The result is crispy yet soft on the inside fries, just the way we all love them, yet without all the oil. And crispy on the outside yet succulent on the inside meats. You get a cooking tray, tongs, and a rack to set with the oven.

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4. JML Halowave

jml halowave
Photo Credit: JML.

Capacity: 10.5 liters
Heat output: 1400 watts

The JML Halowave cooks faster than a traditional oven by 40%. You can cook frozen meat or veggies without preheating and very little oil. The oven is suitable for baking, roasting, defrosting, and grilling. The halogen bulbs heat up instantly, so you won’t end up wasting energy or time preheating the oven.

Best halogen over for portability

This small halogen oven is possibly the most portable of those we have listed. The oven bowl comes cradled in a protective basket, and it has no extender ring. It does not come with any fancy accessories either. All you get is a low-cooking rack.

With a bit of soapy water and a low-temperature setting, the oven will clean itself. 

The JML halogen oven comes with a one-year warranty, and as a bonus, you get a recipe book with your JML Halowave purchase.

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5. Geepas - Turbo Halogen Oven


Capacity: 12 litres, 17 litres (extended)
Heat output: 1400 watt

Geepas' halogen oven promises a 60% savings on energy with its fast-action heating. With the Geepas oven, you will need about 80% less oil than you’d use for traditional deep frying. It will also cook food three times faster than a regular oven, and with a higher wattage, it’ll cook your food that bit faster than the rest as it heats up to 250 degrees Celsius.

The cooking utensils that come with a Geepas halogen oven are tongs, a rack set, a baking tray, a fry rack, a steamer tray, and a stainless steel wire mesh. The heat-resistant glass pot has a 12-liter capacity and fits with a 5-liter ring extension.

The halogen oven reviews for this product should tell you that it is a favorite of many households. Its self-cleaning function makes cleaning up after cooking much more straightforward. It also has a timer to prevent burnt or overcooked meals.

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6. Wisfor Infrared Halogen Oven


Capacity: 12 litres, 17 litres (extended)
Heat output: 1300 watt

Wisfor halogen oven comes with safety features. It has a 60-minute timer to help you multitask without worries while cooking. Also, the heating element will automatically turn off when you raise the handle. The temperature setting ranges from 60 to 250 degrees Celsius.

This halogen oven can help you quicken the cooking process of almost every kind of food. It steams, bakes, broils, roasts, fries, and grills. 

The oven has a 12-liter bowl but comes with an extension ring that brings the volume up to 17 liters. Accessories included are dual racks, tongs, a steam basket, a stove rack, baking needles, and a bread rack. It also comes with a user manual.

Unlike most other halogen ovens listed for durability, they made the heating element out of stainless steel instead of the commonly used glass. 

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How do halogen ovens work?

The halogen oven uses halogen bulbs to produce intense heat captured in its glass bowl. It has a fan that distributes the hot air so that every part of the cooker receives approximately the same amount. 

Due to proximity to the halogen bulb, food at the very top may cook faster than those at the bottom. However, this is not a problem since you can open the halogen cooker's hinged lid and flip the meal to cook evenly.

A lot of halogen oven models come with safety measures like automatic off switches. The Centre for Food Safety reports that the shortened cooking time may help reduce some contaminants that form when you cook food at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius.

Advantages of using a halogen oven over a conventional oven

There are many reasons to invest in a halogen oven. It is a small but powerful device that cooks food faster than conventional ovens. Another great thing about the halogen cooking pot is its versatility. It can perform multiple cooking functions and cook more than one food type at the same time.  

Energy saving

A halogen oven can help you save on electricity bills. Halogen ovens are powerful little units that cook food very fast compared to traditional ovens. Cutting the cooking time saves the extra energy than a traditional oven would have used. Further, you don’t have to heat up a large space common in traditional ovens, which means less energy use and resulting cost. 

People with large families may take one look at the halogen oven and decide that it's too small. And it would consume too much time and energy if they had to cook meals in small batches. However, you can increase the oven’s capacity with a special extending ring that comes with most halogen ovens.  An extended halogen cooker can make a meal for six people easily.

Faster cooking time

For many people, spending hours cooking with a standard oven is why they would instead order meals. With a halogen oven, you can shorten cooking time to less than half the time it takes in a conventional oven.

A top-quality halogen oven can grill or roast large amounts of vegetables and meat within 20 minutes. You can even cook stews in about 15 minutes. One reason for the speed is the halogen oven's compact size and the direct heat concentration directly onto your food. 


Halogen ovens are small; they are about one-quarter of the size of a regular oven. The small size means they can fit into small kitchens or tabletop cooking stations. They’re perfect for small spaces or studios without a conventional oven. A portable halogen oven can be moved around in a boat or camper. 

Note that the halogen oven can get very hot, so you should not place it close to items that can melt. Most halogen ovens come with a stand, so you don't have to worry too much about the hot lid damaging surfaces.

Easy maintenance

The time required to clean a standard oven thoroughly is usually around 30 minutes. A halogen oven, however, is a synch to clean by comparison. Most come with a self-cleaning mode that you can set and forget for about 10 minutes.

You’ll need to clean the glass bowl after each use, and you can wash it in the kitchen sink, or most can simply go in the dishwasher, too. However, the lid requires more careful cleaning as it houses electrical elements, and you cannot soak it in water. Wiping it clean with a damp rag should do.

Healthier Cooking

You'll find halogen ovens a healthier cooking option for crispy spuds, grills, and anything you choose to fry or roast. The circulating heat crisps up food with a tiny amount of oil for an air fry, while the tray’s design lets any excess fat drip away from your food.

Converts who love how halogen ovens cook rave about how well these little marvels crisp up the food you’d ordinarily deep or shallow fry with less oil and fat required during the process.  

Furthermore, as halogen ovens use infrared heat radiation to heat your food, they retain more nutrients than other cooking methods. As such, whether you’re looking to roast meats, serve up perfectly cooked vegetables, or pretty much any other cooking needs, a halogen oven will cook faster and healthier than a normal oven.


Sometimes, a conventional oven is impractical. There's not enough space, or it's hard to clean. A halogen oven can make cooking times quicker and cheaper. This article will help you find some of the best products online.

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