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Best Bamboo Lampshades Blending Style & Sustainability

Lampshades serve as functional and aesthetic elements in any space, diffusing light to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Crafted from diverse materials such as paper, glass, fabric, and ceramics, they are often supported by plastic, wooden, or metal frames to ensure stability and durability.

In this article, we delve into the world of bamboo lampshades, a sustainable and stylish choice for your home or office. We offer expert tips and top recommendations to guide you in selecting the perfect bamboo lampshade that complements your decor and reflects your commitment to eco-friendly living.

What are bamboo lampshades? 

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Bamboo trees are popular for their eco-friendly properties and durability. So, it is no surprise that lamp manufacturers use it to create bamboo lampshades. Lately, manufacturers have realized just how sustainable bamboo trees are. They are great for many construction projects, including building a lampshade. Manufacturers make bamboo lampshades with bamboo tubes or spliced bamboo blocks that form a hollow structure.  

Bamboo lampshades are suitable for people with various styles and aesthetics. They are ideal for lighting up restaurant spaces, offices, and study rooms. You can also place them on your patio and balcony. 

Unlike other materials used to make lampshades, bamboo lampshades are durable. They don't break easily, and it is easy to clean. Also, as a fast-growing sustainable material, bamboo shades favor the environment. Different shapes and styles of bamboo lampshades elevate many interior designs1.

Things to look out for when picking bamboo lamp shades for your home 

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Consider some points when choosing the lampshade to put in your space. They are:

  • The purpose the lamp serves
  • The shape and size of the base
  • The aesthetic you are going for 

The purpose the lamp serves 

Consider the purpose you want to use the lamp for. Do you want a lampshade for a practical purpose like enhancing the lighting of your rooms? Or would you prefer a lampshade that is purely for aesthetic purposes? 

Deciding will assist you in making your choice. If you want a lampshade for both practical and aesthetic reasons, many designs add a decorative touch to your home while providing ambient lighting. 

The shape and size of the lamp 

Also, consider the size and shape of the lamp you want to get. There are hanging lamps, wall lamps, and tabletop lamps. Proportions are highly important when choosing a lampshade. A tall lamp requires a larger lampshade, requiring more additional space. 

Your desired lampshade will look its best when it matches the mood of your lamp base. For instance, a lampshade with a round top and a square bottom would suit a lamp with a round body. If your base is very shapely, any lampshade with a rounder shape will do just fine. 

Always select lampshades 40% more than the lamp's height and a width twice the lamp's size. The lamp shade should be large enough to cover sockets and any other form of hardware. The beauty of lampshades is the absence of visible hardware. 

The aesthetic you are going for 

For a traditional space, go for lampshades with pleated shades. Pleated shades give your traditional space a more vintage atmosphere. Bold statements like a hexagon, bell, and square-shaped lamp shades will improve the modern aesthetic of your home. 

Four best bamboo lampshades

Here are four lampshades from Amazon’s marketplace:

1. Arturesthome Bamboo Lamp


Arturesthome is a sustainable manufacturer that uses natural materials like wood, bamboo, and rattan to produce high-quality lamps. This handmade lampshade gives the vibe of a Nordic farmhouse decor. The woven lampshade has a wooden base that sits well on tabletops, patios, and hallways. 

Its minimalistic style complements your study room, bedroom, and bookcase. The light from the lampshade diffuses evenly. It produces incandescent light; it is not too bright or too dim.

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2. 12-inch Natural bamboo fitted lampshade


This 12-inch classic empire lampshade design complements all interior design styles in your home. This is an excellent choice if you want to replace the lampshades in your home. They add a rustic aesthetic to your home and office space. This lampshade is best for table or floor lamps. It also offers enough cover to produce a comforting low-light feel in your rooms. 

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3. Wicker Bamboo Chandelier Pendant


Made with bamboo fiber, Madeterra bamboo lamp cage adds a unique look to your living space. The 100% hand-woven lampshade comes in a tiered style. You should get this lampshade if you want an appealing vintage vibe in your home. 

Vietnamese artisans hand-make Madeterra bamboo lampshades. The brand prides itself in the design of eco-friendly home furniture. 

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4. Depuley 3-Light LED Arc Floor Lamps


Depuley 3-Light LED Arc Floor Lamps is a carefully woven design with a three-way switch. There is a switch for each lamp. The lamp pole is flexible and easily adjustable to suit your needs. The lamp’s base is sturdy enough to prevent falls or accidents in the room. You don’t have to worry about your children or pets disrupting the balance of your lamp. 

As a fan of modern home decor, you’ll love this unique design. The woven patterns dim the brightness of the light, making it an ideal home decor. It is worth the price. 

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In conclusion, bamboo's versatility and sustainability make it an ideal choice for crafting exceptional lampshades that enhance any home decor style. Whether you have a penchant for retro chic or a more modern or traditional aesthetic, there is a bamboo lampshade design tailored to your taste.

Embrace the eco-friendly movement by incorporating a bamboo lampshade into your home decor, which adds character and contributes to a greener lifestyle. Explore our carefully curated recommendations and heed our valuable tips to find the perfect bamboo lampshade that seamlessly blends into and elevates your living space.


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