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19 Bamboo Sunglasses and Wooden Alternatives to Plastic

Occasionally a new idea comes along that not only catches on and blossoms but has some real virtue to it as well. Bamboo sunglasses made with natural organic frames is such a phenomenon, not least with no plastic in sight.

As a whole, bamboo and wood sunglass frames have a naturally attractive and more organic look. Even better, bamboo is grown sustainably and causes less environmental harm than plastic and other non-organic materials used to make your shades.

Here, we’ll talk about the essential qualities to look for in a pair of bamboo sunglasses and offer our list of the 19 best bamboo and wooden sunglasses out there.

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Our choices of stylish and eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses

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And a few wooden ones too. Without further ado, here is our list of the 19 best bamboo or wooden sunglasses.

1. Wise Owl Bamboo Sunglasses


These bamboo sunglasses are the whole package. With everything else that the Wise Owl brand has going for them, they are unassumingly attractive and very moderately priced. They’ve been around since 2017 and sport many fantastic ratings from users. We've chosen these at top of our list of the best bamboo sunglasses due to their outstanding features that lift these glasses to the front of the pack:

  • 400 UV protection from sunlight with polarized lenses
  • 100% bamboo frame with double stainless steel spring hinges
  • Unisex styles that can be worn by all ages
  • Eco friendly
  • Wayfarer style frames
  • The protective case is also 100% bamboo
  • US shipping only at the time of writing

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2. 4ESTShades Bamboo Wood Sunglasses


This is another brand that runs the table when it comes to having all the key features of topflight bamboo sunglasses. Our pick is the second version of this line from 4ESTShades, as the manufacturer decided, successfully, to increase their durability factor. These are the qualities that set 4ESTShades apart

  • Polarized lenses, UV400 coated glass with an anti-reflective coating
  • 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo frame and arms
  • Comes with a protective bamboo case, lens cleaning microfiber cloth, and pouch
  • They plant two trees for every pair of glasses purchased

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3. Tree Tribe Bamboo Sunglasses

tree tribe bamboo sunglasses
Photo Credit: Tree Tribe.

Tree Tribe offers several very distinctive versions of the mid-priced set of sunglasses. As with other bamboo and wooden framed sunglasses, every pair of glasses is distinct and eye-catching. Lenses come in pink, black, brown, and indigo tints. Here are those things that set these apart.

  • Composite polarized lenses with 400 UV protection and scratch-resistance
  • Unisex design
  • Flexible hinges
  • Bamboo case

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4. Cloudfield Wood Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Cloudfield.

Cloudfield is another well-known brand that produces these stately, highly regarded eco-friendly wood sunglasses. These are unisex glasses with brown, polycarbonate lenses. Here are the specifications.

  • 9 layers of coating on the lenses to protect against UV, UVA/UVB rays
  • Bamboo frame and arm construction
  • Unisex design
  • Comes with a protective pouch and real wood case

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5. Woodies Hybrid Bamboo Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Woodies.

Woodies strike a chord among many wooden sunglasses wearers because of their popularity and appealing good looks. More than just popular, Woodies are unique in their appearance and design. The manufacturer points out that bamboo has a tensile strength greater than steel and is much lighter. Here are some of the other qualities Woodies Sunglasses can brag about.

  • Mirrored, polycarbonate, UV protected lens
  • Has a bamboo frame and plastic arm
  • Reasonably priced
  • Unisex design

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6. Mr. Woodini

Mt Woodini Bamboo Sunglasses
Photo Credit: MrWoodini

These are the first non-bamboo sunglasses on our list. Mr. Woodini has a variety of wood sunglasses, many of which show up on “best of” lists. These cool sunglasses, in particular, are engaging with their oversized lenses and bold frames. These glasses ship to the US and UK from Israel. Here are some of the things a pair of these wood sunglasses have going for them.

  • Lens has 400 UV protection as well as having a scratch-resistant coating
  • Frames are hand made
  • 100% Canadian Maple Construction
  • Comes in a recycled case with a micro cleaning cloth

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7. ZoniWear Wood Sunglasses

Zoni Bamboo Sunglasses
Photo Credit: ZoniWear

The manufacturer quickly points out that these wood sunglasses are inexpensive enough to give as gifts to bridesmaids. Bridesmaids would not be offended to receive them either, as they give their wearers a mysterious, intriguing air.

Those who see you in these will be captivated by blue mirrored lenses with bamboo temples and plastic frames. Specs for these wood frame sunglasses include the following items.

  • UV 400 lens with scratch-resistant emulsion
  • Handcrafted wood and eco-friendly
  • Custom engraving available
  • Manufactured according to sustainable standards

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8. Ynport Charcoal Bamboo Eye


Reasonably priced and extremely attractive, Ynport bamboo sunglasses are another brand that checks every box and is quite reasonably priced to boot. Intentionally retro in their design, these sunglasses are simple, engaging, and alluring. Here are their specs.

  • Crystal clear lenses that provide complete UV protection with scratch resistance
  • Carbonized bamboo frames enhance durability
  • Extremely flexible hinges
  • Sunglasses come with a bamboo case, pouch, and microfiber cleaning cloth

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9. Dress Positive

Dress Positive One Off Wooden Sunglasses
Photo Credit: Dress Positive

These bamboo shades are offered by a California company whose priority is sustainability. A little higher in price than many on our list, these sunglasses are the epitome of both style and function. Here are their specs.

  • Certified UV 400 protection, 100% UVA/UVB
  • Designed for use in very active settings
  • Constructed of eco-friendly sustainable real wood sources in Barcelona, Spain
  • Every one is one-of-a-kind

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10. Woodeer Wooden Sunglasses

Woodear Wooden Sunglasses
Photo Credit: Woodeer

Unique and a little to the higher end of the wooden sunglasses price scale, the only problem anyone has with these bold frames is finding them in stock. They move quickly. These handcrafted sunglasses have attractive frames and arms made of oak. Here are the details.

  • Polarized, 100% UV protection
  • Stainless steel double spring hinges
  • Unisex
  • Eco-friendly, handcrafted wood construction

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11. tmbr Carbonized Bamboo Classic Sunglasses

tmbr bamboo sunglasses
Photo Credit: tmbr

If you’re interested in a very different look, check out these tmbr sunglasses. tmbr has a fantastic variety of wooden sunglasses. With these carbonized black bamboo glasses, people who look at you may not realize you’re wearing wooden glasses, but they can’t help noticing how attractive they are. Here are the specifications.

  • Like all tmbr lenses, these are 100% UV protected and polarized
  • Bamboo temples and an acetate frame
  • Stainless steel flex hinges

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12. Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses by Robin Wood

Robin Wood Bamboo Sunglasses
Photo Credit: Robin Wood

If you’re going for a retro, counter-culture look, check out these handcrafted numbers created in Wroclaw, Poland, by Robin Wood. The danger of purchasing and enjoying these sunglasses is that they may lead you into a world of sustainable dress, furnishings, and sensibilities. Check out the specs.

  • Polarized 400UV protection
  • Constructed of eco-friendly bamboo, hemp, cork
  • Unisex
  • Every pair purchased plants a tree

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13. Shwood Wood Framed Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Shwood

These upscale real wood-framed sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but draw the eyes of others. Shwoodshop has an extensive collection of higher-end wood sunglasses. Don’t be deterred by the dollars, though. After all, we used to pay a lot more for stylish plastic. Here are the specifics.

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection in CR39 lenses
  • Constructed of premium grade hardwood
  • Comes with a custom travel case and cleaning cloth
  • 1-year warranty

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14. Gowood Walnut Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Gowood.

Incredibly stylish and popular, Gowood wood frame sunglasses are known for their comfort as well as their curb appeal. The manufacturer has put many of those into the aesthetics of the design, so the fit and the ease of putting the glasses on and taking them off are apparent. They have amazingly high purchaser ratings for these great quality products. See the details.

  • Anti-reflective and impact-proof coating over UV 400 polarized lenses
  • Walnut wood temples, flat black frames
  • Spring-loaded folding hinges
  • Comes in a bamboo box carrying case

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15. Arctic Penguin Wooden Skateboard Sunglasses


Is it possible to be more of a stylish hipster than you would be wearing wooden sunglasses intentionally constructed for skateboarders? How about if they were quite budget-friendly? Arctic sun checks all the essential boxes with a high-quality pair of wood frame sunglasses that really look good, are durable, and are made for any guy cool enough to try them. Here is the data.

  • UV 400 protection with light gray lenses
  • Handmade from recycled skateboard decks—yes!
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded hinges
  • Bamboo carrying case

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16. Zolce Limitless Wooden Sunglasses


For those seeking a genuinely unique, fetching look for a very reasonable price, these wood sunglasses deliver. The rimless lenses fit right onto the front of the wood frames. Conversation starters like these sunglasses aren’t usually known for their comfort, but that’s another of these picks’ selling points. Check out the specifics.

  •  100% UV 400 protection, polarized lenses
  •  The composite wood frame is a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind
  •  Built for a long day of comfortable wear
  •  Wooden box carrying case with every pair

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17. Simple Wood Style Round Sunglasses

Simple Wood Round Sunglasses
Photo Credit: Find Unusual Crafts

Flexible, comfortable, and attractive, these wood sunglasses let the wearer exude class with a fashion statement that isn’t expensive. The manufacturer has paid equal attention to how their wood sunglasses protect the eyes, how they fit and feel, and the atmosphere they exude. Check out the specifications.

  • UV 400 full eye protection in a darkened, polarized lens
  • Constructed of eco-friendly ebony and zabra wood
  • Flexible, comfortable arms
  • Perfectly packaged in a folding carrying box with a pouch, cleaning cloth, and mini screwdriver

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18. Hammockable Wooden Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Hammockable.

Not everybody wants to surf in their sunglasses. For those who simply want to kick back and relax while simultaneously setting the scene’s style, these wayfarer wood sunglasses exude a relaxed style. They are highly rated by hundreds of reviewers. Read the specifications here.

  • Polarized UV 400 composite lenses
  • Handmade of maple wood taken from recycled skateboards
  • Double loaded stainless steel hinges
  • Comes with a bamboo carrying case and a cleaning cloth

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19. Merry’s Men Wooden Sunglasses


A classic example of understated style, these retro sunglasses made of wood are lightweight, durable, budget-priced, and just what the doctor ordered for the highly active man. The light gray lenses provide a true-color view of the world while protecting the eyes of the wearer. Here are the details.

  • Polarized composite lenses with UV 400 perfect protections
  • Wood handcrafted frames
  • Comfortable arms with ample temple space
  • Comes with a carrying case, pouch, cleaning cloth, and user manual

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What to Look for in Bamboo Sunglasses

bamboo sunglass
Photo by GianCarlo Greco on Unsplash.

1. Lenses

The lens comes first. Accordingly, as beautiful as the frames might appear to the person looking at the sunglasses, the more important quality is how the eye is protected. Therefore, the ideal lens should simultaneously allow full clarity of vision to the wearer while shielding the eyes from UV rays and sun glare.

The highest UV protection rating is UV400. Another feature some high-quality lenses offer is polarization. This feature eliminates glare from reflected sunlight and adds to the ideal uninterrupted field of vision.

2. Durability

Durability is the next key feature. Metal and plastic sunglasses are notoriously flimsy, which is a sad commentary on the pair of sunglasses whose primary purpose is to protect a person’s vision from the potentially damaging rays of sunlight.

Wooden and bamboo arms and frames, by default, tend to outlast traditional sunglasses. Still, some of these bamboo frame choices and wood sunglasses rate as more durable than others. Steel hinges and scratch-resistant coating add another lasting element to the sunglasses.

3. Appearance

Appearance comes next. After evaluating the lens’s quality and ability to hold up, we can now think about how the glasses appeal to those watching you wear them.

As indicated, bamboo and wooden sunglasses are almost universally more attractive than traditional glasses— the beauty, of course, is in the eye of the beholder, and some of these wood sunglasses frames are more striking than others.

Benefits of Bamboo Sunglasses

While we’ve focused on sustainable bamboo wood sunglasses throughout this article, we have also been able to list some high-quality choices made out of other natural wood sources like maple, oak, cork, ebony, walnut, and zabra wood. Each of these substances is natural and renewable.

For instance, most skateboards are made of layered maple wood decks. Several manufacturers have been able to recycle these for use as sunglasses.

Bamboo grows sustainably

The ideal substance, however, is bamboo. Interestingly, bamboo is not wood. In fact, it is a species of grass and happens to be the fastest-growing plant on the planet.

Bamboo is recyclable, sustainable, literally stronger than steel in specific applications, and very lightweight. Because the plant is disease and pest resistant, fertilizer, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals are seldom used to produce it. Incidentally, panda bears insist it’s wonderful for dinner as well.

When Did They Start Using Bamboo to Make Sunglasses?

bamboo trees
Photo by Eric BARBEAU on Unsplash.

Beginning in the early 2000s, bamboo emerged as a frame material choice for sunglasses manufacturers. At first, it was a niche, but the fiber’s functionality—especially its flexibility and lightweight, plus its natural beauty and wood tones, resulted in rapidly growing popularity.

It didn’t hurt that, unlike the plastics and metals used for so long to make sunglasses, bamboo was an environmentally sustainable choice for making sunglasses. The bamboo itself is recyclable for use for everything, from house construction to furniture.

Today, bamboo continues to grow in popularity. This growth is partly because it is environmentally friendly, partly because bamboo sunglasses are attractive and durable, and mainly because they will not break the bank. All but the priciest of bamboo glasses come in under $200. And some of the most highly rated bamboo sunglasses we have listed are less than $60.

Do Bamboo Sunglasses Float?

As anyone who ever used a cane (bamboo) fishing pole can attest, bamboo glasses float. Other wood varieties may float as well, but it’s important to make sure the sunglasses in question possess this feature if it’s important to you before buying a pair.

Bamboo’s natural buoyancy has caused these sunglasses to be the default choice for those working and playing around water. Fishermen, lifeguards, boaters, and surfers, in particular, give high reviews to bamboo.

Hand-in-hand in importance with this characteristic is the flexibility and comfort of bamboo sunglass frames. Whether one is sweating in bright sunshine or enduring water chafing around the nose and ears, bamboo is so pliable and comfortable that users can keep wearing their bamboo frames without discomfort.

How to look after your Bamboo Sunglasses

Your new bamboo sunglasses will definitely take care of your eyes and enhance your style. In return, caring for them is simple but very important. To start with, be careful about unpacking your glasses. Polarized lenses usually don’t become nicked or scratched when you’re wearing them outside, but taking them out of the package requires extra care.

You may have noticed that almost all of these manufacturers provide a carrying case or microfiber pouch. As such, an essential accessory to protect them from the dangers of lying around in the house also makes them easier to find. Thus, it’s a good idea to keep the glasses in the case when not on the nose.

Above all, don’t use household cleaners when trying to get the suntan lotion off your glasses. Currently, the best choice for cleaning them is a non-abrasive, organic lens cleaner. These are available in most optometry departments. Therefore, when rubbing the lenses, remember to use the special microfiber cloth that came with the sunglasses.

Looking good in sustainable bamboo sunglasses

Finally. taking care of the lenses will contribute to the enjoyment of owning your bamboo sunglasses. They are destined to stay beautiful.

Main photo by Andreas Dress on Unsplash
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