Alejandra Carrasco

My name is Alejandra Carrasco, CEO of Wawa Laptop, the first Peruvian laptop focused on democratising access to technology and increasing high-quality education in Peru's remote areas. I am in my second gap year, applying to US colleges and improving my community through different projects.

I am a member of different organisations such as the Latin American Leadership Academy. I'm also a mentor at Prep Change and have been selected as Ambassador of the "My name is Peru" Campaign, initiated by the government of Peru to celebrate 200 years of independence in 2021.

Alejandra Carrasco's Project

Describe Wawa Laptop WAWA Laptop, the first laptop developed in Peru, made from recycled material and powered by a portable solar panel, is aimed at democratizing access to technology and education for children and youth in Peru, the region, and the world. We are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations […]

Alejandra Carrasco's Tweets

@soltracodiciada la verdadera teoría House of Cards es que Dina Boluarte lo planeó todo desde su candidatura a Surco para lograr ser la primera presidenta

Este video es de Quispillacta, Ayacucho, y así como aquí, ya son cientos de hectáreas en todo el país que se están incendiando. Al estar atravesando uno de los meses más secos en los últimos 58 años, esta situación se está agravando. Sin agua y sin fertilizantes, no hay comida.

Thanks @sanbenito for spending 19,436 minutes with me in 2022. I couldn’t stop listening to Moscow Mule. #SpotifyWrapped

En serio, ¡Bad Bunny la rompe y sus hinchas lo demuestran! Hoy, fui a las 6:30am a la avenida Petit Thouars con el jirón Madre de Dios, a un pasito del est. Nacional y me encontré con estas historias... Abro un hilo de #BadBunnyperu 🧵

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